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My mind as a teenager episode 88

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My mind as a teenager


episode 88

My dad’s mum died in the last week of


We all travelled to the village for the burial

which was on october 8/9. My family went

back after one month(thats the tradition) but

i stayed back with my dad till first week of

december when he was to report back to


i was on my way back from the church after

service on December 2015. I was with my

friends; Vivian and Ifunanya. We got to the

front of my house and we parted ways. A guy

packed his car in front of my house blocking

the gate,he was making a call while another

guy was adding oil in the engine. I frowned at

them and walked to the one with the oil;

Me: Good morning.

“morning to you. Happy Sunday.”

Me: I wish you the best. You know you’re

blocking this entrance, what if someone

wants to leave from the house?

He looked at his friend who quickly ended the

call and came to us.

Dera: My guy,any problem?

Ifeanyi: Looks like she lives in this house.

She just wants us to clear from the gate.

Dera: Hey! Nne sorry about that o. I couldn’t

find a better place to park the car. We’re

through anyways.

Me: Its okay. Just that my mum may want to

go to church and find it difficult to drive out.

You know,some of you may just park there

and walk away.

Dera: I won’t do that. My name is Chidera.

This is my friend Ifeanyi.

Me: I’m Rose. Nice meeting you.

His friend nodded and went back to doing

whatever he was doing with the oil.

Dera: So where are you from?

Me: Nsuka.

Dera: Ifeanyi,what was I just telling you?

His friend turned to us again.

Dera: We are just coming back from nsuka

this morning. We went for a wedding there

yesterday and our car broke down around 11.

This woman was also coming home from

where I don’t know. We asked her about any

nearest hotel where we can spend the night

but instead,she took us to her home. Her

husband is late and her kids are still very

young. The kind of treatment and warm

reception she gave us made me swear that I

must marry from nsuka.

Me: Wow. But most people believe that we’re

bad people.

Dera: My dear,I used to do that as well but

after last night,nothing will stop me from

marrying from there.

Me: Good luck then.

Ifeanyi: What if he has found the wife


Me: Then he must be very lucky.

The both of them laughed at my dry sense of


Dera: Nne,you just got my attention,the way

you cautioned my friend,listen,if you want,I

can follow you inside to meet your mum so

you can see how serious I am. I like you and

I’m interested in you. Will you marry me?

I laughed hard. I even held my stomach while

I laughed. They looked at me with surprise

on their faces.

Dera: Ifeanyi please, am I wearing the back of

my cloth?

Ifeanyi: I wonder o.

When I got tired of laughing,I stood still and

looked at him properly. I guessed he must be

between 31-35 years old,he dressed richly

and he spoke so fluently,he wouldn’t go for

handsome but he was good looking.

Me: Will you now propose to any girl who is

from Nsuka?

Dera: I won’t. Like I said,I love the way you

gently cautioned us about parking in front of

your house. Some girls will start shouting but

you did not. Outside that,I was taking a call

but I had seen you with your friends and I

liked what I saw.

Me: You don’t even know me an . . . . . .

Dera: It takes a day to know someone.

Listen,I like you and I’m not even ready to

date you,I really want to settle down with you

before someone else takes you away.

No matter what I said,he wouldn’t change his


Me: Okay,I’ve heard you. But for me,at

least,let’s do this courtship stuff so I can get

to know you better. Where are you even


Dera: Anam

Me: Where is that?

Dera: In this Anambra state. Beside Aguleri.

Me: Oh! okay.

We exchanged numbers and I watched them

drive off before going inside.

I told my mum immediately and there were

smiles on her face. She begged God to make

it come to pass and all I did was smile.



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