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March 7, 2021


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My mind as a teenager episode 74

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My mind as a teenager


episode 74

I woke up the next day at the hospital. My

mum and dad were seated in the room with



My head ached and I felt pains all over my

body including the sides of my eyes. Mum

was crying while dad was saying something

to her. I tried to speak but I couldn’t find my

voice so I had to raise my hand to let them

know I was awake. Mum ran to my side


Mum: Nne,you’re awake. Daddy,she’s awake.

My dad looked at me and I saw worry in his



He came and stood beside my bed.

Dad: How are you?

I cleared my throat so I can speak

Me: I’m hurting all over daddy.

Dad: Don’t worry. You’ll be alright. That idiot

of a boy will pay for every finger he la!d on


Me: Did you catch him?

There was hope in my voice as I prayed that

he was really caught.

Mum: Yes dear. The people who brought you

here didn’t let him escape. Luckily,they are

the local government vigilante. He’s in their

custody at the moment.

I heaved a sigh and relaxed on the bed.

Dad: But what did you do to him?

Me: Nothing daddy. He wanted me to be his

girlfriend and when I refused,he started using

any moment he sees to beat me up or insult


Mum: Wait! So this isn’t the first time?

I nodded and closed my eyes at how stupid I

had being. If only I had confided in my sister

or my mum,Frank would have being taken

care of a long time ago.

I heard my dad speak to someone telling the

person to come to the hospital.

Dad: Nne,the head of security will be here

with that idiot in no time. Tell him everything

you know and have experienced with that



I nodded while my mum rubbed my forehead.

Dad: Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you.

And listen,you must be in school this year.

I nodded again and closed my eyes. We

remained silent until I heard a knock on the

door. A Lady came in. She looked older than

my mum. The way my mum hissed,I need not

be told that he’s Frank’s mother.

Lady: Good morning sir. Good morning ma.

She came to me and touched my head.

“How’re you doing this morning?”

Me: I’m fine ma. Good morning.

Lady: Thank you.

She turned to my dad and knelt down


Lady: Please sir. I’m sorry for what my son

did. Please forgive him.

Dad: Look at my daughter. Look the

condition she is in at the moment. If those

security men had not arrived the time they

had,goodness knows what would have

become of her. What if he had killed her? Is

that the kind of training you give your


The woman started crying. She started

talking and talking about what she’ll do and

what not to do to Frank.

Dad: That’s not necessary. By the time he

comes out of prison,he’ll learn how to treat a

woman with respect. I won’t even be

surprised if he beats you.

Lady: Hey! please sir,I’m sorry. Forgive my

son and . . . . . . .

I think my mum had heard enough because

she stood up and walked to the door and

opened it.

Mum: Bia,get out. You’re not needed here

because you’re disturbing the peace and

quiet of this room. Get out.

I was shocked. My mum has never spoken

any mean word to anybody to my hearing


Frank’s mother looked at my dad but he

wasn’t even looking at her. She came to me

and asked me to get better before she left the



I thought about calling my friends to inform

them about my condition but I remembered

that Frank had collected my phone.

The room went back to its tranquility and

when the next knock came,I knew it was

Frank and the head of security.

Like I suspected,they walked into the room. A

look at Frank told me that he has being

thoroughly dealt with. I laughed inwardly as

the guy pushed him to a kneeling position. He

greeted my mum and dad but none of them

replied. He looked at me but I didn’t look

away. I maintained eye contact with him

before he bent his head.

Security: Sir,we’ll be taking him to the

barracks this evening. My elder brother who

is in the army asked that we bring him. I’m

positive that the due punishment will be

meted out on him better at the barracks.

Mum: That is the best news I’ve heard since

yesterday. This boy deserves no mercy at all.

Security: No problem ma. Nne,I’ll love to ask

you some questions

He directed his look at me and I nodded.

Dad: Nne,tell him everything okay. We’re


Security: What’s the relationship between you

and this boy?

Me; He was my friend till he started beating

me so we stopped talking.

Security: You mean he has molested you


Me: Yes sir. It was on an evening during my

evening stroll. Mum and dad weren’t in town

(I lied)

Security: Outside not being in talking

terms,have you ever insulted him ?

Me: No sir. I think he hates me because he

asked me out and I refused.

Security: Hmmm. Boys of this day. Okay.

Thank you very much. Sir,please are you

aware and did you approve of this evening


Dad: Yes. She went to a boarding school

outside the state so evening stroll is like a

ritual which she got used to. We’re fully

aware of it. And that’s the time she gets to

see her friends too.


The guy nodded and that was when I realised

he’s being recording the conversations.

Security: We’ll leave now sir.

Me: Excuse me Sir,he has my phone.

Security: I know. We recovered it from him

last night. We’ll return it once we’ve shown it

to the heads.

Mum: I think you’ll have to change that sim

card of yours after this.

I watched Frank being dragged out and I was

contented. My only annoyance now is my

sim card. But when I remembered I could

easily get back my contacts through 2go,I let

out a smile.

Me: Mum, can’t my friends visit?

Mum: No my dear. We don’t want this getting

into the street. If it should,let it be that fool’s

mother who would do it,not from our side.


I spent two days at the hospital before I was

discharged. The news was that Frank had

travelled to Abuja. His mum sure knows how

to pull cover for him.



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