My mind as a teenager episode 71

My mind as a teenager
Episode 71
I will have to praise myself because I really
did well in restoring our friendsh!p. Funny
and strange enough,Vivian never shied away
from socialising with people even with her
double self. We would go on evening strolls
together,stay in her shop together,eat
together,we did everything together. I even
had to st©p seeing Raymond most evenings
just to be with her.
On the 30th of September, Vivian and I were
in front of her house taking in the evening
breeze when Frank and Ebuka walked pas-s.
Vivian called out to them and they c@m£
back. I had not told Vivian about my
experiences with them so I tried my best to
act cool.
Frank: What’s up Viv?
Vivian: I’m fine o.
Frank: What are you girls doing out here?
Waiting for someone?
Vivian: We’re taking in fresh air.
Frank: Oh. That’s nice.
I brou-ght out my phone(had upgraded to
Nokia c1) and started 2going. I paid less
attention to Frank and Vivian but I knew that
Ebuka was looking at me.
Next thing I knew,Frank was chasing Vivian.
Or should I say,Vivian was walk-running while
Frank trailed behind her.
The happy cheers coming from Vivian made
me smile. Frank caught her and I think they
agreed on something and the next I
knew,they were both jumping. I shook my
head as I laughed at Vivian who looked like
an over pumped snowman.
Ebuka: Rose
He actually t©uçhed my shoulder. I looked at
him in disgust and re-moved his hand fro. my
shoulder. I still didn’t him
Ebuka: I’m sorry plea-se. Can we just talk?
I stood up from the plastic chair and made to
walk away but I st©pped.
Me: Speak. I’m all ears.
Ebuka: I’m sorry for what I did and what I
said to you the other day. I don’t know what
c@m£ over me. Trust me I’m not like that. I . .
Me: Excuse me? I should trust you? Not in
this life. I know you’re surprised to still see
me healthy and good looking. Your words
and actions ignited a fire that will burn
forever,and this fire will burn everyone who
steps on my toe including you.
Ebuka: Rose. . . .
Me: You called me names. Because I fell for
your tricks, because I was emotionally weak.
Ebuka you called me names that you won’t
be happy to hear someone call your sisters.
That day,you were so sure of yourself.
Ebuka: Nne……
Me: That day,you said your mind without
hearing a word from me so just listen. I
waited for you to come like you said. I waited
for your cheap blackmail. To think that I
loved you,the same person who called me
dirty names because he used me. Our
judgement will be in heaven but I doubt if
you’ll ever make it.
He bent his head while I struggled with my
Me: Let me tell you,the same way you treated
me,so shall your sisters be treated.
They will experience worse curses from men.
Anytime you see your sisters,you’ll always
remember today. So keep your apologies.
Save it for your sisters because they’ll be the
ones to nee-d them.
I walked out on him and went home. That
night,I cried while I prayed,asking God for
forgiveness and asking him to avenge my
case. I called Vivian before I went to be-d
explaining that I was purging that’s why I had
to leave. We talked for a while before we
retired for the night.
The next morning,I got a call as early as
6:00am. Vivian has put to be-d.