My mind as a teenager episode 80

My mind as a teenager
episode 80
At a little past 9,the doctor walked into the
He asked that we all be s£nt into the theatre
one after the doctor. The other teenage girl
was the first to be taken in,followed by two
other women before me. I got in with the
help of my favourite nurse and I was la!d on
the couch. The doctor inser-ted his f!nger into
my b©dy. Trust me,this time, it hurt like hell. I
screamed in pain and he told me that once
my water breaks,I’ll give birth immediately.
He gave me an injection and I walked out.
I c@m£ back to the room and the other girl
was screaming and wailing,hitting her fist on
the wall.
I looked round and her mum was no where to
be found. I asked my mum and she said that
the woman left after placing series of curses
on the girl and her unborn child. I was
shocked but my pain didn’t let me speak
further. I struggled with my own pain,trying
my best not to cry or shout.
The teenage girl was taken into the theatre
around 10. She had started convulsing so the
nurses had to rush to call the doctor. She
was taken into the theatre but she never
made it out alive. Her baby died with her.
Even in my pain and fear,I cried bitterly. My
mum cursed the girl’s mother for being so
mean and wicked to her child.
My mum knew I was alre-ady afraid so she
started telling me how she had given birth to
Ella at the age of 16 because she got married
when she was 15. She talked and ru-bbe-d my
w@!st at the same time to help ease my pain
and make sure I was listening to her. When
the girl’s b©dy was moved away to the
morgue,my mum called a nurse and asked
her to get another theatre re-ady as she won’t
let me enter the recent one since the girl had
died while an operation was being carried
Another theatre was made re-ady but it was
smaller. I felt pressed and wanted to go to
the bathroom but immediately my feet
t©uçhed the floor,I felt an explosion inside me
then a rush of fluid c@m£ running down my
legs. My mum called the attention of the
nurses and they cleaned me up immediately
and I was asked to start walking around. This
time,the pain felt like something sharp was
being used to p—k my baby. My baby
started j£rking ha-rd and each time it
moved,my stomach would change its shape. I
couldn’t hold this pain so I cried out. I cried
but surprising, mum didn’t ask me to
st©p,instead,she cried with me.
I was 19 and small then. I cursed the day I
met Raymond.
Out of the blues,I suddenly felt the urge to
use the toilet. My eyes started bulging out of
my socket.
My mum looked at me and started calling on
the nurses. She asked me not to push. I
stood rooted to the ground. The nurses c@m£
and they carried me to the theatre and on t©p
the couch. They kept begging me not to push
that I should wait for them to get my things
re-ady. I cried as I waited and when they were
re-ady,they all looked at me with tears in their
eyes. At the first push,I pas-sed faeces. One
of the nurses c@m£ and started pressing my
stomach. They asked me to push again and
this time,my baby’s head popped out.
I cried out in pain and my scream was
enough to get the rest of her b©dy out. I
wanted to stand up immediately but they
asked me to wait since the placenta was not
out yet. I la!d there and watched as they
cleaned my Kamsi up. It was a girl.
The nurses started ma-king jests of me
because they said my baby had a big
bu-tt0ckz. It was in the midst of their jests
that I wanted to sneeze and I felt something
a little smaller than my baby come out of my
b©dy. The nurses told me it was the placenta.
Again,I tried to stand up but they asked me
to wait to be cleaned up. They cleaned me
up,padded me and tied a new wra-pper on
They helped me and my baby out of the
theatre and I met my mum at the door. She
said, ”you gave birth at exactly 11:30. You
should have waited so you will give birth on
your birthday.”
That was when I remembered that the next
day was September 12,my birthday.
My mum took the baby from the nurse and
we were taken to a pri-vate ward where my
mum gave me a cu-p of h0t water and told
me to turn on my phone and inform people
that I had delivered.
I s£nt messages to all my  friends in school
and those at home except Raymond after
which I sle-pt peacefully for once in eight