My Mind as a teenager – episode 19

My mind as a teenager
episode 19
Thinking the answer would provoke Frank,I
made to apologise immediately only to see
him looking less concerned.
Frank: I c@m£ to realise that you st©pped
coming home because of me.
Me: Says who?
Frank: Saying what my mind has being telling
Me: You’re wrong.
I lied.
Frank: Nne,I’m sorry for the last time.
I’ve come to realise that I can’t get everything
I want violently. You said you loved me and I
chased you away with my wrongs.
I’m willing to make things right. I promise
never to hurt you anymore.
He c@m£ closer to me and placed his left
hand on my shoulder.
“Give me a second chance baby and I’ll make
you the happiest lady . . . . . . . .
Me: Frank,its not about all that. I feel . . . . .
His phone rang,st©pping me from saying my
Frank: What? Who? How dare he? I’m far
from Onitsha o. How do we do this thing
now?. . . . . . oya,arrange dem for one corner.
Make sure dey no comot for your eyes o. I’ll
be there before 7pm.
He hung up immediately.
Me: What is the problem?
Frank: My guy just called me. An enemy
group just invaded our territory..
” gbagam!” Jesus! He’s also a cultist? Chei.
Frank: I’ll be leaving now baby. I’ll see you at
Me: Frank,are you going to fight or kill
Frank: If nee-d be.
With that,he walked out without looking back.
God knows i wanted to run mad that
I can’t describe how much I hated cultists
and how much I still hate them. He wasn’t
even ashamed of it. He was going to kill
people? And he still thinks I’ll agree to be his
I started walking myself to the school
compound. It was time I made up my mind
about the kind of people u nee-ded in my life.
I got to school and there was Lawrence,
sitting beside the grotto which was looking
very beautiful. I stood there for a while but till
today,I can’t still remember if it was the
grotto or Lawrence that I was admiring.
He stood up and c@m£ to me,then he tapped
Law: Rose,are you alright?
Me: Ye . . .es. I’m fine
I stammered.
Law: Has he gone?
Me: Yes. He got a call from home. Law,this
place is looking heavenly. What did you do?
Law: Decorated it of course. My elder sister
taught me well. You know she’s a designer?
Me; You’re a darling. Thank you.
Law; Anything for you baby. So,tell me,you
knew he was coming right?
Me: I’m not aware. If he had told me,I would
not have come out
Law; Shuu! Why?
Me: I don’t like him..He smokes,drinks and is
also a cultist
Law: You’re kidding right?
Me: I’m not.
Frank; plea-se be careful around him OK?
Me: Thank you. Let’s go
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