my instant miracle episode 57

Sir Zach.


“Hold on! She said her name was Mimi Obasan, right?” Kimberly exclaimed all of a sudden making Eric step on the pedal.

“You startled me.”

“I’m sorry. But she did say that, right? She definitely did say her name was Mimi Obasan.” Kimberly said with a confident nod.

“Yeah? So what about it?” Eric asked, looking at her with a blank expression.

“I don’t know, I have a feeling that I’ve seen that name somewhere recently. I think it’s important… Hold on, I’ll ask Prisca.” Kimberly said as she quickly dialed Prisca’s line.

“Don’t tell me you both changed your mind. I’m at the office already.” Prisca informed her the moment she took the call..

“It’s not that. Uhm, I just met someone. Do you know any Obasan? The name sounds very familiar.” Kimberly said making Prisca raise a brow.

“Haba! How could you forget so soon that the name of the owner of iGlobal is Chairman Obasan? Who did you meet? Don’t tell me you met him!” Prisca said excitedly.

“I met this really pretty and soft looking lady. She’s around my age or I should be older than her a bit, she said her name is Mimi Obasan.” Kimberly explained making Prisca shriek excitedly.

“That could definitely be the Chief’s only daughter. She goes by the name Omowunmi Obasan… Wait, shouldn’t your husband have recognized her if she was the one? Especially since he says he’s close friends with her brother?” Prisca asked, and Kimberly turned to look at Eric.

Kimberly hung up the call without saying another word to Prisca, or responding to her question. “Is she your boss’ daughter? You said you’re close to her brother, right? Or were you just bluffing?” She asked Eric whose gaze remained fixed on the road.

Different thoughts flashed through Eric’s head, and he wondered how to go about answering her question. He hadn’t said anything because he didn’t know what Wumi’s plan was, and he couldn’t tell if she wanted Kimberly to know that she was Chief Obasan’s daughter or not.

He cleared his throat, “I don’t know. It’s possible she is the one. I’ve never met her in person before.” Eric lied without looking directly at her. He could only pray that when it was time to tell her the truth she wouldn’t be so mad at him, but instead would be at least a bit understanding of his situation.

“Never? How is that even possible?” Kimberly asked with disbelief.

“She travels a lot. Besides she’s with their parents in Abuja, and I’m here with her brother. I’m yet to meet his parents and sister since I’ve never been to their place in Abuja.”

“You’ve not seen their pictures too?” Kimberly asked with a frown.

“I may have, but I’m not interested in her, so there’s no need to memorize her face. Why are you so concerned about who she is when I already said I’ll introduce you to Chief’s son? Don’t worry about her. So just make sure you give me your proposal when we get home, and I’ll make sure I go through it, then find a way to set up a meeting for you both.” Eric said confidently.

“You’re sure you can do that?” Kimberly asked skeptically.

“O ye of little faith. If you’ve seen me, then you’ve seen Tunde. Just trust me.” He assured her as he turned to flash her a quick smile before returning his attention to the road.

“If you say so. I’ll just leave it to you.” Kimberly said as she relaxed her head against the head rest and closed her eyes.

Now that they were married what was next? Everything was going to be very boring now. What would they talk about? Being under the same roof and seeing each other every day was bound to become boring. What did married people often discuss or do? Kimberly asked herself as she dozed off. She woke up some minutes later when she felt the car had stopped moving and opened her eyes to see Eric looking into her face.

“Wh…at?” She asked feeling self-conscious as she turned her face and looked away from him.

“I told you I love watching you sleep since that seems to be the only time I get to uninterruptedly look into your beautiful face without you turning away.” Eric said with a small smile as he got out of the car and went around the car to help her with her door.

“It’s feels weird that instead of us to be going to my house after our marriage, we are coming to yours instead. It’s Unafrican.” Eric said as they both walked into her house.

“I didn’t figure you to be a typical African man. I’ll go into my room to freshen up and rest for a while. See you later.” Kimberly said, waiting for Eric to say otherwise.

“Sure. I need to rest too. See you later.” Eric said as he turned around and headed for the door.

“Wait! Where are you going to?” She asked in alarm. Was he going back to his house to rest?

“You can go in. I just need to get my stuff from the car.” Eric said making her mouth form a small ‘O’

“Okay then. I’ll be in my room.” She said, but made no move to leave.

Eric raised a brow, “Is there something else you want to say?”

“What? Me? No.” Kimberly said with a shake of her head as she hurriedly walked out, making Eric wonder what was going on in her head.

Immediately he heard her shut her bedroom door he took out his phone and dialed Wumi’s number as he stepped outside the house.

“Hello Mr Eric! Congratulations on your marriage!” Wumi greeted excitedly making Eric sigh.

“What was the meaning of that? What were you hoping to achieve by pulling such a stunt?” Eric asked in a tone that told Wumi he was very angry about what she had done.

“Hey bro! Take a chill pill, okay? I was just wanting to meet my sister in-law. Tell me you won’t do worse had the situation been reversed?” She asked making Eric close his eyes. They both knew she was right. He would have made sure he got to meet her man whoever he was, however he could.

“Fine. So what’s your plan?” Eric asked making Wumi grin. She knew he would understand. He was her big brother and best friend after all.

“My plan? Well, I was thinking I would just get to know her and be best friends with her.”

“She has a best friend already. Look, I really don’t want her to get hurt by the fact that we both lied to her. I don’t want you to make a fool of her.”

“Who said anything about making a fool of her? I’m coming to her with my real identity. You’re the one who’s with her under a false identity not me. I’ll just get close to her, to be sure she’s worth all the stress you’re going through. If she turns out good, I’ll give you my complete support.” Wumi promised.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt like the last time. So please, don’t try to stop me.” Wumi added since she remembered how broken he had been by his ex girlfriend’s deceit.

“Is mom and dad aware of this?” Eric asked in a resigned tone since he couldn’t argue with her motive.

“They know I’m in Lagos, but they have no idea what I’m up to. By the way, when are we going to meet? I really miss you.” Wumi complained.

“I’ll stop by the family house when she leaves for work tomorrow. Just try not to get in trouble.” Eric said before disconnecting the call.

He picked up his bag from the boot of Chuka’s cab before heading inside the house. He stopped by his door when he heard Kimberly’s voice from the other end of the door.

“Yes… Thank you. Oh? Okay, I’ll go find him and give him the phone.” She said making him quickly step inside his room.

“You can come in.” He called out a minute later when he heard a knock on his door.

“Sorry for the inconvenience. The news of our marriage is on Linda Ikeji’s blog already and my father wants to speak with you.” Kimberly said as she handed him the phone.

Eric looked her over as he took the phone from her, and that was when she realized she had come into his bedroom wearing just an oversized polo shirt without anything underneath. She had showered immediately she got into her bedroom and had changed into the oversized polo shirt getting ready to fall asleep before her father’s call had come in.

“Oh! Sorry!” She mouthed as she quickly dashed out of the room making Eric shake his head.

“Good afternoon sir!” Eric greeted.

“It’s me! My husband just went to the room to pick up something, I see you went ahead to marry her.” Amaka said making Eric close his eyes. Eight years ago he would never have imagined he would ever hate hearing the sound of her voice this much, or feel so much indifference towards her like he was feeling now.

“I’ll hang up now…”

“Wait! We are coming over to the house.” Amaka said making Eric scoff.

“Of course you should come to congratulate your SON IN-LAW. Make sure you keep it that way and don’t do anything stupid.” Eric warned in a very low voice before hanging up.

Pete found himself grinning when he thought of Kathleen and the kiss they had shared. He had only wanted to ask her to dinner, but now they’ve had their first kiss already.

“God forgive me?” He asked with a chuckle as he shook his head. She was just so cute. Somehow he was looking forward to kissing her again. She had seemed rather inexperienced as he kissed her, and that raised a lot of questions in his head. Was this her first kiss? Was it even possible that this was her first kiss? How? If this was her first kiss then did that mean she was a virgin? What did he then want with her? He asked himself he stood up and started pacing around.

He couldn’t wait for closing hours, so he would be alone with her and possibly ask her questions. So she wanted to have dinner with him? She liked him too? Then what about Chidi and her friend? Pete shook his head, and decided to focus his attention on the work in front of him. He was going to think about Kathleen and whatever was going on between them later.

Meanwhile inside her office, Kathleen noticed the look her colleagues were giving her, and she could guess they were wondering what had happened earlier. Even Rosy just kept looking at her, but couldn’t seem to say anything, possibly because of the warning she had given her, or because Pete has asked her for dinner so publicly. It must have also seemed to them like she was two-timing between Pete and Chuka who had claimed to be her boyfriend. She was just going to ignore them and not let anything get to her. After her prayers earlier, she had made up her mind to resume going to church now, so she was going to attend Faith Clinic today since it was Thursday.

Immediately the clock struck 5 PM and her colleagues started standing up to leave, she raised her head when there was a sudden hush in the office, and was surprised to see Pete standing by the door.

“I just remembered that I forgot to comment on something earlier.” Pete said with his gaze fixed on Rosy, and a cool smile on his face.

“The next time anyone of you speaks to her or speaks about her in that manner, is the last time you’ll be in this office.” Pete promised before turning to look at Kathleen.

“Are you ready to leave?”

“Huh?” She asked in surprise. She was still feeling very embarrassed about their kiss, and had been hoping she would be able to sneak out of the office and maybe call him later to say something came up.

“Our dinner? We should leave early so that we can get home on time.” Pete said as he moved closer to her desk and sat by the edge while the others hurried out of the office.

Kathleen kept quiet as she tried to organize her thoughts. Why did he just do that? This was like openly declaring they were in a relationship even though they weren’t… Maybe not yet.

“What are you thinking about?” Pete asked when she simply remained seated and made no attempt to move.

“I want to go to church.” Kathleen said as she raised her head to look at him.

“Now? What about dinner?” Pete asked with a frown. Was she going to church to pray for mercy for kissing him?

“We could do that on Saturday. Doesn’t have to be today… I want to go to church today, so you can go home. I’ll join you after service.” Kathleen said, as she stood up and carried her bag.

“Let’s go together then. I’ll come with you.” Pete said as he stood up.

Kathleen looked at him surprise, “You’ll go with me? To church?” She asked in a disbelieving tone.

“It’s not like I’m a devil, so why can’t I go? Let’s go.” Pete said as he led the way. Neither of them said a word to each other as they walked past the other staff who were trying hard not to gape at them. Immediately they got to the parking lot, Pete opened the car and held out the door for her to get in, before going around the car and getting into his seat.

Neither of them said a word to each other as Pete drove out of the company premises. “Why did you do that?” Kathleen asked after a while when she could no longer stand the silence.

“Do what?” Pete asked innocently.

“Why did you say that? You shouldn’t have interfered.” Kathleen said making Pete raise a brow.

“You do realize that an insult to you is indirectly an insult to me too, right? They’re insulting you to your face only because you’re their colleague, and the only reason they’re not doing that to me is because I’m the boss. So I have as much right as you to respond to whatever they’re saying.” Pete said before turning to look at her.

“So which direction are we heading to? Where is your church?”

“Let’s just look for any redeem church around here. I’m sure there are a couple of them.” Kathleen said as she looked through the window to see if she could spot any church.

“So you can fight?” Pete asked after a while.

“I beg your pardon?” Kathleen asked in confusion.

“You said you have natural follow come crase, didn’t you?” Pete asked making Kathleen look at him with a frown before looking away in embarrassment.

“Was that why you asked me to have dinner with you? Because you heard what they were saying?” She asked, changing the subject.

“Why would I ask you to have dinner with me because of something like that? And why would you come back and accept the dinner invitation if you thought so?” Pete asked, cocking his head to the side.

“And I thought I was the only one who answered questions with questions.” Kathleen said dryly making Pete chuckle.

“I suppose I’ve learnt that from you. Anyway, I came to your office because I wanted to ask you to have dinner with me. And then I overheard the conversation. I didn’t see any need to change what I wanted to say because of what they were saying.” Pete explained as he drove into a street when he saw the redeemed signboard by the entrance.

“Oh! I see. I’m sorry for the embarrassment.” Kathleen said, knowing he must have felt embarrassed when Chuka suddenly showed up.

“Had he not come, what were you going to say?” Pete asked curiously.

Kathleen considered it for a moment, “Although I would have preferred you asked me privately, but I still would have said yes.”

Pete smiled, “I’m sorry, but I won’t be asking you privately. I’m going to make it obvious so everyone knows I’m taking you out.” Pete said making Kathleen’s heart skip a beat. Thankfully she didn’t need to say anything as the car pulled to a stop in front of the church.

“Let’s go in then.” Pete said as he got out of the car and went around the car to help her get her door.

As they both walked into the church, the choristers were leading praise and worship, and an usher approached them to lead them to their seat. Kathleen couldn’t help but notice the judgemental gaze she received from the usher as she directed them to the row they were to seat. Kathleen almost smiled to herself when she realized how much she had changed in such a short period of time. She would have been the one giving someone that kind of look some weeks ago, yet here she was at the receiving end of it because of how tightly the gown clung to her body, and the long slit in front. She wasn’t even wearing a scarf as she was supposed to. She dipped her hand into her handbag and took out her handkerchief to cover her hair.

For most of the service, Pete kept looking at Kathleen as she entered her full religious mode. For a moment there he thought she had completely forgotten he was beside her until the pastor asked them to join hands with their neighbor for a prayer of agreement, and she turned to look at him skeptically.

“What? You’re judging again?” Pete asked with a slightly raised brow when he noticed the way she was looking at him like she didn’t trust that God could answer his prayers.

“Sorry.” She said with an apologetic smile as she held his hands and they both turned to look at the pastor for the next prayer point.

“Now pray for your partner, say Father! I can’t hear your voice, Scream FATHER! This my neighbor I’m holding, give him or her marital breakthrough! Open doors of marital breakthrough for my neighbor, pray in Jesus name!” The pastor said making both Pete and Kathleen stare at each other in embarrassment. What kind of prayer point was this one?