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My mind as a teenager episode 47

My mind as a teenager
episode 47
How wrong was I? He came into the class
that afternoon in the pretence of giving us
tutorials on the upcoming mock exam. I
refused to look at him,I starred squarely at
his hands instead.
I was already familiar with the topic so I just
kept singing in my mind(anything that will
just stop me from looking at his face). The
boring hours of frustration ended one hour
We greeted him and he stopped at the door.
Kelvin: I asked someone to see me in the
office this afternoon. I better not get there
before her.
The class all turned to my direction. I locked
my locker and followed the trail he left
We both got to the staffroom together and I
waited for him to open the door. He walked in
and I decided that the meeting was going to
be a professional discussion.
Me: Excuse me sir,please may I come in?
Kelvin; Yes baby.
Come in.
I nodded in sarcasm and walked in. I stood
directly opposite him
Kelvin; Sit down
Me: Thank you sir.
Kelvin; Let me start by apologising for the
caning. I shouldn’t have. You’re one of my
bright students and I wasn’t even supposed
to ask you to do the corrections all by
yourself. I just wanted to give you the
supposed attention so you won’t be
distracted by our relationship.
Me: Its okay Sir. You shouldn’t apologise to
me. I’m your student and I have no right to
get angry whenever I’m caned by a teacher.
Kelvin: Come on stop being professional
here. You’re not just my student,you’re my
Me: I’m your student sir. Whatever that
comes after that shouldn’t be and. . . . . .
Kelvin; Wait. Is it what I’m thinking?
Me: I don’t know what you’re thinking Sir. All
I’m saying is that I want to be treated like
every other student. I don’t want the
preferential treatment or a mean one either. I
want to be able to look up during your
lessons. I wa. . . . .
Kelvin; Sshh!!!!!!!
He stood up,walked to the door and bolted it.
He came back and sat on top of the table
very close to me.
Kelvin; I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry.
He held my shoulders lovingly
Kelvin; I’ll never hurt you again. I promise
you that. You don’t understand how much I
love you. Forgive my shortcomings please.
For the first time that afternoon,I looked at
He was so emotional but I decided to
maintain my stand.
Me: How long will it last? You just want me
for the period that I’m here. You’ll get married
to someone of your age bracket. So its not
important to try to convince me please.
Kelvin; What are you saying? I’ll wait for you.
You should understand that I can’t hurt you
on purpose. We had to put on an act so
those girls won’t suspect anything. We. . .
The bell rang out signalling end of prep. I
stood up and straightened my gown;
Me: Forgive me sir. I can’t continue with this.
I’m sorry.
I walked out without letting him say another
We wrote mock successfully before the mid
term break. The ss3 girls didn’t go home for
the break because waec started immediately.
After the mid term break, Kelvin dropped his
resignation later. I was hurt but I just had to
accept it. We wrote waec and before the end
of the term,we finished and were asked to go
home,to come back third term for neco.
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