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March 9, 2021


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My mind as a teenager – episode 29

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My mind as a teenager


episode 29

Lois: I’m Lois. Thanks for the pen.

Me: Ah! Its nothing. My name is Rose.

Lois: Happy to meet you.

she shook my hand and I quickly judged her

to be a very homely girl.

Me: Happy to meet you too. So you school

here or you’re a foreigner like me?

She laughed at my dry sense of humour.

Lois: I school here

Me: That’s nice. I came with Vivian.

Lois: Oh! Vivian.

That’s cool.

We had small talks about our families and I

got to realise that she was from a rich family

and also the last child.

Me: I’m hungry. Can we go outside and buy

something to eat?

Lois: There’s a canteen here. Let’s go and

get something there. Bills on me please.

Me: Mba o. On me.

Lois; Please don’t argue. Let it be my first

treat to you as my friend. We can do shifts

from tomorrow.

I laughed hard.

Me: Shifts kwa? You’re funny.

Lois: Abi?

Me: Yes. Anyway,you’ve won. Let’s go.

We walked to the second floor and she

bought two canned cokes and sausages. We

took them there and went back to the empty

class to meet some guys there.

Lois introduced them to me as Skipoo,Stone

and some other names I can’t remember. We

were laughing and getting to know each

other when Vivian walked in with Patrick.


She introduced me to him and of course,they

joined in our rapor(forgive my blunder).

I later called Vivian aside and scolded her for

leaving me on my own. She apologised and

claimed that she and Patrick hasn’t seen for

long and she was so happy to see him that

was why she was all over him. She

apologised and we went back to the group.

Before dismissal,Lois,Stone,Patrick and

Skipoo had my number.

Lessons continued and trust me,I was having


The guys and the girls would hang out before

lessons started, during break or during free

periods,then after school. I had never being

that open with friends. I didn’t care anymore

if Vivian had my time or not,Lois was always

there and even a more lively person than



I was about leaving the school after dismissal

one week later when I heard someone calling

my name from upstairs. I looked up and they

were three guys; Patrick,a fair handsome guy

and then Stone or Skipoo. Can’t really

remember. It was the fair guy who waved at

me and asked me to stop. His face was

familiar,he looked like someone I’ve met

before so I shifted to a closed kiosk and

waited. He came down and I observed him

closely. He was fair,handsome and Sekxy.

Raymond: Rose.

Me: How did you get to know my name?

Raymond: First,everyone in ss3 class knows

your name and secondly,I’ve known you

since primary school though I was your

senior then. Wondering how we ended up in

the same class.

I smiled.

Me: I jumped two classes. But how come I

don’t remember you?

Raymond; You won’t. Just give me your

number. We’ll talk later. Let me not delay


We exchanged numbers and I left for him.




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