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My mind as a teenager episode 90

My mind as a teenager
episode 90
He told me everything about his businesses,
even asked me what I would love to be
doing. I laughed but gave no response. We
went to his site where he was building his
own house which is almost done and I
gushed at it. I knew I’ll be comfortable if I
married him. I liked him and to think that he
is quite older than me made me think that it
would be a better union.
We got into his car so he could drive me
home. The ride back home was silent. I had a
lot going through my mind. We got to my
house and he parked beside my gate,exactly
the same way his car was that Sunday I had
met them. He looked at me and we both
Me: Will you come inside?
Dera: No. Mum is not back yet so who would
I see?
I looked at him and decided it was time to tell
him the truth.
Dera: Is there any problem? Do you need
Me: No. But I want to tell you something.
Dera: Okay. Go ahead.
Me: Maybe you’ll not get to like me again
after I tell you this. I know it will affect our
relationship but I just think its right I tell you.
He raised his brows and smiled.
Dera: Na love wey I love you o.
I smiled and bent my head.
Dera: So tell me,what is it?
Me: You know the little girl you’ve seen
severally at home?
Dera: Kamsi?
Me: Yes.
Dera: Is she alright?
Me: She’s fine.
Tears ran down my eyes and he was
Dera: Mummy what is it? What do you want
to say that is causing you to cry?
Me: She’s my baby. I . . . . . .
He wrapped his hands around my shoulders
and I leaned into him. I cried my eyes out as
I waited for his decision.
Dera: You don’t have to cry over it. I know
that when it happened,you cried enough so
quit crying.
But I didn’t stop. Ahn ahn. I just couldn’t
Dera: Baby look at me. Come on,look at me.
I raised my head and looked at him
Dera: Where is the father?
I broke down in tears again. Raymond! Oh
Raymond! Will I ever be able to forgive you
for this so many lies?
Me: He’s late. Died even before I found out I
was pregnant.
Dera: Back in school?
I nodded.
Dera: Now listen to me.
I looked up,expecting to hear the final verdict
and ever ready to step down from the car.
Dera: He died so you can meet me. Who
doesn’t have a past? I also have mine.
Baby,I’m 34 and I’m still not married because
I was busy trying to flex my youth. Everyone
has a past. Some girls would choose to abort
their baby but you didn’t. It shows you still
had that innocence in you despite whatever
your life looked like then. So stop crying.
I was surprised.
Me: You mean tha. . . .
Dera: I mean that you’re going to be my wife
and I love you so much. Besides,I’m happy to
know that you’re a very fertile woman. And
let me promise you one thing,as long as I
live,Kamsi and yourself will never lack.
I gave him a hug immediately while my tears
w€t his shirt.
Dera: Its okay. I’m glad that you told me. Its
going to make me trust you more.
Me: Thank you.
Dera: I should be thanking you.
He counted some money and gave it to me.
Dera: Make your hair with this and buy some
of the things you need from there. I’ll travel
in two days and when I’m back,we’ll change
your phone.
I thanked him and he pecked my forehead
before we parted.
When mum got home that night,I told her
and she was so happy. She called him and
we all spoke. He even spoke with Kamsi.
The next time Raymond and I saw,he made a
p@ss at me that I finally changed my phone.
And when I told him about Dera,I don’t know
why but it took him time to believe it. He
sounded and looked happy for me; telling
him how he would give Dera tutorials about
how to treat me right. I laughed till I could
laugh no more. When I told him that Dera
knew about Kamsi,he was surprised and then
again,he apologized.
He wanted to say something about his wife
but I stopped him,telling him never to
mention his wife anytime we were together.
Dera and I fixed a date for the introduction
but it couldn’t hold because I had to be
operated on(appendix) and after I got
discharged,he had a terrible accident which
left so many injuries and fractures on him.


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