My mind as a teenager episode 68

My mind as a teenager
Episode 68
Frank was staring wickedly at us. I opened
my mouth but no words c@m£ out from
them. Ebuka too wasn’t left out in the shock
but after some seconds,he br@ced up;
Ebuka: My guy,how far nau?
They both shook hands but Frank wouldn’t
take his eyes off me.
Frank: So its because you’re with him that’s
why you’ve refused to pick my call or answer
the gate.
WTF! In my short time of bliss,I hadn’t even
remembered I owned a phone.
Me: Sorry my phone is upstairs. We were at
the backyard.
Frank: Backyard indeed. And it took you ages
to open the gate despite my heavy ban-ging.
Are you not ashamed of yourself? You didn’t
even try to check if it could be your family
member or not. Your shamelessness is
irritating. Yuck! Rose,you now disgust me.
I bent my head in shame as no word agreed
to come out.
Ebuka: My guy easy nau. She dey owe you?
Frank: Which kain question be that? Because
you don bleep for free nah? But I’ve got a
surprise for you Rose
I looked up as he reached into his trou-ser
back pocket. He pu-ll-ed out a fabric that was
blue in colour. A second look at it had me
crying that instant. Ebuka stared from the
fabric to me.
Frank: I just hope you also didn’t leave one
with him.
He threw my own p@n-t on me and looked at
me with the most irritating look I’ve ever
Ebuka: I don’t really un-derstand what’s going
on here. Rose,you scre-w Frank as well?
All I could do was pick my p@n-t and fly back
into the house. I knew someone was
following me but at that point,I cared less. I
entered the sitting room and cried my eyes
out before he spoke.
Ebuka: What have you turned into? What’s
happening to you?
I looked at him and broke down instantly. He
sat down and fixed his gaze on me.
Ebuka; Is that how people change? You were
a sweet innocent girl before I left. What
happened to you Rose? All the stories about
you and Raymond,are those false stories or
you’re just faking a relationsh!pto cover up
your slutty side?
I could only shake my head.
Ebuka: Speak to me and st©p shedding those
crocodile tears. You open up to every J0yst!
ck and Harry you know and you’re here
crying. You even leave your p@n-ts with them?
Rose you no do well o.
He stood up and walked up to me. He held
my head and I thought that finally,I was
going to get some consolation but how
wrong was I?
Ebuka: I’m sorry that I called your tears fake
and sorry for calling you names. You deserve
to cry. You really nee-d to cry for your
shameless self. How old are you and you’re
alre-ady this wild? By next year,you’ll be so
loose that no man will ever enjoy a moment
with you. Cry Rose because you deserve all
the insults you’re getting at the moment.
He f0rç£fully left my head and walked out of
the sitting room. I heard the gate ban-g and I
knew he was out.
Tears dried up from my face as his words
rang bells in my head. That was it. Enough of
trying to be friends with anyone who has
ever asked me out. Enough of trying to
accept their apologies only to end up being
used. Enough of trying to plea-se anyone.
Enough of everything alre-ady.
It’s just going to be me,me,me,me,me and
I had to take that decision and I took it
without batting an eyelid.
I stood up and went and locked my gate.
Away from Frank,away from Ebuka,away
from Vivian,away from my past and away
from Ist September 2011.