My Mind As a Teenager – episode 11

My mind as a Teenager
episode 11
Like she promised,Vivian c@m£ back the next
day and asked that we go out. I took
permission from my aunt and we left the
house. We headed to a place I don’t know
and I didn’t even ask. I just followed her.
We got to a junction that was not far from
my house,took a left turn and entered into a
government school(name withheld). We
bought groundnuts from what I think is a
canteen and went into one of the clas-ses. I
was a bit uncomfortable but I reasoned that
there were many people around so if she
tried anything funny,I’ll shout for help. I think
she noticed my discomfort when she said;
Vivian: don’t worry,I just want us to talk. just
the two of us
Me; hmmm. hope there is no problem?
Vivian: Not at all. I just want to clear the
tension between us.
Me: And who says there is tension between
I asked munching my groundnut
Vivian: You’re now forming dormitory girl for
me abi? If you want to know,its about
you,myself and Frank.
I looked at her and frowned.
Me; so you called me here to sl@p me again
Vivian: Mba o(no o). I can’t do that. Do you
want Frank to kill me?
I raised my head and looked at her.
Me; what do you mean by kill you?
Vivian: kam gwa gi(let me tell you),after you
went back to school,Frank c@m£ to my house
and gave me the beating of my life.
Me: eh?
Vivian: it’s not a small thing o. the day before
he did that,I had seen him with Somtoo .
Little did I know that she was telling him
about our visit to your house.
My head wanted to do a “maltina dance all”.
AH! So he beat her for my sake? chei! But
see as Somtoo don carry the blame. serves
her right anyways.
Me: so,where is Somtoo now?
Vivian: I don’t know and I don’t care to know.
Do you even know that when I confronted
her,she denied it. I promised never to talk to
her again. Nne,when you did not come back
for Christmas break,he c@m£ again to finish
me up,thanks to Ugoo and Emeka,who
pleaded on my behalf. That was when I knew
that frank loves you a lot.
Me: leave that thing. I don’t love him. And fl
t©p it all,why would he beat a woman?
Vivian: He was just vexing that I sl@pped you
and believes its the reason why you refused
to come back.
Me: Not enough reason to beat you.
I diverted the discussion noticing that it will
go on unend.
” have you  seen Ebuka?”.
Vivian: I heard he wrote waec at Abuja
Also heard that he will be there for a while.
But wait,doesn’t he call?
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