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May 5, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My heart Episode 33 to 36

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(He’s her idol💋)

#Season 2
Episode 8

By:Tofunmi Nikky⭐



🎻Amy’s pov🎻


“Bye”I waved and Carl waved back,I got out and went to where my car is parked

“Good morning miss”the driver came to meet me

“Morning,I’ll drive myself”I said and entered the car

“Okay miss”He said and I turned on the ignition

I zoomed off immediately the gate was opened, I stopped at the school compound

I entered the class and a class was going on,I sat beside Patsy

“Hi”I said and put off my backpack

“Hey sis,I missed you”she smiled

“Same here,where is Sandra?”I asked quietly, since I couldn’t find her in class

“She’s at the garden,,she’s so moody now”she said,moody,,why?


I walked into the garden to see Sandra seated on a chair, I moved closer and tapped her once

“You?”she looked up,she wiped her face before standing up,,what!she’s crying?

“What’s happening?you’re crying?”I asked pointing to her face

“No,am not”she shook her head

“You are, liar”I yelled

“Okay fine,I am. Why won’t I when they told me I have a real parents,,”She cried


💛Carl’s pov💛


“Your order”A Lady stopped at our front,I just started into the space

“Three coffees”Roy said and she left

“How do we get in touch with that monster Dan”I said,,, sitting upright

“Am sure he will be somewhere hiding, we need to go to his parents house”Max said and Roy nodded

“Do you still remember where their house is

located?”Max asked me

“Seriously,,, how can I remember after all what he did to us”I said and scoffed

“Come on Carl, we all know that”Max said staring at me

“I know it”Roy said and the waitress came and dropped three cups of coffees on the table

Her face looks puffy and also has a cut on her lips,, she left

“We’ll go there”he said,we picked up the cups at once and there was a note on the saucers

“What’s this?”I asked, looking at ourselves

“Let’s check”Roy said and we picked it up

“Dan!”I dropped the note and sprang up

“He’s here”Roy said they stood up,we all ran out of the café,,we stopped as there was no sight of her

“We lost him”Roy said breathing heavily

“Wait,,the waitress”Max suddenly said, we ran back inside


#Season 2
Episode 9


🌻Carl’s pov🌻

We ran back inside,we got there and search the whole café,don’t tell me she left

“Look!”Roy snapped and we all turned to see the waitress hurrying away,we ran to her

“Hey!”I called still running after her,but she hasten her steps

“Please,just stop!”Max said and immediately she stopped,we ran to her front

“Who sent you?”I asked, looking at her pale face

“What,what do you mean?”she stammered,fears all over her face

“Who asked you to give us the notes, who f**king sent you?”Roy yelled throwing the paper at her

“I..I don’t know what you’re talking about”she replied moving backward

I suddenly grabbed her by the neck,

“Is it until I kill you before you speak up!”I yelled angrily

“He’s going to kill me if I tell you”she said and I let go of her

“What do you mean?”Roy


“He forced me to give to to you,and also threatens to kill me”

“He has a blond hair and dressed all in black,that’s all I know”she added,and burst into tears

“I told you it’s that bastard”I groaned, clenching my fists

I looked at the lady and she ran away,

“Let’s go to his mom”Max said

🌷Dan’s pov🌷
7Years Ago

The driver is heading to the Jenkins mansion, Rosa and I is just returning from school,she’s ten years then,

Unfortunately,our car met with an accident and the driver died instantly

We laid on the road already losing a lot of blood,no one offered to help

“Let’s help them”A woman said,my eyes were closed but I could hear voices

I opened my eyes to find myself in a hospital,how long have I been here?

“You’re awake”A man said,standing side by side with a woman

“Rosa,where is she?”I asked trying to stand up

“She’s safe”she replied and I removed all the drips connected to my body

“I need to inform her parent, and if I don’t come back,take care of her”I said and left

2hours later

“Trust me Carl, I didn’t kill her”I said moving back

“Rosa!”their mom weep on the floor

“Let me explain”I cried but Won’t listen

“You will do that in jail, l’m calling the police”Max yelled at me

I went to jail because of an offense I knew nothing about

Flashback End🐝

“I was fucking imprisoned for 5years,tell me did they deserve my forgiveness”I asked inwardly

“Sir someone is looking for you”a maid walked in

“Who are they?”

“The Rockboys”she replied,so fast


#Season 2
Episode 10


🍀Carl’s pov🍀

The gate opened and we walked inside,, their are many guards positioned inside

“Let’s go”Roy said,and just when we moved;a voice stopped us

“You can’t go until we search you”One of the guards said,I looked at Max and he nodded

He started searching Roy,I looked at the building,,all that kept running in my head is how to get inside

I glance at them and ran inside,they pointed guns at me

I got inside the mansion and they chased after me

“Sir don’t move”One said,I ran further until I got to a passage

“Stop or we gonna shot!!”Another said and I just ran past them

“Leave him,,, let him come in”A familiar voice said and I looked up

Someone sat on a twirl chair backing me

“Dan!”I said slowly

“Yeah,, that’s me”he said ad he turned to face me,he’s changed a lot

Max and Roy ran in and stopped beside me

“Welcome guys”he said,standing up from his seat

“How did you find me,my mother right?”he asked, coming closer

“Hey,,we aren’t here for this chitchat,,where is my sister?”I half yelled

“Calm down Carl”Max said,and touched my shoulder

“Wow,, brilliant”he said as he clapped his hands

“Can you just stop and where the F**k is Rosa”Roy said

He rough his hair and sigh

“But wait, you guys believed she’s dead. So why are you looking for her now?”he replied

🍒Dan’s pov🍒

“I did, we believed she’s dead,but what about this?? This her wristband, I think it’s a proof she’s alive,,, but you told us she’s dead”Carl yelled as he held the band


“Do you remember seven years ago,I wasn’t given a chance to tell you if she survived or not,, you never gave me a chance,,,,,I was imprisoned for what I knew nothing about”I yelled back

“Okay,, so now where is she?”Max asked and I just shook my head

Do they take me for a fool!!

“And why should I tell you”I scoffed

“Please,,. Just tell us”Max replied,,

“Okay,,I will tell you,,,, she’s with the Davies family”I said and crossed my hand behind my back

“Wait,,are we going to start searching for the Davies family in the country”Carl said moving forward

“I don’t bloody care,,haven’t I tried enough”I said

” go to hell”Carl said and went out

“Bye”Roy said and they went out

I sat back on the chair with a smirk

I’m giving you this chance to find her,so you could face more of my wrath, I’m going to ruin you!


#Season 2
Episode 11


💲Amy’s pov💲

I didn’t even bother to look at them,I just ran out, I looked around.

That band and the women I dreamt of is kinda connected, who are they?

I started walking back inside, when something glittered on my wrist

I almost froze, how did it get to my wrist

“Damn”I said and struggled to get it off,but no. I couldn’t

“Don’t be stubborn, that band will only be removed when you’re happy about it,then you can remove or put it on anytime”

“Who are you!”I said loudly,my eyes shut as I covered my eyes, I didn’t hear anything

I opened my eyes,damn.I headed inside and looked at them

Wait, they were looking at me since

“Amy”Carl called,staring at can I get out of this mess

“Um,,is not what you think”I replied shaking my head the whole time

“You were speaking with someone or…”Roy said and paused

“Trust me guys,it nothing.just forget”I said,putting on a sly smile

“Really?”Carl asked, oh God;don’t let them ask any more questions

“Yes,come on”I said and started walking, they make way for me and I went in,Geez!

💉Jenna’s pov💉

👙She’s cute

👙Look at her hair

They just went on screaming, we entered the car while Rose and Sara sat at the backseat

I put on the ignition and zoomed out of the school compound

“So what’s your plan”Rosa asked and I smiled,,

“You’ll know,I have to get anyone hindering me from getting Carl out”I said

“Hey!”Someone yelled and I turned to see that girl-Patsy

I looked away and drive more faster,she also did. I looked at her and she winked

“You know what?you’re just like your sis”I said and focused on the road

“Whatever”she rolled her eyes

“Why is she here?”Rose groaned

“I don’t f**king know”I replied and increased the speed.

In seconds she was at my front driving at a crazy speed.

Is she competing or what???.

“Come on Jen”Rosa yelled and I drove faster, I smiled as I finally overtake her,,

“We did it!”they shouted and I smiled, but it soon faded away

“Not yet”I said and raced faster, but no!,,she parked her car and blocked my way

I stepped down to see her sitting on her car booth

“You’re right,am just like my sister”




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