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My Grumpy crush Episode 1 to 3

Title: 😍My Grumpy Crush😍
💕Written by :💕 Pinky Preshy Chioma 💕
Marco Avelino the Town’s girl’s crush… Their Prince Charming, their light and shinning armour…
There is actually no suitable word to describe his fame and how girls fall around him only to t©uçh his feet.
Marco was from a very wealthy family…. The Avelino’s happened to be the second riche-st family in the whole Phili-ppines.
They owned a lot of estates and properties and Marco happened to be their only son.
Though Marco was very handsome….
Awwnnnn…. 😍😍Am almost falling for him but I shaa will not let myself cos i can’t be among those dying for him 😂😂
Very cute but argggghhhh… He’s really grumpy!!
He’s so arrogant and rude but that didn’t st©p girls from clvstering around him.
Now here is our beautiful Maja Locsin who lives with her cruel step mother and her wicked children together with her sister Mia.
Maja was also one of those dying for him oh but she knows she was just day dreaming cos a poor fish seller like her is the last person Marco will notice 😂😂
Seriously there are rich girls begging for his love so Maja got no chance with him….
But then what if they meet each other?
Do you think Marco Avelino will ever notice talk more of falling in love with our cute Maja Locsin?
What if Marco has no choice but to love Maja?
How is that even possible?
Let’s find out!!
How do you see the story?
<Maja’s Pov>
I was alre-ady w€t from the rain as I rushed into the slum house where we are living with an empty basket of dried fish.
I picked up a towel hanged on the door and cleaned my b©dy and face still shivering in cold.
Atee! Atee!! That was my younger sister Mia’s voice from inside the room, Mia was just eight years old. Her voice pale and weak too.
Mia! Mia!! I called as i rushed into the room and saw her lying on the be-d and shivering.
Mia are you OK? Oh my goodness you are so h0t, I think you’re down with fever… I cried
Have you eaten? I asked worriedly
No atee! I haven’t eaten except for the piece of fish you gave me this morning before leaving… Mia said with shaky voice
What? But I gave Mamang money for food… I said but before Mia could open her mouth to speak again, Mamang (mother) walked in staggering.
Shut up you ungrateful little witch! She shouted at Mia as she belched mannerlessly and i quic-kly covered my nose with my palms cos of the stench of alcohol that [email protected]£ from her mouth.
Mamang! I called her with our slang word for mother “Mamang”
What is it silly? Mamang sm-irked
Mia is starving but I gave you some money to buy food for… I said crying
Shut your tra-p! You are such a drama queen huh Maja… Well since Mia ate fish in the morning and I needed to gamble so that I can win, I used the money for gambling it was an important bet too… Mamang said coughing disgustingly
I can’t just believe this woman! I said to myself
But Mamang you know Mia has ulcer, it is not advisable for her to starve…. I cried
Shut your gob you bunch of morons! She kicked me r0ûghly
That’s by the way, where is the money you made from today’s sales? She asked
Mia is starving and she’s sick too so I will use it to buy some medicine and food for her… I said
Really? Mamang mocked as she snatched my bag from me and stormed out of the room.
Atee! What are we going to eat now? Mia cried as i got up, locked the door and put off my shoe and pu-ll-ed out some money from my shoe.
Atee! You still have money? Mia smiled
Of course i know that Mamang will take the money so I hid this in my shoe, go on now lie down let me go buy some food and drugs for you… I said as Mia [email protected] and I rushed out.
Though the rain has subsided, but I was still feeling cold.
I headed straight to the pharmacy to get drugs for Mia.
I was walking abs£ntmindedly on the road thinking of Mia’s sickness and all the misfortune we have been throu-gh.
By the way, I forgot to introduce myself well my name is Maja Locsin, am 20 years old and Mia is my only sibling, she’s just eight years old.
You might also be thinking who Mamang is right?
Well our real mother died while giving birth to Mia eight years ago.
Then dad was alive so he married Mamang whose real name is Jodi Locsin but Mia and I call her Mamang.
Mamang gave birth to no child cos dad died after a year of getting married to our step mother who is an add!çted gambler and a drun!k.
Just six months after dad’s death, Mamang brou-ght in two of her children to the house, Carla and James.
She gave birth to them while she was still in her parent’s house, I mean they are love children, James and Carla are not from the same father.
Carla is 23 while James is 25 years old… Just like Mamang, her children were equally wayward and touts all they do is to smoke and [email protected] around.
Life with Mamang and her children have been hell, I had no choice but all I care about is Mia and myself cos we really need to survive.
That was the reason why i dropped out of school and started hawking dried fish in the market because the last person I would want to starve is Mia.
I love her so much and wouldn’t want her to be sick, she’s my only family.
Oops! I’ve been talking and guess what! I walked past the pharmacy where I was going to buy drugs.
I ran back to the pharmacy.
Good evening nurse! I greeted the lady in white go-wn.
Owww! I have always loved to be a nurse and when dad was alive he promised to help me fulfill my dreams of becoming a nurse.
But that will never happen cos i have no money and besides am the one paying and catering for Mia my little sister.
Yes dear! How may i help you? the nurse asked with a lovely smile
I need some drugs, my younger sister who’s eight years old has a fever and she has ulcer too… I said
OK… she said as suddenly my eye caught with the television hung on the wall in the pharmacy.
“THE FIli-pINOS MOST STYLISH, THE CUTEST PRINCE CHARMING, THE SECOND RIche-st IN PHIli-pPINES SIR MARCO AVELINO IS FINALLY BACK IN THE PHIli-pPINES” The news was boldly re-ad as his picture was shown in the television screen… It got me drooling 😜
Awwwnnn… My Marco! I said smiling to myself
Isn’t that crazy? 😂😂
Well one day you will fall in love and see how it feels but I pray you don’t fall for someone who doesn’t even know that someb©dy like you exists just like me…
Just then, I heard a thri-lling noise from behind and turned around it was two young girls both were friends I guess.
Oh Marco Avelino! My biggest crush, my b©yfri£ndto be… One of them yelled to my greatest surprise
Will you shut up, you know I said it first that he’s mine… The other one quarreled
Are they for real? is it my Marco they are fighting for? I asked myself
You are so stupid! One of them said and [email protected] the other
How dare you b©yfri£ndsnatcher! They started fighting and dragging each others hair
Geez! They are so crazy… I smiled to myself as people rushed to them to separate them
Like seriously? These ladies are really something fighting over someone who doesn’t know of their existence? My own Marco for that matter… I laughed
I just know that we all are day dreaming anyways cos Marco sure will never stoop so low to talk to people like us, we are not his type… I laughed aloud this time…
One…. Two…. Three…. Four…. Five… Oh gosh! This is not enough yet… I cried as kept my saving box on the be-d with some notes and coin.
I really needed to pay for Mia’s tuition fee but I don’t have enough money…
Tears gradually dropped down my cheeks but I quic-kly cleaned them up.
I wouldn’t want Mia to see me crying, she was lying on the be-d fast asleep.
I have given her some food and the medicine I bought earlier.
What do I do now? I said b!tt!g my f!ngersin confusion.
Just then, there was a violent knock on the door and i quic-kly used a be-d sheet to cover the savings box and money and then opened the door as Carla pushed me and walked into our room.
What are you doing here Carla? I asked anxiously
Well I [email protected]£ to ask you for some money, I need to buy makeups…. Carla said arrogantly as she took out a stick of cigarette and lighted then smoked.
Carla you are polluting the room… I said coughing slightly
Shut up! Just give me some money… She said as thick smoke gushed out of her mouth.
I don’t have money Carla… I said as she pushed me aside and walked away.
Wretched bastard! She cursed me and walked away.
Am used to that alre-ady… I sighed still thinking of the possible way to raise money for Mia’s tuition fee.
<Jenna’s Pov>
Maja! Maja!! I ran to meet Maja my bestie, she was carrying a basket of dried fish heading to the market of course.
Oh Jenna! You scared me girl… startled Maja said as she placed her basket on the ground.
Bestie! Don’t tell me you are not going to the market with your dry fish today? Maja asked
Come on Maja! I have good news for you …. I smiled broadly
What is it? She asked
I got an offer! At skycity [email protected] h0tel! I said as surprised Maja stood in agape
What? How? When? She asked excitedly
Well it’s just a day offer but the pay is quite good, 500bucks….i said
What? Mia’s tuition fee is 300bucks! How did you get the offer? She asked
The h0tel is actually having their anniversary so they are gonna have lots of guests so they decided to employ more waitresses but it’s only for tonight…. I said
Oh my goodness! Congrats friend!! Am happy for you…. She said
Come on Maja! I also got the job for you so you are among the waitresses for tonight’s event at skycity…. I said
You did! She shouted in excitement
of course bestie… I said as she hvgged me ti-ghtly.
Friends we are! Friends we shall remain cos we are in this together… we chorused and high five as we hvgged each other again.
The night finally [email protected]£, Maja and I were so excited cos we are going to earn higher tonight.
Maja! Hurry up!! What are you still doing? I asked as I sat on the be-d inside Maja ‘s room waiting for her.
Am coming! Am almost done taking a shower… She screamed from the bathroom.
Minutes later she [email protected]£ out from the bathroom and quic-kly wore her uniform.
Are we good to go? I asked anxiously
Yeah! She said as we headed to the door
Wait! She suddenly shouted and ran towards the be-d, she brou-ght out a newspaper un-der her pillow.
Love ya! I know your handsome face will bring good luck for me… She said k!ss!ngthe newspaper as i quic-kly snatched it from her.
It was no other than Marco Avelino my bestie’s everyday crush.
Silly you! I smiled….. I also like him but let’s say I hate day dreaming of something impossible
Well we headed out and flagged down a cab.
<Maja’s Pov>
We started working immediately we got there as Madam Barbara the owner of the h0tel handed us to the manager whose name is Nadine.
Hello sir! What do I offer you? Nadine asked smiling at a handsome young man sitting alone
I want uhmm…. The man said as he saw me coming and eyed me
Don’t worry I will get my order from her… he said dismissing Nadine who threw a dangerous look at me as i served the man.
I hate this bloody fool that calls herself Maja…. Nadine said in anger and walked away
I was still in the kitchen preparing some toast bre-ad ordered by one of the customers when Jenna rushed in.
Maja! Maja!! Guess what? Jenna screamed without breathing
What is it? I asked startled
Sir Marco Avelino is here…Jenna announced
What? I asked in shock as the [email protected] I was holding fell from my hand and broke…..
<Nadine’s Pov>
I heard the sound of the broken [email protected] and rushed into Maja and her friend Jenna picking broken pieces of [email protected]
Maja! I yelled in displea-se as crying Maja quic-kly went on her knees pleading with her friend Jenna.
Am really sorry Nadine! I didn’t mean for this to happen, it was a mistake…. She pleaded
Nadine plea-se don’t tell madam Barbara about this else my friend might loose her money… Her friend begged
Jenna! Get out of here now, back to work… I ordered as she left with a sorry face and I turned to crying Maja.
You idiot! That [email protected] you just broke costs more than your worthless life and if you and your whole family are sold that won’t even replace the [email protected]… I screamed at her with total hatred
Am really sorry… She cried as the land telephone rang aloud and i picked it up.
Hello! I said as i picked it up
plea-se sir Marco ordered for baked beef roll….. The caller said
Alright! I said and hung up
🤔In Nadine’s thought🤔
What do I do to this worthless girl called Maja, I just feel like throwing her out of this h0tel cos i so much despise her but then I think I have an idea…… (smiling☺)
Wow! How about I make her publicly humiliated by ma-king madam Barbara herself in front of my Marco and I know the press will surely be here and she will be made a laughing stock… She will never show her ugly face here ever again…..
Uhmm… I will conceal this on one condition… I said turning to Maja who was still in tears
What is it Nadine? She asked cleaning her tears
I want you to bake a beef roll, it’s for Sir Marco Avelino do it now… I ordered
What? Sir Marco! Her face changed as she looked tensed
Yes you heard me… I said
But I can’t bake that perfectly, you know am still new in this… She said
Are you that dumb? were you not here watching me when I made that for one of the customers? I asked
Yes I was watching you but am not yet perfect plea-se I can’t do it… She cried
Oh really? You are not going to do it? Alright, let me go then… I said and turned to go
Where are you going to Nadine? She asked visibly scared
To madam Barbara of course… I said
OK! Fine, I will do it…. She said
Good! Be fast about that!! I ordered and walked away smiling to myself.
<Maja’s Pov>
How do I start now? What if Sir Marco doesn’t like what I make? I cried
How silly am I? Why did I have to let that [email protected] break? Now that witch Nadine is using it to blackmail me…
What did she do, did she chop the beef into tiny pieces before mixing the flour?
oh God! plea-se save me from this… I cried
Minutes later, I was alre-ady done and took out the fresh beef roll from the oven and Nadine [email protected]£ in and carried it to serve sir Marco.
As soon as she lives, I started praying in my mind.
I had always wanted to catch a sight of my dream b©yfri£ndMarco Avelino but right now I don’t even want to see his clothes talk more of seeing him cos of anxiety.
<Nadine’s Pov>
I served the beef roll to him, I couldn’t even see his face cos there were lots of b©dyguards following him.
Besides the VVIP lodge is really dark with dimmed light I guess that’s how he wants it.
He used a serviette towel to pick up the beef roll and ate of it.
Geez! He yelled with a kinda mixed feelings I guess
My plans are slowly falling in place… I smiled to myself
Who made this? He asked arrogantly
Uhmm sir do you like it? I asked
Are you stupid? You dare not answer my question with a question you bit-ch! He said unplea-santly
He’s so rude! I said to myself
Am sorry sir! I said politely
Get your rotten self out of here and go get me the fv¢king person that made this… He said cruely
OK sir! I turned to leave as Madam Barbara entered
Hope you are enjoying the snack sir? Madam Barbara said smiling but he ignored her as he pu-ll-ed out a stick of cigarette and lighted it then smoked.
What a meanie! I said to myself and walked out.
Finally my plans worked… I laughed as I left the VVIP lodge.
I walked into the kitchen and saw Maja figiating.
Maja! I called her mockingly as she turned to me
Sir Marco wants to see you idiot… I laughed devilishly as she almost [email protected] in anxiety.
What? She said in confusion as tears rolled down her cheeks…
Who cares! 😏
What’s gonna happen to our Maja? 🙁🙁
Am so scared alre-ady!! 😬😬
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