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My mind as a teenager episode 52

My mind as a teenager
Episode 52
Me; What? Ebuka? When did this happen?
I slumped on the chair and my head started
going in circles. Vivian’s cry was even adding
to my anger;
Me: Why are you crying now? No wonder you
were apologising huh? You’re so shameless.
Vivian: Nne,I’ll explain
Me: Explain what? Jesus! I so hate you right
I stood up and walked home. How could they
do that to me? Its true I no longer loved him
but the girls here will understand that feeling
you get when you see your ex with someone
I went to bed on an empty stomach.
In the morning,I went to buy bean cake
(akara) when I saw Ebuka. He was also there
to get some. The anger from last night came
back to my throat. i pretended not to know
him,bought my akara and left. I was already
halfway home when I heard my name. I
recognised the voice but I refused to answer
him. He ran to me and tapped my back. I
turned and gave him my worst stare;
Me; What is it?
Ebuka: Hey babes,calm down.
He spoke in a different intonation totally.
Me: As you can see,I’m on my way home and
what I’m carrying is breakfast so please, talk
your trash let me go home
Ebuka: Shuu! You’ve become harsh. Calm
down please.
I looked at him and nodded in mockery.
Ebuka: Can we see later in the day?
Me: Why? What for? So you’ll get me
pregnant the way you did Vivian abi?
He scratched his head h@rd;
Ebuka: Vivian should really mind her
business. Why will she be telling people that
I’m the one responsible for the pregnancy?
Me: Because you are responsible for it. If you
wanted Vivian,why did you come to me? Last
three months,I was here but you weren’t.
In just three months,you came back,slept
with her and now,she’s pregnant? Ebuka,all
the too much talk about coming back for me
has vanished abi? Ebuka  I hate you so much.
I concluded and went home.
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