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June 18, 2021


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My mind as a teenager episode 77

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My mind as a teenager


episode 77

I remained at home till my sister and mum

went back to Enugu to complete the omugwo


Dad himself went back to Jos. I breathed a

sigh of relief as I was now alone with my

siblings and they don’t know what was

happening. My dad had strictly warned me

not to go back to Enugu because my

persistence made them begin to think I had

an ulterior motive.

I stopped going out. Vivian tried to get

assess to me but each time,my siblings

would tell her I had gone back to school. Two

months later,mum came back. Immediately

she saw me,she started crying.

There was no point hiding things from her

again because my stomach was there for her

to see.

I joined in the tears,not because I was

pregnant but because I didn’t know what to

tell her.

She went into her room and locked herself

up. My sister called me immediately;

Ella: Nne what is the meaning of this nau?

Don’t you have a conscience? Why didn’t you

tell me? What if something had happened to


I’m disappointed o. Better go to mum now

before she looses it.

She hung up before I could say anything. I

quickly went and knocked on mum’s room. I

opened the door and saw her on the floor.

She was crying bitterly

Me: Mummy.

I sat down very close to her. She looked at

me and went into sobbing.

Mum: Why did

you choose to end my

marriage? Do you know how your father will

take this news? He will throw the both of us

out of the house. Nne why? Is it that you are

afraid of what?

You would have confided in me or your


How old is it now?

Me; Mummy I’m sorry. I thought I could

handle it on my own.

Mum; Handle what? Don’t let me slap you.

How old is it?

Me; Nine months.

My mum passed out immediately. I had to go

and call Felix who helped in reviving her. I

cried and begged her to forgive me. She

wouldn’t cry again but at the same time,she

wouldn’t take her eyes off my stomach.

Mum: Rose nine months? No medical care,no

baby items. Jesus! Rose what did I do to

you? Are you the first to go to the university?

Look at your sister. She went to school and

not only has her certificate, she has a

husband and a son. Oya,call him. Call him


Me: Who?

Mum: If you know who got you pregnant,call

him now.


I waited for something to happen.

Maybe an earthquake. But none of them

happened. I thought of what to do but

nothing came to my mind.

Mum: Rose!

I remembered again how Raymond stopped

replying my messages or has never bothered

to call. Tears fell from my eyes.

Mum: Did he deny

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it? Give me his number so

I’ll call him and curse his entire generation.

Me: Its not necessary mum.

Mum: What do you mean by its not


I paused,trying to perfect my wicked lie so it

will be balanced. She repeated her question


Me: If he were here,he would have come to

take me away. If he

were here,he would have

being here to tell you mum.

I cried as I spoke. The tears were real

because my words were exactly what I felt at

that moment.

Mum: Then where is he?

Me: He’s dead mum.

I broke down immediately. My mum quickly

rushed to my side and held me tenderly. I

cried myself to sleep in her arms.

I woke up to the sound of my phone. I looked

around and I was in my mum’s room.

I remembered my lies and started crying



My phone rang again and I looked at it. It

was a call from my dad. I started looking for

my mum and found her in the kitchen. I

showed her the phone and she picked it and

put it on loudspeaker;

Dad: Rose

His voice was calm

Mum: She’s sleeping.

Dad: I want to talk to her.

Mum: I’ll call you back when she wakes up.

Dad: Please take care of her.

His words got to my heart and the tears

made their way out of my eyes. I watched

mum respond to all of his questions and

finally ended the call.

Me: Did you tell him?

Mum: Yes. Stop crying. We’ll go to the

hospital tomorrow. You need to be registered

as you’ll be in labour this month. Go and take

your bath and stop crying. We’re all with you.

Me: But sisi is . . . . . .

Mum: Ella is not angry anymore. We just

regret that you didn’t tell us so we’re all

praying that nothing happens to you or


Me: Who’s Kamsi?

My mum laughed.

Mum: That’s the name I’ve decided to give

the baby. Be it boy or  girl.

She opened her arms and I went into them.

Mum: Don’t worry. God knows why it should

be this way. Go and take your bath.



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