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June 15, 2021


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My mind as a teenager episode 82

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My mind as a teenager

episode 82

After that visit,we started chatting on


Each time he brought up the issue of my

baby,I would shift it aside and talk about

something else.


One day,I sent him Kamsi’s picture because I

was tired of having to think about him

reacting in a way I wouldn’t like. He was so

happy and kept on whining that she looks

like him.

That Christmas,we travelled to the village.

My sister’s husband got me an android

phone as a Christmas gift. I was so happy. I

tried configuring it but it won’t bulge. I told

Raymond(he was good at it) and he

promised to help me with it once we

returned. People at the village wouldn’t let

our house rest as they stepped in every

minute of the day to see my baby. I didn’t

like the attention I was getting but what will I

do? I told mum and dad that I didn’t want to

go back to school.


They wouldn’t hear that. I told them I wanted

to work with my OND certificate. My reason

was that I didn’t want to separate from my

baby but I couldn’t tell them that. My sister

wasn’t happy with my decision but when they

realised my mind was already made up,they

let me be. I knew they were angry with me

but again,that spirit of motherhood in every

woman can’t lead them wrongly.

January came and we travelled back without


mum. She was to go to Enugu for her

brother’s wedding. We got home safely and I

informed Raymond. Forgive me but we had

agreed to be best of friends with or without S

£x. I went to his house the next day and he

configured my phone and even helped to

open a bbm account for me.

We talked for a while,he showed me his

laptop where he used Kamsi’s picture as his



We talked some more before I left. He made it

a routine to always check up on me,I don’t

know if its to make up for his sin but I vowed

never to let him fool me for the second time.

Six months passed and I stopped


I started looking for a job. Onitsha is not a

place where you will get a good job except

you wanna be a salesgirl. Before I started

looking for a job,I had gone back to my

evening stroll. Ray and I would meet up

sometimes,talk,laugh,sometimes,there was

the urge to have S£x but we would dismiss it

and go home.


I finally settled for Owerri. My room mate had

also dropped and was working at a hotel in


She told me of the offer and I quickly wrote

an application and sent it to her to submit for


A week later,I was on my way back from

church when I met a guy,he stopped me and

we got talking. We exchanged numbers and I

went home.

He would call me like every hour,we would

chat non stop and slowly,I fell in love with



The day he proposed to me, my joy knew no

bounds. Innocently, I told him about Kamsi

and his mood changed.

He dropped me off at

home and that was the last time I saw him. I

cried bitterly, regretting my loss. I told my

mum and she started shouting on me; why

did I tell him? that didn’t she tell me Kamsi

was now her and daddy’s baby? She didn’t

even console me. Out of anger,I packed my

bag and left,off to Owerri. I called my sister

and told her I was leaving. She pleaded that I

come to Enugu but I refused,telling her I got

a job in Owerri. I was already in the bus when

I informed my room mate that I was on my



After placing all the necessary calls,including

my dad,I broke my sim and journeyed all the

way to Owerri to start a new life.

Life in Owerri was better. My room mate

made me apply again and this time,I

enclosed that I lived in Owerri. I got the job

immediately, to be paid #20000 monthly. Was

I happy? Yes. I had already spent two weeks

there before I called my mum with my new

line. She was happy to hear from me.

I apologized for leaving without informing her

but she said she understood that I was



I was surprised. She finally told me that

daddy had spoken to her saying that it was

better I told a suitor I had a baby than letting

him find out himself,that since marriage was

a life time commitment, I needed the trust of

my husband and the only way  to get that is

by telling him the truth. She wished me

prosperity in my new job and asked that I

take care.

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