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June 23, 2021


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My mind as a teenager episode 57 – 60

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My mind as a teenager

Episode 57, 58, 59 & 60

Me: Chidimma how could you?

She turned and looked at me.

Chidimma: Has our boyfriend gone?

She pretended like she didn’t hear my

question or the anger in my voice.

Me: Yes he has. Why would you go about

telling this crazy girls that Raymond is my

boyfriend? Do you know the embarrassment

they gave me downstairs?

She smiled innocently

Chidimma: Nne sit down. You should have

known me by now.

Sit down

I sat down on her bed but refused to look at


Chidimma: I won’t deny the fact that I told

them that he’s your boyfriend.

Me: Why?

Chidimma: They were talking.

Some of them thought he was your

brother,some wanted to come and approach


I had to say whatever I said so that they will

know that you two are deeply involved. I

knew that they would come and confront

you,the same way I know that you will give

them a piece of your mind.

I calmed down and looked at her.

Me: Why weren’t you in class?

Chidimma: I don’t have a reason o.

Besides,ain’t we supposed to be in the

dormitory since today is our visiting day.

I removed my day wear,hanged it on her line

and la!d down on the bed;

Me: I’m so tired right now.

Chidimma: Oya rest,when dinner bell is

rung,I’ll wake you up.

I nodded and not long,I slept off.

One month later,we’ve concluded all


and our sendforth was being organised. We

in turn were planning on how to beat up the

government mistress who gave us tough

time during the waec.

We were no longer students. I had called my

mum and she came and picked my

cupboard,my locker,books and chair. The

only thing i had left were my school uniforms

which i plan to give out,my toiletories and

some provision which i left in Chidimma’s



I was ready for home,anytime. The only thing

that still kept us in the school was our

sendforth. We no longer went for morning

mass or any school activity.

On the eve of our sendforth, we sat down in

front of the government teacher’s quarters,we

had earlier divided ourselves into four

groups;one group was to go to the convent

and distract the sisters with some gifts we all

contributed to buy,the other were to go

towards the school gate and distract the

security men,the other group were to go

towards the exit of the teachers’ quarters

while the last group sat in front of her room

waiting for her. I was among the group that

were waiting in front of her room.

Twenty minutes into our waiting,she came

out from her room. She was surprised to see

us sitting there.

Teacher: Daughters of Jezebel,what are you

doing here? Get out of here before I deal with

all of you.


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hot tempered girls amongst us jumped

on her immediately. I was with the padlock

and a bucket of feaces that will be poured on

her so I didn’t join in beating her. When the

girls had their feel,they pulled her back to her

room and asked me to go and do my job. I

entered the

room,emptied the bucket on her

and ran out immediately. I padlocked the

door and we all filed out.

That night,I couldn’t sleep. No one had heard

her voice since then. So many thoughts went

through my head;what if she dies? what if

someone had seen me especially?

I kept tossing on the bed till around 4am

when I heard some voice coming from the

teacher’s quarters. I went out to the corridor

and peeped.


There was light so I saw everything clearly.

Our sister principal,some other sisters and a

lot of men dressed in black. They were either

the school security or the policemen. I ran

back inside,removed my night wear and put it

inside my school bag. I wore my day wear

immediately,put my slipper on,flipped my

foam(it belonged to the school) and ran to

Chidimma’s corner. I alerted her and

together,we started waking every body up.

My school bag was slung behind my back so

I was ready for the race. Some girls wore

their day wear on top of their nightwear.

Chidimma led the way and I followed. Some

girls were crying but who sigh,I was going to

leave before they catch me. In a straight

file,we all tiptoed downstairs,quietly opened

the hostel door and quietly ran towards the

school building.

The fence there were short so in no time,all

of us were already outside the school



They all started thanking Chidimma and I but

I didn’t wait for that. We trekked to the road

while I said silent prayers that they should

wait till morning before coming for us. We

got to the express where we all bade each

other final good byes. There was no time to

exchange contacts. We agreed to open a

Facebook page later.It was a Saturday so our

parents would question why we returned so


Chidimma and I decided to wait in a nearby

school so it will be bright before we go

home. Around 8am,we came out of  our

hideout and I picked a bike home.

To hell with their sendforth. I’m never

stepping on the soil close to that school again.

Got home around some minutes past nine.

As expected,Dad and mum were still at home

but dad was dressed to leave. Everyone was

surprised to see me.

Dad: Why are you home today and by this


Me: Nothing dad.

Dad: Your sendforth is supposed to be today

and you’re here already. Don’t tell me that

you plan to go back to school from here

because I won’t permit you. Are you the only

one that leaves close to school?

Mum: Daddy,at least,let’s welcome her.

Rose,your dad came home because of your

sendforth. Why are you here all of a sudden?

Me: Mum, the sendforth has being cancelled.

Some girls beat up the government mistress

and I think the police were called. I saw

everyone leaving very early this morning so I

had to join them.

Dad: Imagine. Just look at what girls of this

time has turned into. Why would they beat up

a teacher? And hey,how sure are we that

you’re not involved?

Me: Ah! Dad, how can I do that? I’m not even

a government student sef. I’ve got no

business with her.

Dad; It should better be true. Nne(he turned

to my mum),let me go and see the boys at

the park.

Mum: Okay dear.

She saw him to the door while I sat down.

Mum came in later and fixed a gaze on me;

Mum: See how lean you look. They don’t feed

you people well even while writing exams eh?

Me: Don’t mind them. All they know is flog-

flog people especially those house

mistresses. I’m glad that I’ve graduated now

o. I’ll eat your food for one full year before

entering the university.

My mum laughed.

Mum: Nne go and UnCloth so you’ll eat. I’ll

be leaving for the shop. Junior and your

younger ones will be going to see your aunt

at MCC later in the day.

Me; So I’ll be alone nah?

Mum: You can come and join me at the shop.


I wonder why you don’t like coming.

Me: I’m back now. I’ll own the shop now.

Mum: Better o. Oya go upstairs.

I thanked her and went upstairs,took my bath

and slept off. I woke up around 3. Someone

was knocking on my door. I opened it and it

was my younger sister. She came to tell me

that they were leaving and that I should

come and close the gate. I followed her

downstairs and that was when I realised that

they would be coming home the next day. I

bade them goodbye and they drove off.

I went upstairs and called Raymond. He was

happy that I was home. We met that evening

in front of his house and he took me up to

the decking of the house. The weather was

windy and I loved it.

Raymond: My uncle came back so he’s

occupying our room.

I laughed.

Me: Our room indeed.

Raymond: How was school?

Me: Fine. So happy that I’m now out from

secondary school.

Raymond: Same here.

He leaned into me and we kissed

passionately. We would stop for air and go

back to devouring each other’s lips. The next

minute,our clothes were sprawled on the

floor. He la!d on top of me and started the

journey to my womanhood from my neck

using his tongue. He bit my ear which sent

electric shocks to my brain,then my brain

sent the message to my p**sy which started

crying for joy. I became wet instantly.

He came down to my tips and did little mercy

on them. He sU-Cked on each one like his life

depended on it.


He looked up at me and I closed my eyes.

He leaned into me one more time and we

kissed passionately. I began to feel his d**k

at the entrance of my p**sy so I opened my

legs wide enough to receive him. He slowly

pushed into me and I felt his hugeness. I

cried out in ecstasy as I asked him to f–k

me hard.

He willingly did. I felt myself in cloud nine as

the waves of pleasure hit me and I came.

He started m0an!ng silently and I felt him pull

out of me. He slumped by my side and as

usual,a sweet quietness fell on us.

Things were going well for me. I was

enjoying my break as well as my boyfriend.

Life couldn’t get more better than that.

When school vacated,my mum sent my

siblings to the village with the consent of my


I would have gone too but I insisted on

staying with the excuse that I wanted to b

helping mum out. Some days later,dad fell ill

so mum had to leave for jos to take care of

him. I was home alone. I was scared at first

but when I thought about the freedom,I felt


I started going to mum’s shop. The sales

girls were surprised because it was no news

that I disliked going there. I would leave the

house in the morning,come back in the

evening,eat and leave to see Raymond.


It was on my way to Raymond’s house on a

Friday evening(first week of august) that I

ran into Frank.

He had seen me first so I couldn’t dodge


Frank: Going to see Van Vicker?

There was a calmness in his voice but I

decided not to fall for it since he had put up

such act before and ended up being his bad

self again.

Me: Yes,do you have a problem with that?

Frank: No I don’t. Do you also have a

problem with that?

I looked at him and noticed he just wanted to

delay me;

Me: If you have nothing good or important to

say,you can as well excuse me please.

Frank: You’ll be excused but I want to ask

you, why do you love getting stressed over


Me; Why do I have this feeling that you have

something up your sleeve? Frank leave me

alone please. I don’t have an extra time to


Frank: But I just want to be friends with you.

You refused my advance of a relationship.

Will you also refuse this one?

Me: Frank eh,look for someone who doesn’t

know you well. As for me,I already know you

like this full stop earing on my ear. I don’t

need your friendship.

Frank: Don’t be too sure about that Rose. I

care about you. Its true I came after you the

wrong way but I’m sorry about it. Forgive


I began to relax a little bit ;

Frank: I just want to be your friend and

nothing more. You hear?

Me: A friend that you can beat up anytime

huh? A friend whom you had earlier sworn

not to see in any relationship? Frank,please.

I turned and went back home. I gave

Raymond an excuse and he bought it.


That night,Frank called me and I refused to

pick. He sent a message

“Let’s hang out on Sunday please.I promise

not to talk about it”

I called him back after reading his message;

Me: You know you’re a stalker

Frank; I’m not. And,I’m still waiting for a

response. Don’t say no please. I promise not

to get on your nerves,I promise.

I kept quiet for a while as he kept making

promises of what to do and what not to do;

Me: Its okay. Where are we going?

Frank: McDonald’s.

Me; ill give you an answer tomorrow.

Frank; Thank you so much. I’ll be most glad

if you make it.

We talked for a little more time before we

called it a day.

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