My mind as a teenager episode 78

My mind as a teenager
episode 78
We got to the hospital and surprisingly,our
appointment has alre-ady being booked,I think
mum called our family doctor from home
because we were s£nt into his office
He wasn’t happy with me and then
again,mum cried. Doctor Tobe said all the
things he could say about how I’ve hurt my
family including him. But after all said and
done,he promised that I was going to be
taken care of. He asked that I lie down on the
couch and a scan was done.
The scan revealed that I had pas-sed the due
d@t£ for my labour because my baby wasn’t
positioned well,reason being that I hadn’t
gone for antenatal care and that I’ve being
eating all manners of junks. The remedy was
going to be an induction of labour. He gave
me some drugs which I was to take for three
days. He s£nt us to the lab where I was to
run all manner of tests. Before 12pm,the
hospital staff knew they had one new patient.
My card was re-ady and they all kept
pretending to be angry with me; that I got
married without inviting them and to even
think that my husband was abroad………lols….
(think that’s what the doctor told them
because we were regular attendants of the
hospital). My mum kept telling them that they
will get everything when I put to be-d safely.
We got home and mum helped me to run a
We ate together and each time I wanted to
apologise again,she would ask me not to,that
there was no nee-d for that. She rushed off to
the market immediately and c@m£ back with
a big box late that evening. It was filled with
baby accessories. My joy knew no bounds as
she kept showing me all the things
(clothes,pampers,shoes,towels, a lot of
things even the ones I’ll use in the labour
room). I couldn’t thank her enough. She
revealed to me that she’ll be travelling to the
village the next day to inform our kinsmen.
I was scared. She asked me not to be,that
she and my dad would handle the situation.
My sister kept calling to know what was
happening,even my friends. It was that day
that I called Vivian and she told me that she
had alre-ady heard it. We cried together and
she told me not to worry,that everything
would be alright.
Mum travelled the next day, I also started
taking my drugs that day. Later in the day,I
called Raymond and told him the situation. I
don’t know his reaction but he promised to
see me the next day before going to work.
That morning,he called that he was outside.
My siblings had all gone to school but I went
outside to see him. We didn’t talk. He just
gave me some money and asked that I take
care. I counted the money and it was #4000.
I called my mum and told her a friend of
mine c@m£ to see me and that he gave me
She asked that I keep it properly. As I was
taking my bath,I noticed that my stomach
was kicking(first time ever). I called my mum
again and she said it was the drug
repositioning the baby and that kicks were
normal to show that the baby was alive. I
was grateful for the love of a mother and
swore to always appreciate my mum forever.
Nothing much happened that day just that I
walked round the house,did some skipping
(advised by the doctor) and used h0t water
to take my bath that night.