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My mind as a teenager – episode 48

My mind as a teenager
episode 48
I couldn’t get enough of the food that night.
Mum had prepared breadfruit which was my
favourite. She kept on complaining that I was
lean and unkempt,she didn’t spare my plate
as well cause she kept loading it with the
breadfruit. The only people missing were my
father and my elder sister. Ella was in school
while dad had being transfered to Jos.
After dinner,I called dad and we spoke for a
long time. I also called my sister. She
confirmed to me that she just returned to
school the previous week. We talked for long
too before I heard someone call her in the
background so she excused herself. I
stretched out on my bed and slept off.
The ringing of my phone woke me up. It was
some minutes past 3am. I looked at my
phone and it was Patrick.
Me: Patrick
I called out in my sleepy voice.
Patrick: I must be a lucky man. I just said let
me try your number to see if its available and
look,its not just available,you picked too.
I smiled to myself.
Patrick: When did you come back?
Me: This afternoon. Sorry,yesterday
Patrick; Anyone,you’re welcome.
Me: Thank you. How was the waec exam in
your school?
Patrick: Ah! Was fine o. Yours?
Me: I thank God. Will you be writing neco?
Patrick: No. Most people in my school didn’t
register for it.
Me: Ours was compulsory.
Patrick; You attend rich people’s school nah.
Why won’t it be compulsory?
Me: You’ve started now. Which one is rich
people’s school again?
Patrick: You’ve started your own too. Like I
said,I just said let me try my luck, but noe
that I’m sure that you’re back,I’ll now call
often so I’ll know if we can hang out
Me: No problem.
Patrick; Oya nau go back to sleep
Me: Thank you.
I ended the call and went back to sleep.
The next day during my evening stroll,I went
to a corn seller to buy one. There were some
girls talking and I tried not to eavesdrop but I
think I ended up doing that cause I got to
hear one disturbing s£ntence. “Vivian is
pregnant”. I quickly left the shop immediately
without even buying the corn.
Is it my own Vivian or another Vivian? I
decided to go to Vivian’s house to find out
the truth for myself. I didn’t care anymore if
she was beefing me or not,I was going to get
the truth from her and that’s it. Did I tell you
that Vivian’s elder sister had a pay call shop
in front of their house? I got to the shop,there
was no light so I couldn’t figure out the
people that were there. I went closer and I
observed they were two people making out.;
Me: Vivian is that you?
The both of them turned to me. I went closer
to them and the boy looked away. I didn’t
bother. I wasn’t there to see him anyways.
Vivian: Rose what are you doing here?
Me: I came to see you.
Vivian: Why? What for?
Me; Can we step out please?
Even in the dark,I felt the look of disdain in
her eyes before she said words that left me
in shock;
Vivian: Ebuka,I’ll be right back.
I wanted to be sure I heard right. Ebuka?
I looked at the boy and he still wasn’t looking
at me. I went closer and turned to look him in
the face.
It was my Ebuka. My Ebuka was making out
with Vivian. When did he come back?
Thought he said he would come back for
I turned and ran home without looking back.
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