My mind As a Teenager – episode 7

My Mind As a Teenager

Episode 7

I went to my room and reflected on all that
happened at the sit out. A pain on my upper
li-ps reminded me of that sl@p. I swore to
retaliate immediately. Vivian cannot just
come to my house and do anything she
wants to do.
I won’t forgive her easily. But what will I do?
What? I have to reach Frank but how will I do
that after I had broken my sim card and
returned mum’s phone?
The next day, I asked my brother if he knew
Frank and he said yes,I also asked him if he
knew his house but he replied in the negative
but he said he knew a shop where he
smokes with his friends.. Ah! So Frank
How can I d@t£ someone who smokes? But,i
must revenge that sl@p so for now,let me just
overlook that habit. I told my bro that he will
help me give Frank a letter after I must have
gone back to school. He agreed with the
condition that I must give him #100 for the
I agreed. I quic-kly dismissed him and went
into work. I wrote the letter carefully without
mincing words. Told him how my people
found out I had a phone and how they broke
my sim card. Also told him how I had grown
to love him de-eply(wash) and can’t get him
off my mind.
How can I forget to include how Vivian had
beaten me to pulp and threatened to kill me if
I don’t leave him. Yes,I knew they were all
lies,but at that point,I will do anything to
make Vivian pay for that sl@p.
Before I was driven to school by dad on
Saturday,I gave the letter to my bro. I added
his pay to it and he was happy. We were
alre-ady approaching school when the thought
of Lawrence resurfaced. I started feeling
guilty but I made up my mind that I won’t
d@t£ him.
Ebuka said he would come back for me so I’ll
wait for him.
I practically avoided anything that will bring
Lawrence to notice me. I even st©pped
hanging out with my friends in his clas-s.
One day during night prep,two months after
our entrance into ss1,the principal s£nt for
I went to his office and there were five other
people from ss1 including Lawrence. I
greeted the principal and stood before him
like others.
Principal: Are you all scared?
Nob©dy said a word and the principal smiled.
Principal: No nee-d to be scared okay? I just
wanted the six of you here because the
management wants to talk to you and I’ll be
repres£nting the management tonight. The
six of you are all doing well in your courses
and I’m proud that the six of you are all
science students. The management has
chos£n the six of you to be the student
editors of our magazine which we expect to
be out by third term.
Our faces lit up immediately. It was an
I felt on t©p of the world. Uloma and I were
the only girls involved do she leaned in and
hvgged me.
Principal: You will be called out in the
as-sembly tomorrow morning so use tonight
and prepare your speeches. Try your best to
impress the students who are no longer in
same level with you so that they will see
reasons why you were picked instead of
Again,you have to know that this new
position will expo-se you to our sister schools
and even other schools. Congratulations
ladies and gentlemen . . . . . . . . .
He talked some more before dismissing us.
We all shook hands with him and left the
I walked out with Uloma,we bonded
immediately. Her clas-s was downstairs while
mine was upstairs. We talked for a while in
front of her clas-s before I excused myself for
fear that a functionary may come out and
punish us. I walked up the stairs to the ss1
block. I was alre-ady in front of my clas-s when
I ran into Law. His back was turned. I think
he heard my footsteps and wanted to turn
when he ran into me………


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