My mind as a teenager – episode 48

My mind as a teenager
episode 48
I couldn’t get enough of the food that night.
Mum had prepared bre-adfruit which was my
favourite. She kept on complaining that I was
lean and unkempt,she didn’t spare my plate
as well cause she kept loading it with the
bre-adfruit. The only people missing were my
father and my elder sister. Ella was in school
while dad had being transfered to Jos.
After dinner,I called dad and we spoke for a
long time. I also called my sister. She
confirmed to me that she just returned to
school the previous week. We talked for long
too before I heard someone call her in the
background so she excused herself. I
stretched out on my be-d and sle-pt off.
The ringing of my phone woke me up. It was
some minutes past 3am. I looked at my
phone and it was Patrick.
Me: Patrick
I called out in my sleepy voice.
Patrick: I must be a lucky man. I just said let
me try your number to see if its available and
look,its not just available,you picked too.
I smiled to myself.
Patrick: When did you come back?
Me: This afternoon. Sorry,yesterday
Patrick; Anyone,you’re welcome.
Me: Thank you. How was the waec exam in
your school?
Patrick: Ah! Was fine o. Yours?
Me: I thank God. Will you be writing neco?
Patrick: No. Most people in my school didn’t
register for it.
Me: Ours was compulsory.
Patrick; You attend rich people’s school nah.
Why won’t it be compulsory?
Me: You’ve started now. Which one is rich
people’s school again?
Patrick: You’ve started your own too. Like I
said,I just said let me try my luck, but noe
that I’m sure that you’re back,I’ll now call
often so I’ll know if we can hang out
Me: No problem.
Patrick; Oya nau go back to sleep
Me: Thank you.
I ended the call and went back to sleep.
The next day during my evening stroll,I went
to a corn seller to buy one. There were some
girls talking and I tried not to eavesdrop but I
think I ended up doing that cause I got to
hear one disturbing s£ntence. “Vivian is
pregnant”. I quic-kly left the shop immediately
without even buying the corn.
Is it my own Vivian or another Vivian? I
decided to go to Vivian’s house to find out
the truth for myself. I didn’t care anymore if
she was beefing me or not,I was going to get
the truth from her and that’s it. Did I tell you
that Vivian’s elder sister had a pay call shop
in front of their house? I got to the shop,there
was no light so I couldn’t figure out the
people that were there. I went closer and I
observed they were two people ma-king out.;
Me: Vivian is that you?
The both of them turned to me. I went closer
to them and the boy looked away. I didn’t
bother. I wasn’t there to see him anyways.
Vivian: Rose what are you doing here?
Me: I c@m£ to see you.
Vivian: Why? What for?
Me; Can we step out plea-se?
Even in the dark,I felt the look of disdain in
her eyes before she said words that left me
in shock;
Vivian: Ebuka,I’ll be right back.
I wanted to be sure I heard right. Ebuka?
I looked at the boy and he still wasn’t looking
at me. I went closer and turned to look him in
the face.
It was my Ebuka. My Ebuka was ma-king out
with Vivian. When did he come back?
Thought he said he would come back for
I turned and ran home without looking back.
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