My mind as a teenager – episode 27

My mind as a teenager
episode 27
I raced downstairs and into the kitchen. She
was alre-ady done so I just decided to keep
her company. Some minutes later,mum
walked into the kitchen.
Mum: Rose,your dad just finished speaking to
your uncle about our decision to get you
enrolled into another school.
Ella; Did he give his cons£nt?
Mum: He refused at first. Saying that Rose is
a bright student but your father had to give
him your reasons and he had no reason to
Ella and I heaved sighs of relief. Uncle was a
very difficult man.
Mum: He also complained about your result.
Me: Did I fail?
Mum: No. But you were moved to “C” clas-s.
Ella: I knew I wouldn’t do well. I just lost it
this year.
I wanted to cry and shout at Lawrence but
recalling that mum and dad alre-ady agreed to
my request,I consoled myself.
Mum: Its okay. I’m even glad you’re out of
the school. You nee-d to write waec close to
home,maybe where Ella wrote hers.
Me: Thank you mum.
Ella: Thank you mum.
Mum: You’re welcome girls. Hurry up with
the dishes and go to be-d.
She said and left almost immediately.
Me: Sister,thank you very much for talking to
Ella: That’s why I’m here nah. To be your
mouth piece.
There can be no sister like Ella. She’s the
best thing that has ever happened to me. Till
this day,she makes sure I lack nothing. She’s
always re-ady to fight anyb©dy who would try
to make her single a tear out of my eyes.
We hvgged each other and finished up with
cleaning the plates before we left for our
That night,I couldn’t sleep. I was happy.
I would turn on one side this second and in
the other,I’ll face another side. At a point,I
started praying,asking God to help me make
better friends in my new school.
I woke up very early the next morning. I
always wake up early when that day is the
beginning of something different or new. I
started doing the house chores and using
that opportunity to wake everyb©dy. I went
into mum’s room and greeted her and as a
response,she handed me that very Nokia
phone I had stolen from her. I thanked her
and made to leave before she st©pped me
and gave me a new MTN sim card(then,there
was nothing like registering of sim cards).
I quic-kly left the room and ran to our
I cried. That phone brou-ght back memories
of my short moment of happiness with
After a while,I consoled myself. “Why should
I cry for him? He left me without goodbyes
and he is very comfortable so why should I
be crying for him?” I stood up and went back
into the house. Vivian had said she would
come by 9:30,lessons starts by 10:00 so I
had to finish up and get re-ady before she
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