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June 20, 2021


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My mind as a teenager episode 91 – finale

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My mind as a teenager

Episode 91


We waited for him to recover and

hopefully,he did. Everyone who asked was

told that he travelled out.

Trully,he recovered and had to make up for

his absence. He travelled to avoid suspicion

and while returning,he bought me another

phone(which I gave to my mum),changed my

wardrobe and bought lots of goodies for the

family. I was happy to have him back

because I had grown to love him.

He told me he was leaving again for a

business which would change our lives more.


In order to wait for him,I’m working at his

brother In-laws construction company.

He’ll be back by next month. How time flies.


Raymond wouldn’t believe it. He didn’t believe a lot of good tidings would hit my way at the same time.


Raymond and I talk. We’re still very close.

We still hang out most time he comes around

and each time,I try to ask him if he’s happy.

Though I don’t like his wife for telling him

those things about Kamsi not looking like

him,I still rejoiced with him when their new

baby,Chikaima came. It made me happy and

I found out that I had forgiven him for


Talking about happiness,I pray he is happy

with his marriage, that nothing gets to

mislead him,if not for anything,for that pretty

daughter of his.

My life is going in a direction where all I can

do now is thank God for bringing me this far.

I believe my past experience was just a way

God used in teaching me

lessons of life and

how to overcome certain circumstances.

Raymond and I will remain best of friends for

life because I want to keep him close to

share in all my happiness and to share in his

as well.

Skipoo and I met last three weeks and when

he asked me why Raymond didn’t marry me,I

laughed and told him that I was getting

married to someone better than Raymond.

Most people with similar experiences like

mine may not be patient or optimistic but I

believe I pulled through because of the love

and support of my family. If only you can try

to involve your parents in everything, if only

you can cut down a lot of unnecessary

excesses,if only you can remember that not

everyone means well for you,if only you can

remember this story……. If only you can

remember Rose……

There are lots of “if” s but let me stop here. I

love you all for reading my story,the

comments,critics,advice,love and

attention,they were just more than I expected

but I pray that we all get whatever it is that

we desire in life,just as I got mine……….



Thanks for reading.

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