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June 18, 2021


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My mind as a teenager – episode 46

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My mind as a teenager


episode 46

I ran downstairs and went to my class.

Everywhere was already noisy since the prep

was already over. Immediately I stepped into

the class,the girls looked at me and some

started whispering while some kept quiet.

I went to my locker,opened it and brought out

the books I’ll be needing for my night


I padlocked my locker and was about

stepping out of the class when I heard my



I turned and it was Chika,one of our class

beauty queens. We’ve never talked since my

admission into the school so I was surprised.

She walked up to me while the class looked


Me: Any problem?

Chika; Not at all. Just wanted to know how

you loved the bathroom experience.

The class started murmuring. I kept quiet and

God bless Chidimma,she came between us


Chidimma: Rose,let’s go upstairs.

Chika: Are you blind? Can’t you see I’m with


Chidimma: With her indeed. So you’ll start

feeding her with this baseless rumour you

people are carrying about abi?

Chika: Wait nau. Let her speak for herself.

Stop being her mediator or advocate.

Me: Chy,please let me go.

I held Chidimma’s hand but Chika stopped

me again.

Chika: We already know what you’re hiding.

Why can’t you just admit that you’ve joined

what you detest so much? Rose . . . . . .

Me: Let me correct an impression, there was

no bathroom experience. And don’t try to

stop me when next

I want to leave okay?

I took Chidimma’s hand and we left the

class.She stopped me in front of the


Chidimma: Did you do it?

Me: Do what?

Chidimma: Make love with Chisom?

I smiled

Chidimma: Stop smiling biko. Tell me,did you

do it or not?

Me: I did not do it. I didn’t know Chisom was

in the bathroom so I went in there.

She tried her rubbish but I turned her down

so she left the bathroom. How can she say

such things? You need to trust me please.

You should know that this girls will do

anything to destroy my image….. (I lied)

Chidimma: Its okay. I trust you. Let’s go

I felt bad. She believed me so easily not

knowing that I did what I’m denying.

I regretted ever letting Chisom touch me so I

swore never to repeat it again.

The next day after the assembly, I went into

my class,removed my bow tie and

unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt.

Maths period came and I was so nervous.

Kelvin walked into the class and while we

greeted him,he maintained eye contact with

me while he smiled.

Lesson kicked off and he was busy

bombarding me with questions. I did the

corrections to the classwork and I failed two.


He flogged me and asked me to see him

during afternoon prep.

His words were; ” you’re

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becoming a dullard

and I don’t like it. see me during the

afternoon prep.” Someone whispered

“bathroom experience” and the girls started


I went back to my seat angrily.I’ll never see him again. I’ll never.




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