my instant miracle episode 54

Sir Zach.


“So, what about Amanda’s fine caretaker?” Ken asked after sometime, as they both relaxed in his living room with a glass of Baileys wine in both their hands.

“Why do you keep asking about her? You want her?” Pete asked with a scowl. He had come all the way to Ken’s house to get rid of thoughts of Kathleen, so why was Ken bringing her up again?

Ken chuckled. He was in a better now, having had that discussion with Pete about Ella, “I’m not interested in her for myself. I’m just patiently waiting for the day you will tell me you find her attractive, or that you’re both having an affair.”

“And what makes you so sure that that day is going to come?” Pete asked with a scoff.

“It’s only a matter of time. As long as she lives under the same roof with you…”

“She doesn’t live under the same roof with me, she has a different roof. The boys quarter roof.” Pete corrected.

“Okay then, as long as you both live behind the same gate, and enter the same car to work every now and then, it is inevitable that something will spring up between the both of you.” Ken said confidently.

“And assuming I was married? Are you suggesting that I would cheat?” Pete askee with a slightly raised brow.

“But you’re not married, and neither is she. That makes it easier to mingle without any form of guilt. And seeing the way you haven’t changed the subject since I started talking about it, it makes me wonder if you haven’t been thinking about it already.” Ken said with a snort.

“You’re just a devil. Stop saying nonsense, let us enjoy the game in peace.” Pete said as he returned his attention to the television.

“You’ve been thinking about her! I knew it!” Ken said with a rumbling laughter, but Pete didn’t bother to say anything.

“So about what you asked me earlier, you’re really interested in Ella?” Pete asked after the game ended, making Ken adjust in his seat uncomfortably.

“I know it’s against the bro code of conduct, and that’s the reason I have tried to not go near her.” Ken said instead.

“You really do like her.” Pete said in disbelief. He had actually noticed that Ella seemed to like Ken a lot, and had been relieved when she finally told him she had a boyfriend, since he had been very concerned about her having feelings for Ken who was a womanizer and who possibly didn’t like her in that way. But now that he knew Ken liked her too, he didn’t know what to say.

“I suppose so. But I still don’t know if I can do the marriage thing.” Ken said making Pete frown.

“You’re a very confused person. Why? Because of that stupid reason you gave me the other day?” Pete asked incredulously.

“You don’t understand.” Ken said with a sigh.

“What’s there to understand? That someone as kind hearted as you, who even sheds tears when you see the victims of domestic violence is scared that you might become like those cowardly men? That is preposterous!”

“That’s because I…” He took in a deep breath. His therapist had said maybe what he needed was to talk to someone about what had happened, and maybe that someone was going to have to be Pete, “I… I see my mother when. I look at those women. And I see myself and my brother when I look at the kids.” Ken explained making Pete frown.

“Your mother? What has she got to do with this? Which of your brothers?”

“Not my aunty. I’m talking about my biological mother. My biological father used to beat her up just like that, and then we would stay hidden, just hearing her scream and cry. My brother and I.” Ken said, struggling not to break down in tears at the memory. Everytime he thought about his childhood, he became that little kid again. It didn’t matter whether years had gone bye, all that mattered was what he had felt and how he was still feeling now.

Pete looked at him, completely speechless. He had never considered for a moment that someone directly linked to him might have experienced something like that. And it made sense to him now, why Ken was always so passionate about his job, “I had no idea. I’m sorry.”

Ken was going to say more, and probably tell him how his mother had died, and how his brother had run away from the house. But he changed his mind. Maybe Ella was the right person to talk to about all of this, “So you should understand why the idea of marriage scares me. It’s not like I don’t like the idea of having a home, I’m just too worried that the blood of that monster flowing inside me, might push me into hurting my family.” Ken explained making Pete sigh.

“Have you at least sought professional help? It could all be psychological. Not all children of abusers end up becoming abusers, you know? I think yours shaped you differently. What about your mother and brother?” Pete asked curiously.

“Yes, I’ve been meeting a therapist since the last two years. And my mom and brother are both dead… To me.” Ken said, not wanting to think about how hurt and betrayed he had felt when his brother ran away from home leaving him behind.

“If it is any consolation, I don’t think you’re anything like your biological father. Sometimes even something good can come out of the worse experiences. You became the successful lawyer you are because of your experience, and though I’m sorry to say your mom was the sacrifice, but you’ve been able to save over hundred women from abusive relationships and marriages. Don’t you think that counts for something?” Pete asked, with a concerned expression.

“Yeah. Maybe. Enough about that… Don’t you really like Kathleen? She seems like a good girl to me.” Ken said making Pete stand up.

“Since we are done with all the reasonable subjects, I will return to my office.”


“See pot calling kettle black. And by pot, I mean those big pots used in cooking party rice over firewood. Ode!” Pete said, making Ken chuckle.

“Just make up your mind and decide if you want her or not. You know I’m going to kill you if you lay your hands on my sister or cheat on her anyway, so don’t worry too much. I’m here to beat back that demon if it springs it’s head up.” Pete said with a playful grin, but Ken knew he could count on Pete to do just that.

“Thanks man!”

“Jesus!” Kimberly exclaimed loudly when a car bumped into theirs from behind.

“For someone who is indifferent about God, I don’t think you should be calling Jesus when you’re in trouble.” Eric said in amusement as he parked the car by the road, to see why had hit them.

Wumi had a grin on her face as she parked her car behind them, and quickly put on a poker face as she got out of the car, “Oh my God! I’m so so so sorry! I can be so terribly clumsy a times!” Wumi said as both Eric and Kimberly got out of the car.

Eric looked at her in surprise, and she flashed him an apologetic smile, “I’m sorry, I was in a hurry to meet up with my boyfriend, and then I… Oh my God! This looks bad.” Wumi said with a concerned frown as she inspected the damage on the Kimberly’s car.

Eric had a frown on his face as he looked at his younger sister. Just what in heaven’s name did this crazy girl have up her sleeves? “It’s fine. Let’s just leave.” Eric told Kimberly who was just looking from Eric to Wumi.

“No! No! NO! There is no way I’m going to let you leave without at least paying for the damage. I was being clumsy, and I apologise once again. Please let me pay.” Wumi said as she went over to where Kimberly was standing by the side and assessing the damage.

“I’m really sorry, can you please ask your man to accept the money?” Wumi pleaded.

Kimberly opened her mouth to say Eric wasn’t her husband, but paused when she remembered that Eric was actually her husband and they just got married. So was it so difficult for her brain to accept that?

Kimberly flashed her a smile, “Don’t worry about it, the damage isn’t a big deal, I will have someone fix it. So please you can just leave. Don’t worry about it.” Kimberly said as she turned to look at Eric, who nodded at her in approval..

“Hold on, you look familiar.” Wumi said dramatically making Eric sigh. What was Wumi’s plan exactly? Had his parents sent her there to destroy everything? Or was she just here out of her own curiosity? How did she even know they were here in the first place?

“I do? But there’s nothing familiar about you.” Kimberly said as she looked Wumi over. Wumi was a very pretty chocolate colored young lady, and she looked like she was well to do, or probably from a rich home. She gave off this Dj cuppy kind of vibe with her smile and pink colored hair. She was wearing a short black gown with long sleeves, and fancy pink slippers.

“hold on, Are you not Kimberly? Kimberly Abamba?” Wumi asked, making Eric roll his eyes. This girl wasn’t just normal at all. How did they even end up as siblings? She wasn’t even looking in his direction since her gaze was on Kimberly,

Kimberly glanced at Eric, before giving Wumi a confused smile, “I’m not sure we’ve met before.”

“We did once. We ran into each other at a night club in festac, and you even gave me your number. Wait, I think I still have it.” Wumi said as she hurried to her car and fished out her phone so she could show Kimberly the number. She was very glad she had done her homework really well, and it was making things easy. Thanks to Eric for keeping his mouth shut too.

Eric watched his sister with interest. A club? In Festac? She was a good undercover agent sha, he would give her that. It was obvious she had done her research on Kimberly and was using that to famz.

“Here it is. This is your phone number, right?” Wumi asked as she showed her the screen.

“Yes it is. Why don’t I remember meeting you?” Kimberly asked with an embarrassed smile, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. It happens. Anyway, I’m Mimi Obasan.” Wumi said, reaching out a hand for a handshake. She had decided to use Mimi just in case Eric might have told Kimberly that his sister’s name was Wumi.

“Well, you already know my name. It’s nice to meet you.” Kimberly said as she took Wumi’s hand in her own.

“I take it that is your boyfriend?” Wumi asked, cocking her head in Eric’s direction who had been glaring at her.

Eric raised a brow at Kimberly, waiting to see how she was going to introduce him to Wumi, “He’s my… Husband. We just got married.” Kimberly said, looking really uncomfortable.

“Oh! I didn’t know you were married?” Wumi asked innocently.

“Hello! I’m Eric King, and we would like to leave now. Don’t worry about fixing the car, we will take care of it.” Eric said impatiently, giving Wumi a pointed look.

“Yeah, we need to leave now. It’s nice to meet you.” Kimberly said with a friendly smile as she turned around and headed for the car.

“I’ll just give you a call. Make sure you save my number, okay?” Wumi called out as both Kimberly and Eric got into the car. She had a smile on her face as she watched them drive off.

“Pheeew! That went well.” She muttered to herself as she got into her cat.

Knowing where they were and trailing them had been very easy. She knew her brother well enough to know he wasn’t going to do a fake traditional marriage or church wedding, so she had been left with the last option which was a court wedding. Finding out the exact courthouse where they were getting married had been quite easy too since their paternal aunty was the chief judge of Lagos State, and another of their aunty worked in the courthouse, so it was very easy to guess which courthouse Eric would go to.

She had gone to the courthouse immediately she changed out of her clothes, and had met with their aunty who had confirmed that she had received a call from Eric the previous evening, informing her he was coming over that morning.

Wumi had stayed hidden in her car until she saw them drive in, and then watched until they left. She had seen the look on Eric’s face as he had talked to Kimberly, and she knew now without doubt, that she had been right. Eric was truly into Kimberly.

Immediately Pete left his house, Ken dressed up and got into his car. He wasn’t sure yet about marriage, but he knew he really liked Ella, and as long as Pete said he was okay with him dating his sister, then he was going through just give it a try and see if she was going to give him a chance.

Immediately he parked the car in front of Ella’s office building, he looked around to be sure her car was there, before walking into the building.

“Good afternoon sir, she’s not in.” Ella’s secretary informed him the moment she recognized him as the man Ella didn’t want to meet.

“I saw her car parked outside like the last time, so I know she is in. Tell her I want to see her.” Ken said, glaring at the secretary angrily.

“She is not in! She went out with her best friend.” The secretary insisted, further infuriating Ken who was feeling really impatient at the moment.

“What is your problem sef? Just call her and let her know I want to see her!” Ken snapped at her.

“Since you’re so sure she is in, call her by yourself na.” The secretary responded sounding equally angry as she returned her attention to what she had been up to.

Ken took in a deep breath as he tried to control his temper. This was definitely not the time to start being angry, “Please, just tell her it’s important I speak with her.” Ken pleaded.

“Oga I said she is not in, please you’re disturbing me. I have work to do!” The secretary told him angrily.

“Ella! Ella! I know you’re in your office, please come out!” Ken called out loudly.

“Oga I will call security to throw you out o! I’ve said she is not in, why are you making so much noise?” The secretary asked as she stood up angrily.

“Ella!” Ken yelled louder.

“What’s going on here, and why are you shouting my name like that?” Ella who just returned after her outing with Tracy asked, looking at Ken in confusion.

Ken looked really embarrassed when he saw Ella standing there with her handbag, and realized he had just made a fool of himself since the secretary had been telling the truth.

“Uhm… Sorry about that. I didn’t realize you weren’t in.” Ken said apologetically.

“Then you should have called, that’s why you have my number.” Ella said with a frown.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think you would take my call.” Ken said looking very embarrassed now as he turned to the secretary, “I’m sorry.”

“Why not? And why are you here? Are you feeling better now?” Ella asked when she remembered he had been sick just the previous day.

“Yes. Can we speak? Privately?” He added

Ella looked at him for a moment like she was contemplating it, “Let’s go into my office.” She said before walking past him.