My mind as a teenager – episode 25

My mind as a teenager
episode 25
Every term’s examinations lasts for two
weeks,after that,we would spend another one
week waiting for teachers to finish with the
results. But this term,I didn’t wait. I knew I
wasn’t going to do well so what’s the point
of waiting? Coupled with the fact that I had
to put up with seeing Nenye everyday.
It is true that I never saw or heard of the two
of them together but I alre-ady hated them for
ruining my life in school. I bec@m£ a shadow
of the Rose everyone loved. The only person I
talked to was Regina and my seatmate.
I bec@m£ so lean.
I faked sickness and being that the principal
likes me a lot,he signed my exit card and
asked me to go home. My uncle promised to
get my result and s£nd it home. Everyone
was in school. The ss3s were long gone so I
packed my properties and took them to the
dormitory reserved for the female
functionaries. I locked up everything that
belonged to me,picked my box and school
bag and left the hostel. I left my belongings
at the security post and entered the school
building. I went to Regina and gave her my
mum’s number. We hvgged each other and
everyone looked on. I think they guessed why
i was leaving earlier than others but nob©dy
had the mind to talk to me,not after i had
distanced myself from everyb©dy. I waved at
my seatmate and left the school with tears in
my eyes. I was not coming back to that
school ever again. My properties that I
packed into the functionary’s dormitory was
to keep them safe. I wasn’t coming back and
I promise never to forgive Lawrence for
ma-king me leave my alma mater.
I c@m£ back home and forgot about
everything. My sister was home,she kept me
busy with stories about Jos and the dozens
of r0m@nç£novels she c@m£ back with. One
week after I c@m£ back,Vivian visited. I was
in the sitting room with one of the novels
when she c@m£ in.
We hvgged each other and fed ourselves
with stories about school. My sister c@m£
and joined us. I think I mentioned earlier that
her name was(is) Emmanuela. If I did
not,plea-se forgive me.
Ella: Mum,dad and this kids will be travelling
on Wednesday. Have they told you?
Rose: No. Anything the matter?
Ella: Mba. They want to spend the holiday
with people at the village.
Rose: Won’t we go with them? Hunger will
kill us o
Ella: I will be going to mum’s shop. You
could use the opportunity to go with Vivian
for the summer lessons. She told me about it
last week
Vivian: yeah! (she pumped her fist in the air).
Aunty Ella thank you o.
Ella: Its okay. I don’t want her to stay at
home or go to the market. She will b entering
the exam clas-s so we nee-d her br@ins to be
Rose: Ah! Are mum and dad aware?
Ella: Of course.
Rose: Sister,you will help me to also convince
them. I want to write waec somewhere close
to home.
Ella: I have actually thought about that o.
Anyways,I’ll talk to them before they travel.
Maybe you would register where I wrote
But don’t get your hopes high o.
Rose: Thank you.
Ella: Let me leave the two of you now.
Vivian,take care.
Vivian: Thank you.
She walked up the stairs and I faced Vivian.
Me: So when is the lesson starting?
Vivian: Monday.
Me: Okay. You’ve found one candid@t£
Vivian; Nooo. You’re the fourth person.
Me: Wow. Will the principal give you a
We both laughed.
Vivian; No. Just want my friends around me
nah. You can also register for your waec
there if you like the school.
Me; Let me attend the lessons first. Let my
parents be the  judge of where I’ll take my
Vivian: Okay.
We spent the rest of the day pla-ying
Pls Hit the like bu-tton
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