My mind as a teenager – episode 26

My mind as a teenager
episode 26
On Sunday evening,mum and dad asked me
to wait behind after dinner. We( Ella and I)
cleared the table and while she did the
dishes,I went to answer mum and dad.
Dad: Sit down.
I sat down adjacent to dad and opposite
Me: Thank you sir.
Dad: What difficulty are you finding in
It suddenly hit me. Ella had told them about
my de-sire to go to another school. I had to
cook up a lie but I didn’t have time.
Mum: Nne,what problem are you having in
Me: Mum,the food and my inability to make
good friends.
Dad: What are you saying? Five years in that
school and you don’t have a friend?
He wasn’t angry but I could s-en-se the doubt.
Me: My best friend left after junior waec. We
bec@m£ s£niors and every girl wanted to be
in the best group of friends. I had to keep to
Throu-gh the corner of my eye,I saw dad nod
his head.
Dad: Your uncle tells me you are the prayer
prefect. I’m proud of you my dear. At
least,you let our light shine in a far away
Me: Wish I could do more dad.
Dad: You’ve become a woman now and I
think you have the right to make good
decisions that concerns you. What school do
you want to be enrolled in?
I was happy but I had to pretend with a smile
so that daddy won’t suspect I had other
Me: Let me think about it daddy. You know I
have to be careful since that is where I’ll be
writing waec.
Dad: It should better be a good one.
Me: Thank you daddy. Thank you mum.
Dad: You’re welcome.
Mum: Ehee. I’ll be giving you a phone
tomorrow morning. You’re old enough to use
one now,coupled with the fact that you’ll be
starting lessons tomorrow,you nee-d to be
with a phone so we can be able to reach you.
Me: Thank you mum. Thank you dad.
Dad: And better be careful in that school. Its
no longer the school we used to know.
Mum: Daddy,she’s with Vivian so she is
That’s how close Vivian and I were. Her
people thinks am the best friend for her while
my people thinks same about her.
Did I fail to mention that this school was
where I had my primary education till primary
three? I think I didn’t. It was one of the best
schools then. After my primary three,mum
decided to enrol us into her friends’ school
so we left the school.
I stood up and thanked my parents one more
time before walking upstairs to our room. My
happiness made me forget that I was
supposed to check on my sister in the
It was when I heard her calling my name that
I recalled I was supposed to be with her.
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