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June 18, 2021


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My mind as a teenager episode 83

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My mind as a teenager

episode 83

I had spent three months in owerri(I left on

November 16 2014) when the management

suggested transferring some workers to



I was chosen and it made me happy,at

least,I’ll be close to home. A week before we

left,I logged on to my badoo and

surprisingly,there was a message from

Raymond. It was all about missing me and all

that. I told him where I was and he said he

wanted to see me. I sent him some of my

pictures and told him I’ll be in awka soon so

we’ll get to see then.

I entered Awka on the second week of


Raymond and I were supposed to meet on

the 14th(Valentine’s day) but something

came up so I couldn’t go down to Onitsha.

One day,I was on Facebook when I saw a

post on his wall;

“can’t believe I’m getting married in one

week.So happy.”

I laughed,thinking it was one of those posts

people make to get attention online.

His friend had commented on that

post,asking him if it was me but he didn’t


I quickly called him;

Me: Hello

Ray: Rose,this one you called today,am i


Me: Yes o. I just called to hear from you or is

it bad?

Ray: Not at all. How is work?

Me: Fine and stressful.

Ray: Its allowed nah.

Me: So you’re getting married?

Ray: Guess you must’ve seen it on Facebook.


That’s the reason i wanted to see you.

Me: Wait. Are you


Ray: Yes. . . . . .

I hung up. My head started aching

immediately. I felt the tears stretch from my

ear before finding their way through my eyes.

I cried bitterly. Is that how wicked people

are? I cursed my life and everything I had

gone through. Why would Raymond do these

to me? He is getting married to someone else

after all I went through for him? My friend

tried her best to console me but I wouldn’t

stop. I woke up the next morning feeling very



A lab test proved I had malaria. I refused

taking my drugs. All I wanted to do was die

so I will never get to see Raymond and his

new family. I went back to Facebook and

went to his timeline. I found out the date for

the ceremony was 28 February.

My girlfriend suggested that we attend it but I

refused. She said we’ll go and ruin the

wedding but I didn’t have that mind. He

wants to be happy,maybe I wasn’t good

enough for him so I’ll just let him be happy.

My girlfriend was like, ”see Rose,this guy

took your virginity,made you a mother at

19,you even lied to your parents just to cover

up for him. Now,he is getting married to

someone else and you are going to let him

go without a

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Tears didn’t let me speak. I couldn’t say

anything. She was right. Someone I had

sacrificed a lot for,someone I loved so much.

If I had known things would end that way,I

would have just told my people that he was

responsible for my pregnancy.


I regretted my past and wished there was a

way for me

to mend things.

On the 26th I called Raymond;

Ray: Hello

Hearing his voice made me start crying all

over again. I had sworn not to cry but it

wasn’t working.

Me: So its true?

He paused for a while before speaking;

Ray: I knew this was going to be your

reaction that’s why I wanted to see you so I

can tell you myself.

I hung up because my tears wouldn’t let me

continue. Besides,was I supposed to wish

him a happy married life? My roommate

walked in and stared at me for a while;

Lucy: What are you doing to yourself? If you

continue crying like this,he won’t come back

to you.

That bastard has taken what he wanted from

you and has moved on so trust me,you have

to move on as well.

Me: But I can’t. I love him no matter what.

He’s the father of my child,he took my

virginity so I can’t forget him.

Lucy: Now let me tell you,what’s that his

name again? Raymond right?

I nodded.

Lucy: He too will never forget you. If he ever

loved you,he’ll always have you in mind,he’ll

always talk about you and he’ll never forgive

himself for all he had done to you. You once

told me he’s an only son. Maybe his mum

pressurized him into getting married or

something like that. He . . . .

Me: Nobody pressurized him. He’s happy.

Lucy: Of course he’ll pretend to be happy.

His first child is with you. Nobody can beat

that not even his wife. A time will come when

you’ll remember my words and you’ll thank

me. Stop crying. Let him get married since

you don’t want to ruin it. Let him get married

but I know he’ll always come to look for you.

I looked at her and she nodded. I hugged her


Lucy: Trust me,everything works out perfectly

for those who trust in God. You missed

Raymond because he is not the best. God

has seen your suffering and he’s saving the

best for you. Take your bath let’s go and buy


Me; From your pocket o

Lucy: No problem.

i sprang up from the bed and went into the bathroom.



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