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February 25, 2021


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My mind as a teenager – episode 45

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My mind as a teenager

episode 45

I straightened out on the table and he took

time to check my body out. I looked into his

eyes and felt the passion in them. Was this

happening to me for real? What if someone

starts knocking?

What if the Reverend sisters come for prep

check and decide to enter the staff room?

I became scared;

Me: Master wait.

I sat up immediately and there was a look of

concern in his eyes;

Kelvin; What is the problem?

Me: What if the sisters come here?

Kelvin; They won’t. Trust me,I won’t do

anything to get you punished. I promise.

I nodded sheepishly and he helped me lie

back on the table. He bent towards me and

started kissing my neck. He went all the way

from my neck to my right tip. He bit them

tenderly and I let out a soft m0an. He didn’t

stop. He would move to the next tip and sU-

Ck gently. I placed my hand on his head and

let myself flow with what my body wanted.

He stopped sU-Cking on my tips and walked

his tongue through my stomach. He stopped

at my belly button and kissed it gently. He

spent some seconds there nibbling my belly

button before he continued his tongue walk

to my p**sy hair. He raised his head and

tapped me. I opened my eyes and looked at

him. He used his finger to give me a “come

here” sign.

I sat up and leaned in to him. He stood

between my legs so I won’t close my legs.

We kissed each other,gently at first but it

turned into a hot kiss filled with passion and


He walked his hand between my legs and

started playing with my p**sy hairs. I ached

into him,silently pleading with him to stop the


Kelvin: Tell me what you want Babe.

He whispered into my ears.

Me: Touch me please. Touch me

Kelvin: Is that all you want?

I nodded.

His hand dived into my hole which was now

very wet and in need. He began thrusting his

finger in and out while I started my lust song

filled with m0ans. He slowly started inserting

a second finger. I screamed out and opened

my eyes in surprise. He didn’t stop,instead he

increased the movement of his fingers inside

my p**sy. The little pain suddenly turned to

wild pleasure. The waves started coming. I

tried to close my legs but he didn’t let me. I

started jerking and felt his thumb on top of

my cl!t.


He started rubbing them and I let the passion

hit me. My juices ran down his finger and he

pulled them out of me. I relaxed for some

seconds before I sat up to see his kaftan

raised with one hand while the other was

wanking his huge d**k. I don’t know how to

describe what I saw. His tent pole was huge

and long.

He was wanking it with closed eyes. I slowly

went down from the table and knelt down

before him. I removed his hand from his tent

pole and replaced it with my mouth. He

groaned audibly and started bleeping my

mouth. At each t—-t,I gagged and felt like

throwing up but I remained in that position.

He has being my best so far so I’ll do

anything to return the favour.

He started grunting and shaking. He held my

head firmly and in some seconds,I felt

something hot in my mouth. I ran to the

waste bin and spat it out. I turned to look at

him and he was leaning on the table.

Me; Are you alright?

He nodded. I watched him pull up his trouser

and buckled his belt. He picked up my

clothes and helped me put them on. He

hugged me and we remained in that position.

After a while,he looked at me with a smile.

Kelvin: Thank you baby.

Me; Thank you too.

Kelvin; You need to do something else for


Me: What is that?

Kelvin; Your school wear,please always leave

the two top buttons open.

I smiled and nodded. He opened the door for

me and immediately,the prep over bell was rung.



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