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My mind as a teenager episode 76

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My mind as a teenager

episode 76

I thought about so many things. What will I

tell my father? And to think that its the same

Raymond that made him beat me some time


This time,he’ll disown me. What will I tell my

sister? My mother? My siblings?

I told Raymond about my condition. He was

bothered. I for one knew that his mother will

hate me to hell if she found out. I agreed not

to mention him if eventually my people finds

out(my teenage mind deceiving me again).

I stopped going home during breaks,my mum

whined and complained but I kept giving her

excuses. My sister also wasn’t left out. The

differences started appearing; pimples on my

face,I started being plumpy and eating more

than necessary. My girlfriend that I moved in

with pleaded with me to abort the baby but I

was scared. She later told me about a

motherless baby where I can sell the baby

when its finally born and we agreed to that.


She really tried her best to make me


Trouble came when my sister finally gave

birth and mum was to come for omugwo

(baby sit).

Everyone insisted that I go over to help them


To lessen the trouble,my girlfriend and I went

shopping for big clothes at uwa mgbede(any

Enugu inhabitant will know this place). We

bought lots of clothes that would hide my

6months pregnancy. Truth be told,if you had

seen me that time,you’ll never imagine that I

was pregnant.

The only time you’ll know is if I get to

UnCloth,then you’ll see the heavy pregnant

line that ran down from my stomach to my

private part. My friend warned me never to

try and UnCloth in front of my mum.

Two days before I was to go to my sister’s

house,the ASUU six months strike began. My

mum was the first to call me. She insisted

that I must stay with them for the greater

part of that strike.


The day I went there,it was with a heavy

heart as I didn’t know what to expect. Mum

saw me and she started complaining; ”look

how fat you’ve become”,”see how rough your

face is”,”you no longer take care of

yourself”. She talked and talked and talked

and finally asked the question, ”or,are you


I jumped in fright but had to cover up


Me: Haba. Mummy! Pregnant kwa?

Mum: Its possible nau. You think I don’t

know you have a boyfriend? If you’re

pregnant better tell us now o.

The whole issue was forgotten immediately

my sister started laughing. We followed her

gaze and we all joined too. Her baby had

peed inside the plate of yam porridge that

was for me. My mum just turned it and ate it

and we ended up laughing and discussing

other things.


Nobody mentioned about my plumpiness

again but I was worried. Its true we had

agreed to sell the baby but my annoyance

was that Raymond stopped replying my


Even when I explained to him that I was

covering up for him because of the quarrel

both families had already. That was when I

knew I was on my own.


One month later,we were to travel home for

dedication of the child. I refused to travel

with them but my sister pleaded saying that

I’ll come back once the dedication was over.

Going home,my trouble began. Family friends

that kept coming all said I looked pregnant

but my dad and mum denied it(do I blame



They told people that I was fat from eating

the new baby’s food.

I kept getting stares whenever I passed but I

tried not to brood over it. I stopped going

out. When the celebration died down,mum

and dad refused that I travel with the reason

that the strike was still on.



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