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My mind as a teenager – episode 40

My mind as a teenager
episode 40
I looked at him and he was smiling. I tried to
look comfortable enough but it wasn’t
working I guess;
Teacher; Its okay. How are you?
Me: I’m fine sir.
Teacher: Its Kelvin when its just the two of
Me: But . . . . .
Kelvin: No buts. How old are you?
Me: I’ll be fifteen by September sir.
He eyed me and I looked down.
Kelvin: Fifteen and you’re this curvy and
Let me describe our school uniforms please.
The school wear was a blue pinafore with
white shirt inside and a blue bow tie and
barret. The day wear was checked blue and
white. It was a straight cut gown.
As a new student,you’ll be measured like
they were going to give you a monk’s gown.
The juniors wore theirs like that(shape it nah
and the seniors will use scissors to give it
more design). I cut mine that it was a little
above my knee and shaped it very tightly
(courtesy of my sister) cause I had seen how
hers were when she was in the school. Back
to the story……..When he said that,I started
regretting why I ever shaped my uniforms.
Kelvin: I’ve admired everything about
you,your handwriting, your body,your
voice,Rose,I want you.
Me: But sir, . . . . sorry,Kelvin,I’m a student
and . . . . .
Kelvin: Do you intend getting married to a
student like you? You should go for older
men who can take care of you,who can
satisfy you and give you a better future.
Me: So,is it me or my body Sir?
Kelvin: All of it. But I promise you,I’ll never
have S£x with you till you leave school. I just
want to show you that I really do love you.
Me: I’ve . . . . .
Kelvin: Are you a virgin?
I didn’t give him a reply. I just looked down
and started counting my toes.
Kelvin: Baby,talk to me okay. No need to be
shy here. Its just the two of us. So tell me,are
I nodded positively and I figured a smile on
his cheek.
Kelvin: You don’t have a boyfriend at home
or a honey in this school?
I forgot to mention. It was an only girls
school but the seniors knew better. You
could walk into the ss3 bathroom or hostel
and see two girls making out,either sU-Cking
the others b0s0m or pumping their fingers or
fists into the others p**sy. It tool me the
whole of first term to come to terms with
At the beginning of that second term,three of
my classmates had approached me asking
me to be their honey but I not only didn’t
respond to their request,I stopped talking to
Me: I have a boyfriend at home.
Kelvin: And he has never touched you?
Me: We’ve never had S£x.
Kelvin: But he has felt it right?
I nodded.
Kelvin: What about the girls?
Me: I don’t have one.
Kelvin: Beautiful. You can go back to class.
I’ll see you tonight.
I stood up and left the staff room
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