My mind as a teenager episode 89

My mind as a teenager
episode 89
Raymond later told me that he got a job in a
company at Asaba with the help of his uncle.
I for one was happy with that development
because I felt that the lesser I saw him,I’ll be
able to give my time and attention to Chidera
who has being coming to the family. He has
met my mum,they talk on phone,my dad was
alre-ady aware that he c@m£ with a marriage
At the time,I had not told him about Kamsi
because I was waiting to know his kind of
person. One day,he invited me to his house.
He gave me his house address which was at
housing estate. I had never being to that area
before so I asked my mum how I was going
to get to the place,after giving me directions,I
I got to housing estate and called him. He
gave me an address and told me to ask
anyb©dy around.
It was easy to locate the house. I marvelled at
the building. It was very beautiful. I knocked
on the big black gate and I heard a voice
from inside;
Gateman: Who’s there?
Me: Its me. Open up and see plea-se.
He opened the small gate and sized me up.
Me: Good afternoon. plea-se I’m looking for . .
. .
Gateman: If your name is Rose,then you’re
where you’re supposed to be. Good
He spoke cheerfully and it made me laugh. I
followed him into the house and gushed at
the furnishings.
There were his pictures on the wall and
pictures of an elderly woman too. I sat down
on a sofa and kept on looking around.
Dera: Welcome.
I looked to the direction where the voice
c@m£ from and I saw him with smiles. He
was putting on a jean trou-ser and nothing on
t©p. He was lean and I frowned at that.
Me: Good afternoon.
I stood up
Dera: Thank you. Just sit down and be
comfortable. Let me tell Oluchukwu to get us
Me: No. Don’t worry I’m fine.
Dera; Meaning? The other day at your
house,you f0rç£d me to take . . . . .
Me: Don’t worry for now. I’ll take something
before I leave.
Dera: Better o. Because you won’t step out
without taking something.
Me: Yes sir.
He c@m£ and sat beside me. He sized me up
and I saw a frown form on his face.
Me: What is it?
Dera: Why haven’t you made your hair?
I t©uçhed my natural hair which I parked into
a bun and laughed.
Me: No money.
Dera: And who did you tell?
Me: I no longer feel comfortable asking mum
about everything I nee-d.
Dera: I’m not talking about her. Why didn’t
you tell me?
I looked at him and did not say anything else.
Dera: Look,you’re too quiet and soft spoken
for my liking. Who am I ma-king this money
for? Its for my wife and children. Free
yourself from your shell and be open to me.
Tell me whatever it is you want and I’ll do it.
Now look at the small phone you’re using
when your mates are handling iphones. All
this things just has to change.
I looked at my tecno h3 and smiled. I bought
that phone with my first salary back in
owerri. I promised to always keep it around
me till it spoils beyond repair.
Me: You,is it not Nokia torch you’re using?
Dera: Mine is different. I’m a business man
and don’t nee-d all this social media
I nodded and decided to change the t©pic.
Me: So,did you buy this house?
Dera: Nope.
Me: You built it?
Dera: Nope.
Me: Then what?
He laughed at my uneasiness but did not say