My mind as a teenager episode 72

My mind as a teenager
episode 72
I jumped up from be-d and started praying.
Not like I’m a churchy girl but with the recent
happenings,prayers tend to calm me down a
lot. I thanked God for Vivian’s life and that of
her baby(a baby boy).
By the time I was throu-gh with
prayers,morning chores and dressing up,it
was alre-ady some minutes to 8:00am. Did I
mention that my siblings were back and have
resumed school? Sorry about that.
I locked up the house and rushed to the
hospital where Vivian was. I didn’t have to
ask around because I saw her mum in the
hallway so after greetings,I followed her.
There were some people in the room but I
didn’t know any of them. I greeted and
walked straight to Vivian. Surprisingly,she sat
up(thought women were not allowed to move
after delivery).
Me: Nne!
We hvgged each other so ti-ght that I felt I
was going to hurt her.
Me: Congratulations my dear
Vivian: Thank you.
I looked around the room and I located the
baby in the arms of an older lady. I excused
myself and took the baby from her. He was
cute as a new born but forgive me,I expected
more. I started looking at his face and
He looked nothing like Ebuka or anyb©dy that
I knew. Didn’t even look like Vivian. My face
formed a frown immediately. I had to battle
with myself for a while but remembering my
earlier decisions of not letting anything about
his paternity disturb me,I shoved my anger
aside and put on a smile.
I gave the baby back to the Lady and went to
Me: He’s cute
Vivian: Thank you.
Me: Was it painful?
I whispered and she nodded.
I ru-bbe-d her shoulders and she smiled a
Me: I’ll see you on my way back from the
shop. Make sure this baby doesn’t cry o or
else,I’ll take him to my house.
Some people in the room laughed at my dry
joke. I bade them goodbye and left.
At the shop,I had mixed feelings. I was happy
that she had given birth but also
disappointed that it wasn’t clear that Ebuka
was the father.
I called my mum to inform her that Vivian
had put to be-d. She was happy.
In the evening before we closed,I collected
pampers,baby soaps,baby oil,cream and a
set of ladysepts. I packaged them well and
took them to the hospital. Vivian’s mum was
very happy. She kept on thanking and
blessing me while Vivian cried.
Few days later,I got into communicating fully
with Raymond again. He had gotten
admission to study economics at nsugbe but
he still went from home.
We both agreed to continue the ritual of
seeing every evening.
A p@rt of me was fulfilled that I now had a
normal life but de-ep down,I prayed I could be
better than who I was.