My mind as a teenager episode 87

My mind as a teenager
episode 87
Things were running smoothly for me. I had
my family with me and that’s the most
important thing for me. I didn’t bother myself
about Raymond and his constant demand of
Kamsi’s picture which I always refused to
s£nd to him,neither did I bother myself about
his constantly using his wife’s picture on his
profile. Surprisingly,life bec@m£ easy and
comforting for me.
Kamsi and I took a picture together and I
used it as my WhatsApp profile picture. That
evening,I c@m£ home as usual and turned on
my data. There was a message from
Ray: Nice pix
Me: Thank you.
Ray: Guess what?
Me: What is it?
Ray: My wife just brou-ght to my notice that
she doesn’t look like me.
That message got to my head immediately
and even without meeting whoever she was,I
hated her that instant. Even if she wanted to
make him st©p gushing over Kamsi,it was not
to bring it to my notice because I was sure
she was there with him as he s£nt that. On
several occasions,Raymond and I would be
chatting normally and all of a sudden,he’ll
start giving cold answers like we were beefing
or something. I would always conclude that
his wife was around him. But this time,I’m
not going to let her break me or remind me
about things I fought ha-rd to forget.
Me: Really?
Ray: Yes
Me: That’s because she’s not yours.
There was a del@yfrom his path. I guessed
he was thrown back by my response. I
blocked him on my WhatsApp and continued
chatting with my other friends. I got a
message on bbm and surprisingly,it was
Ray: You know,I always had doubts about
you while we were d@t!ng.
Me: Oh! Finally,she told you what to say.
No response…….
Me: Am glad you finally realised with the help
of your wife that she is not yours. You want
to be a father. Father indeed. The day you
took my pride,you didn’t have doubts about
that. Human being.
I made sure he re-ad the message before
blocking him on bbm as well. I prayed to
God,to give me a husband who would stand
on his words as a man and not someone like
Raymond,who would do things he doesn’t
want to do just to plea-se his wife.
Some days later,he called me and as
usual,we met at my house. He talked and
talked and bo-ttomline,we bec@m£ cool. He
told me about his new shop and I promised I
was going to visit someday.
The day I visited his shop(somewhere at
Tarzan),he was happy. He kept on dancing
“efejoku” which made me laugh because he
was trying so ha-rd to be good at it. We
talked and in the middle of our
conversation,he kept on saying that he
missed me. I told him I missed him as well. I
asked him if he was happy and he nodded
(who wouldn’t claim to be happy?). We spent
sometime together,talking.
He told me how he had being having a crush
on me when I was in primary two and he,in
primary four. He reminded me about most of
the things I did then and how he would
always shy away each time I talked and he
heard my voice. I couldn’t help but laugh. He
finally dropped me at home and we bade
each other goodbye.