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July 24, 2021


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My girlfriend is a ghost episode 1 & 2

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~Carmelo Anthony. ~

Bring more drinks, we need more drinks pause.

That’s me Carmelo Anthony, one of the richest girls in town drinking in a bar with the two most important persons in my life. One is my boyfriend “Freddie ” and the other my best friend ‘Gloriana ” but I call her “Gloria” for short.

“I said pour more drinks, I must drink to my satisfaction today” I said and Feddie smiled at me.

“Carmelo you’re drunk, I think you need to go home and have some rest” he said and I chuckled.

“I’m not drank, I’m just having fun” I shouted and woke up from my seat.

“let’s party” I said and walk to the dancing section with a bottle of bear on my hand.

I started dancing and celebrating when I heard a sound of someone hitting a bottle on the ground.

I turned and saw someone who was bullying Freddie. My own boyfriend gets bullied in front of me, no I can’t let that happen.

“Who is that? ” I shouted and people shift letting me see him clearly.
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“What are you doing to him? ” I asked and he chuckled.

“Young lady stay away from this and mind your business” he said and I smirked.

“He is my boyfriend, What did he do to you? ” I asked and he turned and face me.

“So this debtor is your boyfriend. You better tell him to pay me my money or else I’ll beat the hell out of him” he said and walked to them.

“That’s not possible, my boyfriend can not be a debtor while I’m here. How much is he owning you?” I asked and he smirked.

“Young lady, I don’t think you will be able to pay me just let me do my thing” he said and I chuckled.

“Just name your price, if you’re not willing to then, I’ll ask him?” I said and faced Freddie.

“Freddie how much do you owe him? “I asked and he nodded.

“It’s about $500,000bucks” he said and I opened my eyes very wided.

“$500? how could you borrow such an amount of money, what did you use it to do?” I asked and the guy laughed.

“I told you, you won’t be able to pay me the money” he said and I snuff.

“Who said I won’t be able to afford such money. Gloria give me my handbag” I said and she handed it to me.

“Take here is the money” I said removing it from my purse and he collected it happily.

“Thank you young lady, he should be greatful he has you, or else I would have beaten the hell out of him today” he said and made to leave.

“Wait, wouldn’t you like to earn extra cash? “I said and he smiled at me nodding.

“But here is my condition, I’ll give you one bucks for each slap you receive” I said and he nodded.

“Is it that simple” he said and I chuckled. I’m going to pay you back for bullying my boyfriend and making a shame out of him in public.

“Knee down” I said and he obeyed. I brought out money from my back and stated slapping him.

I slapped him until I got tired and asked Freddie to continue for me but he refused.

“Hello everyone, you are free to give this guy as many slaps as you want, the pill is on me” I announced and everyone shouted while he looked at me surprisingly.

Many people came slapping him and I watch them do it. To me I felt much better watching him being slapped.

“Carmelo I think it’s time you go home your every drunk” he said and I nodded.

“I’ll go home but first let me give this guy one last slap” I said and he nodded.

I slapped him and drop the money on his body. He collected it all and run out after receiving slaps from so many people.

“Good bye everyone” I said and they all nodded raising their hands at me.

“Gloria please take her purse let’s go” he said and she nodded.

He carried me while walking out of the bar but I kept insisting on walking myself.

“Put me down I can walk myself out of here” I scream but he didn’t listen to me.

“You are a bad boyfriend, you can’t even listen to me, I’m going to beat you if I get the chance” I said and he placed me on my feet.

“Gloria give me my purse. Where are we?” I asked looking around and finding the place every quite.

“Have we left the bar already? “I asked but Freddie didn’t respond and Gloria chuckled.

“We are at the road dorm head” Gloria said and I got angry.

“who did you call dorm heard? I asked and started following her.

“You two should stop we are at the road side” Freddie shouted but I still didn’t listen to him.

“Stop there, if you keep hiding behind his back, I’m going to hit him instead of you” I shouted at Gloria but she still didn’t stop.

I run and almost fell down but was save from falling by Freddie.

“Look at you? you’re so drunk and can’t even stand but you want to chase after Gloria” he scolded but I just stare at him.

“Why do you look so cute when you scold me? ” I asked smiling and touching his face.

He rubbed me around his arm and stood by the roadside waiting for a cab.

“Why aren’t you saying anything cutie? ” I asked looking at his little cute face.

“Just stop talking, there is a cab coming our way” he said and I nodded looking on the road if I cloud see the vehicle coming.

“It’s coming, it’s coming this way” I shouted clapping my hands and he breath out silently.

The vehicle stop in front of ours and Gloria got in while Feddie asked me to get in.

“No I’m not going with you guys, I have something to do, I’ll do it and follow you guys later” I said and he nodded and entered the vehicle.

“Ehh why does it seems like you just want to dump me here? Cloudn’t you at least beg me to follow you or say I’ll be in danger if I stay here?” I said but he asked the driver to drive.

“Do what you need to do and go home I’ve had enough of you today, so annoying” he said and the driver drove away.

“Stop, who is going to take me home? I’m so drunk.Bad boyfriend, I said you are a bad boyfriend, you don’t even care about me. Wait still I see you tomorrow” I said and walk into the road.

I saw a very sparking lights shining on my eyes, it made me not to see every clearly.

“Who turned on my phone brightness like that?” I asked still looking at the light.

I heard it horn at me and I looked at it more clearly only to discover it was a car horning and coming towards me with speed.

It hit me before I cloud get off the road and I feel to the ground feeling pains all over my body, blood dripping out of my head and my eyes made for the close lock.

All I saw last was an image of Freddie and my best friend Gloria standing and watching me.

👻👫[ LOVE IS REAL] ❤😘


~ Charles Brown ~

Another day at the mutrary and another dead cops.

“Why does this one look like he was angry when he was dying? ” I asked myself and chuckled.

“Charles come here” my boss shouted and I quickly rushed out to him.

“Take this dead body and placed it inside, the poor guy just recently died” he said and I nodded.

“How can this one be dying and a smile is one his face, I hope he didn’t do something funny before dying” I thought and looked at his family who were all crying.

I carried him inside and placed him among the others then went to have my lunch.

I’ve been working all day, no time to eat this my food. Well let me eat it now before my boss comes and shout at me.

I opened it and started eating when the guy I just recently dropped in came out.

“Didn’t I just drop you inside there, what are you doing out here? ” I asked and he smirked.

“Buddy can you give me a little bit of your bread, I’m very hungry” he said and I looked at him scared.

“What is happening? Is it that they brought a guy here who isn’t dead. He’s family must have thought he was dead, I’m going to inform them that he is not dead” I thought and made to leave.

“Aren’t you going to give me the breed? ” he asked and I looked at him again before giving it to him.

“My last meal that I want to manage, is it that he has eaten it” I said to myself walking to go tell his family members that he is alive.

“Do you people know that the guy you just brought here isn’t dead? “I asked and there all stared at me with crying eyes.

“What do you mean? If it’s a joke you better stop it” the elderly man said standing up to me.

“I’m not joking, come and see for yourself, he even beg me for bread” I said and he smiled running in to see for himself.

By the time we go there, he was no where to he found. It’s was like no body had passed or made a sound.

He turned and looked at me and I smirked very scared at the weird look on his face.

“I’m really not lying, he was here” I said but he punch me really hard.

“That’s for lying” he said and continued crying. He walk out leaving me in pain.

I sat down thinking if I was imaging things or hasimulating.

“That’s can’t be possible if I was imagining things then where is my bread?” I asked myself

I sat down and looked around still wandering about what just happened. My boss walked in staring at me angrily.

“What did you just do Charles?, I thought I warned you to stop causing problems for me here” he yelled and blow my head.

“Boss I’m sorry, I really did see him wake up” I said but instead he snuffed.

“I’m sending you on a one week break, when you learn how to stop causing trouble for me here, you can come back” he said and I looked shocked.

“Boss please I won’t say such things again, don’t suspend me” I pleaded blowing my head towards him.

“This isn’t the first time this is happening here Charles, I think this break will help you realize your mistakes” he said and walk away.

Me and this my big mouth. why do I keep thinking that I see dead people, now my boss has suspended me.

“I’ll have to go and sit at that my one room apartment again” I said and walked out.

I was walking on the road home bowing my head down when a guy suddenly stopped me.

“Hey buddy, I’m very hungry can you help me one more time? ” he asked and I didn’t even look up at him.

“I’m sorry but please can let me be” I said and continued walking when he raise my head up.

“You….”I shouted in the middle of the road and people around looked at me like a fool, then turned back.

“I went away wandering why only you cloud see me?” he said and touch my shoulder.

“What do you mean? Do you mean to say all this people walking on the road can’t see you” I asked and he smirked.

“Known of them can see me except you” he said and I smirked.

“But why?” I asked looking around and people didn’t pay attention to him.

“That is because I’m a ghost and it still pafuss me how on earth you can see me” he said and I chuckled.

“Stop cracking such experience jokes at a time like this, I’m very hungry” I said and he nodded.

“I’m also hungry but to prove to you that I’m not lying, watch this” he said and moved a little bit away from me.

He jumped up and down and shouted really hard but no one payed attention to him. I looked around very well if anyone cloud hear him but no one did.

He walk back to me and noticed how I placed my hands on my stomach.

“Are you hungry?” he asked and I nodded swallowing salivary.

“I know a good restaurant around this area let’s go eat there” he said and I nodded.

“But I have no money here with me” I said and he smirked.

“Don’t worry money isn’t the problem, I’ve got a lot of money” he said and I smiled.

I followed him down the street and I saw “Nancy” walking towards our way then I quickly hide.

“who is she?,Why are you hiding from her?” he asked after he had walked to where I was hiding myself.

“She’s is Nancy, the girl I like” I said and he chuckled.
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“If you like her why don’t you tell her instead of hiding here? ” he asked and I nodded.

“It isn’t as easy as you think, I’ve never had the courage to face her and I’m always afraid of what may happen if I tell her I like her” I said but he chuckled.

“When I was alive, there wasn’t any girl who I cloudn’t talk to. I was the king of girls. If you like her just go tell her and stop hiding anytime you see her” he said and I nodded like a guy who understood him.

“She’s is gone lets keep moving” I said and we both continued our journey to the restaurant.

We arrived there and I was offered the menu, he just sat down and didn’t touch anything.

I bent his head under the table so we cloud talk. I didn’t want others seeing me as a mad man who speaks to himself.

“The food here are very expensive, are you sure you can afford the money” I asked and he nodded.

“Don’t worry the money isn’t a problem” he said and I nodded. I raise my head up and choose four different meals.

The meals were served to me and I wandered how he was going to eat with me.

I bent his head again under the table and he smirked me.

“How are you going to eat? ” I asked and he smiled.

“That isn’t a problem, take this Candle wax and light it, then placed it under the table” he said and I did as he instructed.

We both went back up the table and he was able to draw his own food from mine. he food was invisible for others to see.

We both ate to our satisfaction and immediately I finished eating I drank water and relaxed on my seat.

“Bring out the money so I can pay the pills” I said in a very low tune and he nodded sending his hand into his pocket.

“What if I tell you there is no money inside my pocket and all my money was taken when I died. Hope you will not be angry with me” he said and I looked at him opening my mouth.

“I’ll beat the hell out of you if that is true” I said and he smirked.

“Actually I can’t find any money in my pocket, I’m really sorry” he said and i looked anxious.

“What?” I shouted and everyone looked at me. I picked up a the glass and pretended to be drinking water.

“I’m really sorry but I have to go” he said and immediately disappeared.

I then remained carrying my hands on my head and calculating how I’m going to pay for the food I’ve just eaten.



#To be continued.

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