My mind as a teenager – episode 46

My mind as a teenager
episode 46
I ran downstairs and went to my clas-s.
Everywhere was alre-ady noisy since the prep
was alre-ady over. Immediately I stepped into
the clas-s,the girls looked at me and some
started whispering while some kept quiet.
I went to my locker,opened it and brou-ght out
the books I’ll be nee-ding for my night
I padlocked my locker and was about
stepping out of the clas-s when I heard my
I turned and it was Chika,one of our clas-s
beauty queens. We’ve never talked since my
admission into the school so I was surprised.
She walked up to me while the clas-s looked
Me: Any problem?
Chika; Not at all. Just wanted to know how
you loved the bathroom experience.
The clas-s started murmuring. I kept quiet and
God bless Chidimma,she c@m£ between us
Chidimma: Rose,let’s go upstairs.
Chika: Are you blind? Can’t you see I’m with
Chidimma: With her indeed. So you’ll start
feeding her with this baseless rumour you
people are carrying about abi?
Chika: Wait nau. Let her speak for herself.
St©p being her mediator or advocate.
Me: Chy,plea-se let me go.
I held Chidimma’s hand but Chika st©pped
me again.
Chika: We alre-ady know what you’re hiding.
Why can’t you just admit that you’ve joined
what you detest so much? Rose . . . . . .
Me: Let me correct an impression, there was
no bathroom experience. And don’t try to
st©p me when next I want to leave okay?
I took Chidimma’s hand and we left the
clas-s.She st©pped me in front of the
Chidimma: Did you do it?
Me: Do what?
Chidimma: Make love with Chisom?
I smiled
Chidimma: St©p smiling biko. Tell me,did you
do it or not?
Me: I did not do it. I didn’t know Chisom was
in the bathroom so I went in there.
She tried her ru-bbish but I turned her down
so she left the bathroom. How can she say
such things? You nee-d to trust me plea-se.
You should know that this girls will do
anything to destroy my image….. (I lied)
Chidimma: Its okay. I trust you. Let’s go
I felt bad. She believed me so easily not
knowing that I did what I’m denying.
I regretted ever letting Chisom t©uçh me so I
swore never to repeat it again.
The next day after the as-sembly, I went into
my clas-s,re-moved my bow tie and
un-bu-ttoned the t©p two bu-ttons of my shi-t.
Maths period c@m£ and I was so nervous.
Kelvin walked into the clas-s and while we
greeted him,he maintained eye contact with
me while he smiled.
Lesson kicked off and he was busy
bombarding me with questions. I did the
corrections to the clas-swork and I failed two.
He flogged me and asked me to see him
during afternoon prep.
His words were; ” you’re becoming a dullard
and I don’t like it. see me during the
afternoon prep.” Someone whispered
“bathroom experience” and the girls started
I went back to my seat angrily.I’ll never see him again. I’ll never.
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