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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My fiance episode 9 to 12

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My fiance 💞💞

Episode 9 ❤



Was this girl tempting me? How could she ask me to spend the night at her place? But there was no way I could turn her down.

I looked around, the room was almost empty by now as most of the guests were now taking their leave.The girl who I had seen talking with Rita soon came over;I guess she too was about to take her leave.

Rita:Vincent this is Joyce my best friend and Joyce,this is my partner Vincent.

We shook each others hand and the girl finally took her leave leaving me and Rita alone in the room.

Rita:So Mister are you ready to sleep or……..

Me: Am not really an early sleeper so I guess am still up for now.

Rita:OK then.Am going to take a shower so I will join you when am through.

She pushed me to the chair and threw the remote to me before proceeding to maybe her room or one of her rooms.

There was nothing much to watch so I brought out my phone to call Clara.At least she should have arrived in Paris by now.

Me:Hello darling

Clara:Hello baby how are you doing?


Clara:Really?Does that mean you are not missing me?

Me:No way.Am seriously missing you right now

Clara:Really?So what did you have for dinner?

Me:Just snacks

Clara:And why is that?

Me:I was just too tired

to prepare anything

Clara:Sorry about that.So what are you doing now?

Me:Nothing much,just watching a programme before I go to bed.

Clara:Okay.Anyway,am already feeling sleepy so maybe we will continue tomorrow

Me:OK then.Bye.Love you

Clara:Love you too

We ended the call and I changed the station to one music station.Just then,Rita came downstairs putting on only her night gown.Her night gown was transparent and I could see that she was wearing only her panties,no bra;what kind of temptation is this?

“Hey so what have you been watching?” She said as she sat near me

Me:Nothing much.Just some music videos.

Rita:Since you love watching music videos, I guess you must be a good dancer.

Me:No I don’t know how to dance

Rita:Liar,have you forgotten we danced together at the club the other day? You really danced well.

Me:Stop teasing me

Rita:Am not

Me:Yes you are

Rita:Okay since you were unable to dance with me at the party, I guess you have to do that now

Me:But the party is over

Rita:Yes and you didn’t attend it,that is why I am asking you to dance now

Me:Am not a good dancer

Rita:Am not arguing about that but I have to check that out myself.

I stood up reluctantly and I didn’t know what to do.Suddenly Rita grabbed me and pulled me close to her or maybe too close.I could feel her nipples against my chest,I just had to control myself but I think this girl was looking for something else.

Rita:This music is too dull for my liking.

She took the remote and changed it to one crazy hip hop music.

Rita:Cone on you danced

to this in the club,so why are you standing now?

I knew if I started dancing it could lead to something else,so I stood there smiling foolishly at what she was saying.

Rita:Okay.I think you are waiting for me to start.No problem.

The next thing I knew,this girl was already twerking;rolling her ass on my dick.This girl was probably doing this on purpose,she wanted something.

Bad boy activated

I started dancing to the music and since she was still twerking,I grabbed her waist and started rolling it;her ass was turning me on but I better stop before it is too late,I don’t want to betray my fiance.I fell on the chair as if I was tired so she won’t suspect that I quit on purpose.

Rita:So you are already tired within these few minutes.

She sat near me and this time around,she put her head on my shoulder.

Am I even crazy? girl like her trying to throw herself to me,I am behaving like moron?A girl I have looking for a way to date and now what is in front of me is more than date .I had better wake up.

I put my hand across her shoulder and then she changed the station to M Movie Zone.After about 30minutes,they changed scene to one of these crazy scenes-american films;they must do the do in almost all their film but this particular one was hardcore.My underground knight was gaining momentum but I was managing to cool him down.I noticed Rita was not talking or making any sound,only her breathing was all I could hear.Should I try my luck?Maybe or Maybe not. I used to be a bad boy in my university days,always fucking girls at every given chance and being a rich and intelligent guy,girls were always willing to open their legs for me but ever since I got engaged to Clara,it all stopped.I had not had sex since I got engaged to her not even with her,because she claimed she was an holy Mary.Maybe this was my chance after about 2years.

Since my hand was across her shoulder,I stretched it downward and let it rest on her butts.She didn’t talk;maybe she didn’t feel it.Should I make another move?What if I make it and everything goes wrong? I knew she was definitely not sleeping. I proceeded forward and gave her nipple a gentle squeeze and…………


Episode 10❤


And……………………..she let out a soft moan.This girl was definitely in.No need to be gentle anymore.I grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them,they were so soft but the nightie was still not letting me have the pure feeling.I unbuttoned the nightie and placed my lips on her bare boobs,they were like overripe juicy mango,I started sucking them one after the other and I was loving it.I knew she would be wet by now,I dipped into her panties and started rubbing her……………. her…………….her…………….I don’t know what it is called🥴

She started jerking wildly and moaning loudly,this girl was really a bad girl.I pulled the nightie completely off her,taking a good look at her body before I finally took off my clothes too.To cut the story short;don’t let me corrupt good children😂

;we had sex that night(4 rounds).Rita was one hell of a bitch,each round lasted at least about 40 minutes.

I knew a lot of things were about to change but there was nothing I could do to it.

I woke up the next morning on the sofa I had fucked Rita last night,I looked around;I was alone in the sitting room.Although I had slept unclad last night with Rita by my side nothing covering our nakedness,I now had a blanket on me;I don’t know how it got there but am sure it is Rita’s doing.Where did she even go?

As I was about to stand up,I saw her coming from her room upstairs and on seeing me awake,she headed my way.

Rita:Good morning

Me:Good morning

Rita:How was your night?

Me:Couldn’t have been better

Rita:Nice to hear that

I took a good look at her and I began to think about something.This gentle,cool girl I am looking at right now is totally different from the horny bitch I fucked yesterday who kept on asking for more.Was it the sex hormones at work or was that an hidden part of her?

“I already prepared everything you will need this morning and even your clothes,so just go the bathroom then come and join me here”Rita said as she stood up to leave.

* * * *

The weekend was soon over but Sunday was very interesting, I was at Rita’s house for almost the whole day and we did something…….. something meant for married couple.We were already dating and since Clara was out of the country for the meantime,I could do whatever I want .

We got to work the next morning and during lunch time,we went out to eat together;at least no one would suspect that we were dating since we were partners and having lunch together would mean nothing.

* * * *

The next day,Tuesday was a public holiday so I was at home watching films until I got tired of it.I picked my phone and called Rita.

Me:Hello baby how are you doing

Rita:Am fine and you?

Me:Not really fine


Me:Am seriously missing you

Rita:Really? So do you want me to come to your house?

Me:I would really love that

Rita:Okay expect me in 1 hour time


Rita:Bye.Love you

Me: Love you too.

* * * *

40 minutes later


I was still watching films when a call came in from Clara.

Clara:Hello dear how are you?

Me:Am fine,just that am really missing you.


Me:Of course.

Clara:Ok then maybe i should come back because of you

Me:No you don’t need to do that

Clara:Okay.I will call you back,something just came up now.

Me: Okay.Bye.Love you

Clara:Love you too darling.

We ended the call and I continued watching my film.

I looked at the time;Rita would soon be here anytime from now.5 minutes later,I heard a knock on my door;Rita was here but why didn’t the gateman ask me first? Not to worry.

I stood up,went to the door to open but on opening the door I met someone else there;Clara

“Surprise” she said as she hugged me.I was happy to see her but on the other hand,I felt like telling her to go for now but I dare not do that.

I hugged her back;God don’t let this be our last hug.After that I took her to the sitting room,am sure she had a lot of today.

Me:You did not tell me you are back

Clara:Yes I wanted to surprise you

Me:But you came back sooner than I thought.

Clara:I actually finished all I had to do really quick so I had nothing else to do and I was already missing you.

Just then, the gateman walked in.

Gateman: Sir, there’s a lady looking for you

I didn’t answer him, Clara looked at my face

Clara:Were you expecting someone?

Me:Erm … not really.(To the gateman)Didn’t she tell you her name?

Gateman: No.

Clara:Let her in

I looked at Clara but she just shrugged and went to sit down.

After 1 minute, she walked in.


Episode 11 ❤


I didn’t know what to do,I was nervous and I was sure Clara could see my nervousness. The door opened and she came in,I could see the look on Clara’s face;she needed an explanation.

Me: Clara this is Sarah my secretary and Sarah this is Clara,my fiance.

They exchanged pleasantries but I didn’t pay attention to that,my mind was still on Rita;she may come anytime.

“Sir,I was just passing by so I decided to drop this file so maybe if you are less busy,you can check it out” Sarah said bringing me back to reality.

I collected the file from her and after that she left.

Although I was happy to see Clara, I was troubled by the fact that Rita may come anytime from now.I stylishly took my phone and told Clara I was going to the toilet. When I got to the toilet,I tried her number but she didn’t pick up;maybe she was driving.God help me today

* * * *

5 hours later


Clara was finally ready to go home,thank God Rita didn’t show up during the whole period.Although I had wanted Rita to come at first but after Clara showed up,I have been praying to God not to let Rita come and I guess my prayer was answered.

At work the next day,I saw Rita,although I was not angry;I decided to play a little;I decided to let her come and apologize to me for not coming before talking to her.

I was working on the files I had on my table when Rita came in.

“Hey baby what’s up ?”She said as she cupped my chin in her hands but I just removed her hand from my chin and didn’t say anything;I guess that was enough to tell her I was angry with her for not coming.She got the message faster than I had thought.

Rita:Baby am really sorry for not making it to your place yesterday,I had somewhere urgent to go yesterday.

I was loving this,I looked at her face but did not say anything.

Rita: Baby I said am sorry

Me:Why didn’t you tell me about that before?

Rita:I didn’t know about it before,my dad just called me on my way to your place and told me I had somewhere I had to attend for him

Me:And why could you not call me or send a text message?

Rita:Am sorry I forgot

Me:What about my calls?Didn’t you see that one too?

Rita:I later saw it

Me:And you didn’t even try to call or flash me back?

Rita:Baby I said am sorry

Me:Okay no problem

“Thank you baby”She said and kissed me.

Rita:So since I was unable to come yesterday, what about I spend the whole weekend at your place?


Rita:What?Is it not a good idea?

Me:No,it………….it is a good one but am totally occupied for the weekend so maybe some other time.

Rita:Okay but what about you spend the night in my place?

I looked into her eyes,I knew what she meant;I sure could not reject that.

* * **

The love I had for Clara started diminishing, I started loving Rita better but I was already engaged to Clara so breaking up would be difficult.Clara was the perfect wife material;I could not dispute that fact but Rita was more romantic;she was totally crazy in bed.I was still thinking of all these when Frank my best friend came in.

Frank:My guy,how’s you.

Me: Am good.

We started talking about different stuffs ranging from ball to wrestling to films to music until we finally stopped the most interesting topic ‘girls’.

Frank:So if I understand clearly,you are dating your partner


Frank:(Raising his voice)Vince are you out of it?You are engaged for crying out loud

Me:Engaged not married

Frank:But about to get married,right?

Me:Am still thinking of what to do

Frank:About what?

Me:About the two damsels

Frank:What is there to think about?You are engaged to Clara and you are simply playing with……….what is her name again?


Frank:Yeah Rita.

Me:I was thinking maybe there could a change of roles

Frank:What do you mean?

Me:I was thinking maybe I should start planning marriage with Rita and then keep on playing with Clara

Frank:Are you crazy?

Me:I was just joking

Frank:I don’t really trust you but I hope you don’t regret it

Me:I am not leaving Clara alone

Frank:You had better not because if you do, you will be losing something precious.

Me:I dare not break up with her.

Frank:Better.By the way,I have got a date and I better not be late for that so I think I have to take my leave.

Me: OK no problem.



Episode 12 ❤


Weekend came too fast;maybe to me, I don’t know.I sat in my room doing nothing in particular; I was bored.I stood up and headed downstairs. On getting downstairs,a way of getting rid of boredom came to my mind;I should go to Rita’s house or ask her to come here. I picked my phone about to call her when another call came in and it was from Clara.

Me:Hello baby

Clara:Hello Vince we have to talk.

* * * *

I got to the restaurant Clara had asked us to meet in,as I was about stepping in,I saw her just coming down from her car;she was late. We walked into the restaurant together, got a seat then ordered for drinks. What was happening? This isn’t the Clara I know,she wasn’t smiling,instead she looked like a criminal who had come to transact an illegal business;they don’t smile during that period or maybe it is how films portray them.

Me:Hey Clara what’s up? Is everything okay?

Clara:Sure.We just gave some certain things to talk about.

From the way she was talking,something was wrong;did she………no way,I was always careful.

Clara:Vince I want to talk about our relationship.

“What about it?” I said,I knew I sounded saucy but I hope she didn’t pick that up.

Clara:It is about how you’ve been behaving lately

Me:What do you mean?

Clara:Vince you are a changed person now,I don’t understand you anymore,this was not how you used to be,what is going on?

Me:Clara to be sincere,I don’t understand any bit of what you are saying.You said I changed but………

Clara:But what?Vince something is wrong or you are hiding something from me.

Me:What’s making you say all this?.

Clara:The fondness; it is missing,you can’t do without calling up to five times in a day before but now,you don’t call me anymore,except I call you .What exactly did I do?

Me:Clara it is not the way you see it,this week was totally stressful, so ……………


Me:Am serious


Me:So are we good?

Clara:Almost.Vince you have to spend the weekend at my place

OMG!!! I was planning on spending the weekend with Rita but now there was no way I could not come up with an excuse;although I could,I dare not try it.

Me: No problem

Clara:Then I guess we are good

* * * * *

We got to Clara’s house, she quickly rushed to the kitchen to prepare something while I sat down to watch a programme on TV.After eating, we started talking about everything in general.Then a call came in;Rita

Clara: Your partner is calling you.

I wanted to leave the call without picking it but Clara was waiting; I think she doesn’t really trust me anymore. Finally I picked the call.


Rita:Hello baby am feeling horny, can you come over?.

I looked at Clara’s face,her face said it all. IT’S DOOMSDAY.




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