My mind as a teenager – episode 20

My mind as a teenager

Episode 20
We started doing everything together. We
were termed as the best couple in our set. To
my own surprise,I was loving the whole
Lawrence on his p@rt,bec@m£ a very sweet
guy;will walk me back to the hostel after
school or preps. Life was beautiful. What
more can I ask for?
One day during night prep,Lawrence c@m£ to
my clas-s and called me out. I was used to
that but that day,he looked very
I went outside with him but he didn’t st©p,he
walked down the hall into the dark staircase
leading up to the waec hall. It was out of
bound for all students but the s£nior students
normally went there at night to do one or two
He st©pped and faced me. I was worried. He
had never brou-ght me there. What was that
look on his face? He looked different.
Me: What is the problem?
It was like my question opened the tap to his
tears. Tears ran down his face and I was
f0rç£d to hvg him so ti-ght.
Me: Law plea-se,what is wrong with you?
Lawrence: I love you. Rose I love you.
Me: I know and I love you too. I really do
have love for you.
Lawrence: Then be my girlfriend plea-se.
I was beginning to fall in love again. Ebuka
has left my life for good and the earlier I
accept that,the better for me.
Me: Law
Law: Baby
Me: Wait for ss3. I promise. You know this is
third term alre-ady.
Law; I’ll wait. I’ll wait for you baby.
He hvgged me so ti-ght and I took in his
masculine b©dy. He was just too Sekxy and
he knew it. The hvg c@m£ to a halt
immediately it had started
Me: Is that why you’re acting like this?
Lawrence smiled. He took my hands and
ru-bbe-d them ro-mantically.
Lawrence: You’re driving me crazy Rose.
He c@m£ closer and pe-cked my forehead.
He placed his hand behind my n£¢k and drew
me into his warm b©dy.
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