my instant miracle episode 58

Sir Zach.


“I’m glad you both pulled it off.” Senator Abamba said with a pleased smile as himself and Amaka sat on the couch across from Kimberly and Eric.

“Yeah, we just decided to get it done as soon as possible. I couldn’t wait to live under the same roof with her.” Eric said with a smile as he took Kimberly’s hand in his.

“So you both don’t want to leave the country?” The senator asked curiously as he sipped from his glass of wine.

“We can’t leave at the moment. Kim has a lot that needs to be done at the office, and I also have important things I need to take care of. So maybe we can do that during our one year anniversary, after I must have paid her bride price officially.” Eric said without taking his eyes off Kimberly who was seated stiffly beside him.

“That’s fine. I’m just glad she finally settled down. Please keep an eye on her so she doesn’t get into trouble.” Senator Abamba said, but none of them missed the implication of his words.

“I’m sure she’ll be careful.” Eric said confidently.

“So, when do you intend introducing her to your family?” Amaka asked with a curious smile.

“When the time is right ma.” Eric said as politely as he could muster.

“Well, I just think since you know her family, it’s only fair that she meets yours too. Marriage is serious business and I don’t think…”

“Don’t worry about us ma, we will see my family when we are ready, right baby?” Eric asked Kimberly who nodded.

“Yeah. He’s right. We talked about it already, and agreed to meet them later. They won’t be happy we got married without their knowledge, so as soon as Eric has enough money to do the traditional rites, we will go and see his people.” Kimberly explained.

“Well, your father can sponsor it, and I’m sure you have enough money for that too.” Amaka suggested.

“My husband is a very proud man, and he won’t hear of that. So I’m willing to patiently wait until he has the money to do the right thing.” Kimberly said and leaned forward to rest her head on Eric’s chest, making Amaka dig her nails into her palm.

Amaka had thought about the whole thing and had come to the conclusion that it was just too serious to be a coincident. Maybe Eric was doing this just to get back at her and win her heart again. How else could she explain that of all the ladies in Lagos, he had chosen to marry her own step daughter? It was obvious he was still in love with her and was trying to get her attention by using Kimberly to make her jealous, And he was even pretending to be who he wasn’t just to achieve that.

“You both look so good together. I’m curious about something though, how did you both meet?” Eric asked suddenly making Amaka snap back to the present, while the senator smiled.

“Well, she was still in school when we met… If I remember correctly she was in 300 level or so. It was love at first sight for me.” The senator said with a smile as he recalled the fond memory, while Eric looked directly at Amaka with a smile. Amaka looked away from him in embarrassment.

Good thing he had stopped caring about her and was past feeling hurt, else he would have felt really hurt that she had been cheating on him for over two years yet he hadn’t even suspected a thing. She had said it was just once, but it was obvious she had lied to him even then.

“Wow! So she was a student when you met her? You must have been very good with your words to have won the heart of a young lady her age then.” Eric said with a smile making the senator chuckle proudly.

“Well, I didn’t need to try too hard. She was very mature for her age and she didn’t need much wooing, right darling?” The senator asked Amaka who smiled in embarrassment as she cleared her throat.

“Right. Enough about us, what do you have in the kitchen? I’m famished.” Amaka said, wanting to change the subject

Kimberly gave her an apologetic smile, “I’m sorry there’s no food…”

“Ah! You just got married and you want to kill your husband with hunger? I’ll just go into the kitchen and see what I can fix for us.” Amaka said as she stood up.

“That won’t be necessary. I plan on taking my wife out for dinner, so you don’t have to worry yourself.” Eric said with a cool smile.

“He is right. Besides I think we should be on our way home now.” The senator suggested as he stood up, and both Eric and Kimberly stood up too, “You can eat when we get home. Kim show me to the restroom.” The senator said and Kimberly hurriedly walked ahead of him to lead him to the restroom.


“Save it.” Eric cut her off before she could say anything, “It’s good to know you were very mature for your age.” Eric said as he moved over to where they had been seated to pick up the now empty wine glasses.

“Eric it’s really not what you think.”

“That was what you said when I caught you red-handed with your other Aristo. Does your husband know you were cheating on him?” Eric asked with a smile as he walked away while she hurriedly followed him into the kitchen.

“I was only trying to make ends meet as the first daughter of my parents. My father was ill. There was so much pressure on me. Yes you’re from a wealthy home but there was a limit to how much money you could give to me and I needed lots of it. I genuinely love you, but all I did was just to take care of my family. And I never would have married chief had you forgiven me instead of ending things the way you did!” Amaka rushed to explain.

“I am not going to have this conversation with you. Not now, and definitely not ever. Go home with your husband, and try not to butt into my marital affairs like you tried to do just now.” Eric warned as he rinsed out the glasses.

“See, I know you still love me, and I’m sure that’s why you came back for this way. Look, I love you too. Back then we were both too young and naive, but now we are both grown up adults, let’s just forget the past and move on.”

Before she could complete her statement Eric started laughing, “You must be seriously delusional to think anything going on between Kimberly has anything to do with you.” Eric said before walking out of the kitchen, leaving Amaka staring after him in confusion.

“Where is my wife?” Senator Abamba who just returned from the restroom asked Eric as he stepped into the living room.

“She’s in the kitchen, she wanted to have a glass of water.” Eric lied. He really hated that he had to lie because of someone like Amaka.

“Let’s go home if you’re ready to leave now.” Amaka said as she joined her husband, and they all trooped outside.

“Take good care of my daughter, and you both should feel free to let me know if you need anything.” The senator said as he got into his car.

Both Eric and Kimberly watched as her father’s car drove out of the compound. Now that they were alone Kimberly couldn’t help feeling nervous and self-conscious again. She had been very thankful her father and Amaka had come in at the right time earlier.

After Eric’s phone call with Amaka earlier he had gone in to shower and change out of his clothes before returning to Kimberly’s bedroom to return her phone. He had knocked on the door before stepping inside the room.

“You didn’t have to change your clothes.” Eric had said when he noticed she was now wearing a joggers and a singlet.

“It’s fine. You’re done talking with them?” Kimberly had asked as she looked up and met Eric’s eyes in the mirror.

“Yeah. She said they’re coming over. Why are you still very uncomfortable around me?” Eric had asked as he moved over to where she was seated in front of the mirror and started massaging her stiff shoulder, “Is that why you’re hiding out in your bedroom?”

Kimberly had swallowed hard, “I’m not hiding.”

“Yes you are. It’s still our marriage day, and because I promised I was going to make you see what marriage really feels like, I won’t let you stay here alone. So stand up.” Eric had ordered softly as he withdrew his hands from he shoulders and offered a hand to help her up.

Kimberly had reluctantly taken his hand as she stood up from the chair and Eric turned her around so she was facing him, “You said you were tired earlier. Let’s take a nap together.” Eric had suggested as he led her to her bed.


“Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen. It’s just an harmless nap.” He had assured her making her want to groan. Wasn’t that the problem? She was definitely going to want something to happen whether or not he wanted it.

Eric had gotten into the bed and spread his arms for her to join him. Kimberly had reluctantly gotten into the bed beside him, and Eric had drawn her close to himself so that her head was resting on his chest. Kimberly’s heart beat increased as she lay on his. She couldn’t breathe for fear that he would hear how fast her heart was beating.

“Relax Kim. I don’t bite.” Eric had said when he noticed how stiff she lay in his arms.

“What if I do?” Kimberly had asked in a small voice making Eric chuckle.

“I’m sure you do. This is all part of your therapy. You’re going to learn how to be this close to a man without wanting anything sexual.” Eric had said quietly as he patted her hair making Kimberly’s eyes drift shut.

“Have you been this close to a woman without having sex with her?” Kimberly had asked curiously after the silence between them had dragged on for a while.

“Yeah. My ex girlfriend.” Eric couldn’t deny the fact that his body was responding to Kimberly’s presence, but he intended to help her by putting her needs before his, and what she needed right now was sexual abstinence.

“That’s different. She was your girlfriend so of course it’s possible you can cuddle her without having sex with her.” Kimberly had said with a yawn.

“I guess so.”

“So what happened to her? Why did you both break up?” Kimberly had asked sleepily.

“I found out she was cheating on me. I didn’t want to share so I let her go.” Eric explained.

“Were you very hurt?” .

“Yes, I was very hurt. She was my first love.”

“That’s sad. Sorry about that.” Kimberly had murmured. She really hoped he wouldn’t end up liking her and getting hurt too.

“Thanks. So what about you? Have you ever been in a real relationship?” Eric had asked as he adjusted on the bed so her hand was resting on his abdomen.

“How can I be in one with my lifestyle?” Kimberly had asked as she inhaled his scent.

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re in one now. Let’s see how we can make it work. You can’t go clubbing without me. You can’t visit guys alone, especially in private places. You also will have to cut down on your alcohol intake. I think these things should help you check yourself.” Eric had suggested, but the only response he had gotten from Kimberly was her soft snore.

She had woken up two hours later to find Eric fast asleep with his strong arms wrapped around her waist. Her fingers had been itching to touch him and roam around his body, and then she had raised her head to look into his face. She swallowed nervously when her eyes fell on his lips, and she had been contemplating kissing him when his eyes suddenly fluttered open, and before either of them could say a word the doorbell had rung, indicating her father’s presence.

Kimberly snapped back to the present when she felt Eric’s hand on her shoulder, and she raised her eyes to look into his grinning face, “Were you really going to kiss me earlier?” He asked making Kimberly turn around and hurry inside the house in embarrassment.

Eric was chuckling to himself as he went after Kimberly, “You know you’re acting really funny right now, right?” He called after Kimberly as ran into her bedroom and shut the door in embarrassment.

“Kim? Come on, open the door. It’s fine even if you wanted to kiss me.” Eric called in a laughing tone, but Kimberly lay on her bed and used her pillow to block out his voice.

What kind of a person was he anyway? Why couldn’t he just forget about it? Kimberly wondered as she opened her laptop and decided to focus her attention on the proposal he was going to help her submit to his boss.

After standing by her door for sometime and she refused to open the door, Eric decided to fix dinner instead, so he headed for the kitchen. Thankfully it seemed like Prisca had bought lots of foodstuff so he decided to make Jollof rice and turkey for dinner, since there was a carton of frozen chicken, turkey and fish in the deep freezer. He was certain Kimberly knew nothing about the existence of these food items in the freezer.

He had a smile on his face as he went about fixing the food. He had been unable to sleep while she slept and had been deep in thoughts about her. He couldn’t deny the fact that he was also worried that Amaka might cause problems for them, and he was beginning to contemplate whether or not to tell Kimberly about the truth about his relationship with her step mother. He had opened his eyes when he felt her move, only to see her looking at his lips as though she wanted to kiss him.

He would have kissed her had the doorbell not chosen to ring at that particular time. His mind was occupied by different thoughts until his phone started ringing, so he rinsed his hand and after drying it, picked up the phone. He sighed when he noticed it was a call from his mother and took accepted the call immediately.

“Ekale ma! (Good evening ma)” He greeted the moment the call connected.

“How are you?” His mother asked in a quiet voice.

“I’m okay. Are you fine?” He asked in concern.

“Am I supposed to be okay when I missed your wedding? Even if you claim it’s a fake one?” She asked making his lower the gas as he stepped out of the kitchen.

“I’m sorry. I’ll make up for it, I promise.” Eric said as he stepped out of the house so as to make sure Kimberly wouldn’t overhear their conversation.

“How do you intend to do that?” She asked interestedly.

“I know you’ve always wanted to hold a society party even though I’ve always been against it. So if this works, and I really want to marry her officially, I’ll let you be in charge of everything.” He said making her narrow her eyes suspiciously.

“You won’t go back on your word, right?”

“Sure. Even if you say the wedding should hold in the air I won’t object.” He promised.

“Okay then. It’s a deal. You can’t back out of it.” She warned.

“Sure I won’t. So what’s going on at home?” Eric asked curiously.

“Your sister ran away from home, have you seen her?”

“Yeah.” Eric said, and went on to explain how he met her and his phone conversation with her.

“That girl! She’s just jobless. If she had a job she won’t have time for any of this nonsense.” His mother said with a shake of her head.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t like what she’s doing. I know you well enough to know you’re in support.” Eric said making his mother laugh.

“So how is your honeymoon going? Where did you both go?” She asked curiously.

“We didn’t go anywhere. I don’t have money for that so we are both at home. She’s in her room while I’m fixing dinner.” Eric said, and then thought about confiding in his mother about Amaka since she was his confidant.

“We will just send you some money so you take our wife out. The money is not for you, it is for you to spend on her, so make sure you take her to somewhere nice.” His mother said.

“Dad won’t agree to that.” Eric protested.

“Your father and I talked about it already and he agreed. We already decided to send you money for your marriage. The first money he allowed you leave the house with, was for yourself, but now we have to send for your wife since you’re no longer alone. What’s your plan anyway? You want to live off her or you’ll get a job?” His mother asked curiously.

“I’ll just continue with Chuka’s cab for the time being. Since he’s a registered bolt driver, I could continue using his car.” He assured his mother.

“Good then. Just make sure you’re careful. And about the therapists you asked for, I’ve been able to make enquires and I got the number of the best three in the country. One of them is here in Abuja and two are in Lagos. I’ll send you their details and then you can decide which of them you’d go with.” She said making Eric smile.

“Thanks mom, I knew I could count on you.”

“Sure. I’m still your problem solver, remember?” She asked making him chuckle. That was the nickname he had given his mom when he was younger since she had been the one who had always been present to fix everything while his father was busy with work.

“Yeah, you are. I think I might have a problem. I need your advise.” He said making his mother sit up.

“What is it? Or you don’t know how to satisfy your wife?” She asked in concern making him laugh out loud.

“Haba mummy! Relax nau!”

“I was just asking a simple question nau. What is the problem?” She asked with a smile.

“You remember Amaka?” He asked making the smile vanish from his mother’s face.