My mind As a Teenager – episode 6

My mind as a  Teenager

episode 6
When I was sure I had digested enough,I
decided to talk back at them. Somtoo was
still talking so I quic-kly interrupted her.
Me: That I don’t school here doesn’t mean I
wasn’t born and raised here. You people
want to fight me?
For what?
Somtoo or whatever you call yourself,Ebuka
broke up with you five months before I c@m£
back. Why will you say I snatched him away
from you? But even if I did,he went for what
he loved,to someone who would give him
good loving.
Somtoo: See this . . . . . .
Me: I’m not done talking. You’re in my house
and like I said,between the two of us,I say
what should happen here.
Both of them looked on in surprise. I
“And you,Vivian,I’m disappointed in you for
coming to make noise in my house because
of a boy. This same boy you c@m£ here for is
the reason why I broke my sim card because
he wanted to frustrate me with his phone
calls and text messages.
Vivian: That’s a . . . . .
Me: Let me speak plea-se. I don’t care what
he told you,I don’t care about what you heard
but Frank is not the guy I love. I don’t even
feel anything for him because Ebuka alre-ady
occu-pied my heart. I love him so much and
I’m not willing to accept any other
relationsh!p. So plea-se,save yourself the
stress of fighting over a boy with someone
you grew up with……..a boy who doesn’t even
love you.
Vivian: Rose . . . . .
Me: Wait. You said hour mind and I didn’t
interrupt you when you were ma-king
s-en-se,plea-se,let me make s-en-se now.
You walked into this house and sl@pped me
for nothing. You must pay for that sl@p and
do you know how? I’ll tell you. I will accept
Frank’s proposal and d@t£ him,not because I
love him but because it is him who will give
you so many sl@ps for me.
I looked at the two of them and the shock on
their faces were clear. I continued all the
Me: So plea-se,leave my house before I call
my siblings to start giving you your own
sl@ps now.
I watched the both of them leave without
saying a word. I knew my siblings were not
around but that was the best i could do to
make them believe I had company at home.

I also knew they could change their minds
and come back to attack me immediately so I
rushed into the house after ma-king sure the
gate had being properly secured.


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