My mind as a teenager episode 85

My mind as a teenager
episode 85
Mmmh Rosie Rosie Rosie,
1st, plea-se get well soon.
Na person wey well dey upd@t£.
2ndly, it’s obvious you still love this
Raymond dude dearly:
1st guy vir-ginity things and father of your
child blah blah blah….
U just love him. Full st©p.
3rdly, you are using this platform to tell him
things; things awkwardly you never got to tell
He never saw your heart for what it felt or
bled; Love? Naivety? Whatever? He was never
there after all.
4thly, you could have also terminated that
pregnancy early if you didn’t love him,
because you inferred that you found out
But you chose to keep it, go throu-gh the
ordeal alone, isolated your family, risked your
life and the baby’s and even protected the
unwilling Raymond, all for Love? Or what?
Am I surprised? This is “My Teenage Mind”.
Strange that the principal story exchange
here is between yourself, the main story teller
and Raymond the object but silent re-ader.
The rest of us observers, re-aders and
commenters here are all members of the
‘jury’ in this court of public opinion.
This is simply what this stage is looking like.
Nice one. I’m sure you are getting at
Raymond your own way, hitting him where it
matters most (his conscience, after all he
owes you a lot) while relieving yourself of
years of heartache. Emotional blackmail
some may choose to call it. Dark as it
sounds, some may even argue that he
deserves it and that you are well entitled to it,
given all you have gone throu-gh alone for
you both (make it three, the innocent baby
included). And still going throu-gh.
Raymond has no choice than to be strung
on; you have his daughter. He is the
illegitimate father.
Yet he is now legitimately married to another
and also father to a second baby from his
From his posts, he loves his wife dearly and
openly gushes over her (a heartbreaking
reality for you).
Secondly, he also adores his second
daughter from his marriage while I’m sure
yours scarcely has his attention.
A burden you chose to carry alone once you
went ahead with that pregnancy from the
seeds of an unwilling father.
My Teenage Mind indeed!
This is what happens when Teenagers have
unprotected S£x. For ‘Love’, Fantasy or lvst.
It is obvious Raymond’s motive was for the
However, I am yet to properly qualify teenage
‘love’ beyond fantasy.
Phew!…..So where do we go from here?
Seems all the salvo have almost been fired at
Raymond in the course of telling this
incredible story, while relieving your ordeal
from teenage pregnancy to single
So what next?
I do not envy Raymond in this dilemma
neither do I have any reason to afford him
empathy (I no follow chop the puna na!).
Question remains, ‘What next?’