My mind as a teenager – episode 40

My mind as a teenager
episode 40
I looked at him and he was smiling. I tried to
look comfortable enough but it wasn’t
working I guess;
Teacher; Its okay. How are you?
Me: I’m fine sir.
Teacher: Its Kelvin when its just the two of
Me: But . . . . .
Kelvin: No buts. How old are you?
Me: I’ll be fifteen by September sir.
He eyed me and I looked down.
Kelvin: Fifteen and you’re this curvy and
Let me describe our school uniforms plea-se.
The school wear was a blue pinafore with
white shi-t inside and a blue bow tie and
barret. The day wear was checked blue and
white. It was a straight cut go-wn.
As a new student,you’ll be measured like
they were going to give you a monk’s go-wn.
The juniors wore theirs like that(shape it nah
and the s£niors will use scissors to give it
more design). I cut mine that it was a little
above my knee and shaped it very ti-ghtly
(courtesy of my sister) cause I had seen how
hers were when she was in the school. Back
to the story……..When he said that,I started
regretting why I ever shaped my uniforms.
Kelvin: I’ve admired everything about
you,your handwriting, your b©dy,your
voice,Rose,I want you.
Me: But sir, . . . . sorry,Kelvin,I’m a student
and . . . . .
Kelvin: Do you intend getting married to a
student like you? You should go for older
men who can take care of you,who can
satisfy you and give you a better future.
Me: So,is it me or my b©dy Sir?
Kelvin: All of it. But I promise you,I’ll never
have S£x with you till you leave school. I just
want to show you that I really do love you.
Me: I’ve . . . . .
Kelvin: Are you a vir-gin?
I didn’t give him a reply. I just looked down
and started counting my toes.
Kelvin: Baby,talk to me okay. No nee-d to be
shy here. Its just the two of us. So tell me,are
I nodded positively and I figured a smile on
his cheek.
Kelvin: You don’t have a b©yfri£ndat home
or a honey in this school?
I forgot to mention. It was an only girls
school but the s£niors knew better. You
could walk into the ss3 bathroom or hostel
and see two girls ma-king out,either sU-Cking
the others b0s0m or pumping their f!ngersor
fists into the others pu-ssy. It tool me the
whole of first term to come to terms with
At the beginning of that second term,three of
my clas-smates had approached me asking
me to be their honey but I not only didn’t
respond to their request,I st©pped talking to
Me: I have a b©yfri£ndat home.
Kelvin: And he has never t©uçhed you?
Me: We’ve never had S£x.
Kelvin: But he has felt it right?
I nodded.
Kelvin: What about the girls?
Me: I don’t have one.
Kelvin: Beautiful. You can go back to clas-s.
I’ll see you tonight.
I stood up and left the staff room
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