My mind as a teenager episode 73

My mind as a teenager
episode 73
Life went back to normal. My dad’s health
condition got better so he c@m£ home with
mum relieving me of the duties I alre-ady got
used to doing. I started staying at
home,waiting for 2012 to come so I can go to
the university.
This year c@m£ with great expectations from
everyone especially me.
To pas-s time,I had to start teaching. My
mum’s friend nee-ded a teacher in her school
(for primary four) so I had to help out.
Raymond and I had to resort to 2go to
communicate. He was using blackberry then
so Ibegan to notice a lot of changes in him
(that’s why I hate blackberry till this very
The few times we get to see,he keeps on
receiving calls like he was an mtn
ambas-sador,all from girls.
Sometimes,I had to snatch the phone from
him and end the call,other times,I had to
angrily go home.
Our relationsh!pstarted turning sour,maybe
because he was in school alre-ady and I
wasn’t or maybe because I was no longer up
to his level or taste.
I got tired of the constant quarrel so I had to
st©p seeing him entirely. I volunteered to join
in coaching the primary six pupils and js3
students for their upcoming external exams.
It made me very busy and helped me take
my mind off Raymond and his changed
attitude. He didn’t even care because he
never bothered to ask why we were so
Graduation day c@m£ and while I was busy
helping to organise things,I didn’t know that
another new story was coming to my life.
I carried in the cake to one of the clas-ses and
was about to leave when I bu-mped into
Ifunanya, the same girl that made me
reconcile with Vivian.
I had not seen her since that very day so I
was surprised.
Me: Jesus. What are you doing here?
Ifunanya: I was invited by my cousin. He
teaches here.
Me: Who’s this your cousin?
Ifunanya: Obinna. He teaches Agric Science
Me: Oh! Master Obinna. How come I didn’t
see you as we said again?
Ifunanya: Forgive me o. I had to travel.
Have not even seen Vivian and her baby self.
Just c@m£ back today because Obi insisted I
come and when I saw you coming inside
here,I had to follow you.
Me: Okay o. Have you had something to eat?
Ifunanya: Don’t worry joor. I’m here to
entertain my eyes not my stomach.
We laughed together and stepped out to the
school field. The first person I saw as we
c@m£ out was Frank. The look he gave me
wasn’t funny at all but who sigh?
I was on my way home after the celebr@tion
and after ma-king sure I had done my own
share of the work. It was some minutes past
7pm so I was walking very fast since the
path was lonely.
I pas-sed by a group of boys and one of them
snatched my handbag and scattered the
contents on the floor. They all started
laughing as they watched my reaction. I was
angry so I sl@pped him ha-rd on the face. His
friends started booing him,asking him to
double his score. He c@m£ forward and
stared at me wickedly. I had to talk nau. My
mouth can never keep quiet.
Me: See eh,don’t t©uçh me because if you do
. . .
Guy: we-tin go happen? Who your papa be?
s£nator abi governor?
Me: Say anything you want to say but don’t
t©uçh me again. You can’t just see anyb©dy
and start insulting the person. I don’t know
you and you don’t know me either so just
respect yourself.
Guy: The sl@p wey you give me nko? You go
collect your own nah
Me: I sl@pped you for a reason. You can’t just
trample on my right. Its not done.
Guy: You still dey speak grammar. I . . . .
A voice spoke from my back so I turned. Lo
and behold,it was Frank. A p@rt of me was
happy that someone c@m£ to my rescue.
How wrong I was.
Me: Frank,I don’t know this guys. They just
st©pped me here and won’t let me go.
This guys started laughing. Some of them
even fell to the ground. I don’t know what
was amusing them and I didn’t care to know.
I just wanted to leave there and with Frank’s
arrival,I was sure I was leaving in one piece.
Frank; Aren’t you at my mercy now?
Me: Frank plea-se let’s just forget the
differences we have. Just help me get out
from this pathway plea-se.
It was getting dark and I was becoming
scared. I bent down and started picking my
stuffs and putting them into the bag. They
watched me without saying anything and
immediately I stood up,Frank snatched the
bag from me. Strange thoughts started
coming to my mind but I refused to believe
them. It didn’t take time before I was
introduced to what was happening.
Me: Frank,plea-se let me go.
Frank: Should I?
My ego or should I say my stubbornness
didn’t let me beg further. I brou-ght out my
phone from my trou-ser pocket(the teachers
had one ash suits for the graduation and my
own suit was trou-ser). I was about dialing my
dad’s line(he had come home for a break)
when Frank snatched the phone from me. He
turned it off immediately and put it into his
Me: Ahn ahn. Frank what is this nah? You
won’t let me go yet you seized my properties.
Allow me to go home now before things start
getting funny.
I tried to walk away but the kind of sl@p I got
from Frank left me thinking otherwise. The
sl@p sealed my mouth and ear immediately.
He spoke some words and his friends all
walked away leaving the two of us in the fast
growing darkness. I held my face as I felt
some blood in my mouth.
Frank: You go about gossiping about me
even after I had shut all communications with
you right?
I looked up immediately.
Me: What kind of cheap lie is that one? Since
that day you left my house last year,I have
never mentioned your name talk more of
talking about you to someone. Is that what
all this is all about? plea-se just let me . . . . .
Another sl@p got me on the floor
immediately. He started beating me nonst©p.
All p@rts of my b©dy received his beatings.
Like he was not contented with the one I was
getting,he pu-ll-ed out his belt and started
using it on me. I could only shout for help.
The tears refused to come. My scream must
have attra-cted someone because out of
nowhere,I saw flashes of light and all of a
sudden,everywhere went blank.