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June 18, 2021


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My mind as a teenager episode 86

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My mind as a teenager


episode 86

My dance classes were going on smoothly. It

was just like a yoga class. It took my mind

away from a lot of things. One day, I was

coming back from a youth awareness

program done in my church(am catholic)

when I saw Frank. He was in a shop. I don’t

know what took my eyes to that shop but it

was obvious he had seen me before I even

saw him.

I looked away and continued my walk home

but he ran up to me and stopped me. I

looked at him but continued walking.

Frank: Nne please,I just need five minutes of

your time please.

Me: For what? So you’ll end up beating me

by the end of that five minutes?

Frank: No nau.

Me: Alright. Talk. Five minutes.

I looked at my wrist watch. It was a little past


Frank: Nne,I want to apologise for everything

I had done to you. You’re really a nice person

and you don’t deserve all I did to you. Maybe

it was the way I grew up that turned me into

such a violent person but trust me,I’m now a

changed person.

Me: Who wouldn’t change after spending

close to two years in the barracks?

Frank: I know I’ve wronged you and your

family but please,forgive me.

Me: Is that all?

Frank: Actually,I came back last two months

and I’ve being looking for a way to come to

your house.


Don’t even think about it.

Frank: Nne,forgive me biko. I’m about to

start a trade and I won’t be successful if I

don’t seek the forgiveness of people I’ve hurt

in the past. I’m deeply sorry. I know I hurt

you and its going to be hard for you to

forgive me. I don’t mind if you want to think

about it but I’m willing to wait just to get your


I looked at him very well and noticed how

different he was. He looked lean but still has

the muscles in his chest and upper arm.

Me: Did they torture you much?

Frank: Let’s not even go there. If you see my

back eh,they would put me in a metal

drum,cover it and leave it under the sun. I’ll

be there,crying my head out and before I

know it,they will come and start rolling the

drum,just to make sure that the scorching

heat from the sun gets to all parts of my


Me: That serves you right. At least,in your

next life,you’ll think twice before laying your

hands on a woman

Frank: Next life ke? Starting from this life o.

We laughed and ended up hugging each


Me: I forgive you. Just promise you will stop

beating people.

Frank: I promise


Me: And about your business,you’ll prosper in


Frank: Amen. Amen. Thank you.

Me: You’re welcome. Guess you

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must have

heard that I now have a baby.

Frank: Wait! Wait! So van vicker later married

you? I heard he’s now married but I never got

to know who his wife was. Ah! You guys

even have a baby now. Congra. . . . . . .

Me: Raymond married someone else.

Frank: Eh?

I tried my

best to swallow the tears forming

in my throat.

Frank: Why?

Me: Let’s just say I wasn’t a wife material to

him. He went for someone better.

Frank: You’re not serious.

Me: I’m not even married.

Frank: Then,who’s responsible for your baby?

Me: He’s late now.

The tears just poured out. Frank held me in

his arms while I cried like a baby.

Frank: Don’t think about it. Stop crying.

Please stop crying. Everything happens for a


I nodded as I held onto him for dear life.

Frank: Let me walk you home.

We walked silently to my house.

Surprisingly,he followed me into the house

where another section of apology was

tendered to my mum. After I even helped to

explain things to mum about his family,she

had no option but to forgive him. He asked to

see Kamsi and mum called out to her.

Frank was surprised that she was already

walking but we reminded him that she was

two years old already. He carried her and

gave her #1000 before he left.

Mum called dad and told him. He was happy

that he had changed but cautioned that we

should be careful around him.



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