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July 30, 2021


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My fiance episode 1 to 4

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My fiance 💞💞

Episode 1


It was another Monday morning and I knew I had to get to work,although I was the boss, I hated going to work late. I stood up from the bed ,did a little bit of morning devotion and started preparing for my first day at my dad’s company. The company wasn’t owned by my dad alone ,he and his childhood friend had built the company but still I could still call it my dad’s company.


Although my family was really rich,I had gone out to work in other companies not because of the money but because I believed working in other companies apart from my dad’s one will make me to be able to make full use of my potentials,unlike my father’s company where I could do whatever I liked like a spoilt brat.I had not even wanted to take the job as managing director in one of my dad’s company if not for the persuasion from my mom. Although the salary was about five times better than my current one.
I picked my phone which I had switched off the other night, switched it on and like every other day,the first call of the day came in and it was from no one other than my fiancee ‘Clara’.
Clara:Hey darling, how was your night?
Me:Splendid and yours?
Clara:Same.I hope you are ready for work because I don’t want you to be late on your first day of work.
Me:Am done but I just want to eat the little noodles I prepared before I take my leave.
Clara:Mr chef am 100% sure the noodles you prepared must be totally soggy.
Me:(Laughs) So are you telling me I don’t know how to cook.
Clara:I don’t know how about that but maybe you will have to show me what you’ve got this weekend.
Me:Ok deal.
Clara: Okay,bye for now . Love you.
Me:Bye.Love you too.
We ended the call and I quickly devoured my noodles before I left home.
* *
As I drove my car to work, I started thinking about my relationship with Clara.Our relationship was fun but the truth is that, I am just starting to like her due to the fact that our engagement was a forced one. It was based on business between my dad and her dad.So as long as we are still engaged to each other,the two dads still have shares in each other’s company.
I arrived at work and parked my car at the office garage .As I walked to my office,the workers started greeting me due to the fact that they knew me before now,i got tired of greeting and immediately I brought out my phone and started checking my messages on whatsapp . I got busy with the phone and as I was about to reach my office, I crashed into someone.
Me:Oh my , am so sorry.
“Can’t you just watch where you are going” The strange lady I have never seen in this company shouted at me.
I wanted to tell her not to make her vocal cords cut off but seeing that I already spilled the coffee she was holding on her dress, I just told her ‘am sorry’.
She walked away furiously and I kept on looking at her as she walked away then I saw something I didn’t see before, this girl is extremely beautiful and the most beautiful girl I have seen in my life.
But who is she and what could she be doing here because she definitely does not look like someone who works here.I kept on wondering as I headed to my office .


Episode 2 ❤

Rita sat in her office going through the files she had asked her secretary Becky to drop on her table this morning.As she was about to get up from her seat,her secretary bangs into her office without even knocking.
Rita:Yes what is it?
Becky:I just wanted to inform you that the other MD is here.
“Okay” Rita answered reluctantly.
Rita had already tried to convince her dad ‘Mr Collins’ and Mr Wells who happened to be Vincent’s dad,that she is capable of handling everything on her own but the two men had remained adamant that they were going to hire another managing director. Rita accepted their decision and now that this new managing director is here, she had to see if it is somebody that would be better than her.


* * * * *
I sat in my office going through the files submitted by my secretary Sarah on my table when I heard a soft knock on my door and before I could even open my lips, she was already in.
WTF? What if i was feeling itchy and I had actually pulled down my trousers so I could be able to scratch my butt,is that how she would bang in? I don’t know why I can’t have a little bit of privacy.
Me:Yes what is it?
Sarah:Sir, Miss Collins is here to see you.
Me:Who is she?
Sarah:She is the other managing director sir.
Me:Okay let her in.
Then as Sarah turned to go,I called her back .
Me:Sorry but did you say Miss or Mrs?
Me:Okay you can go.
Immediately she left, I ran to my drawer, brought out my comb and mirror and I combed my hair, straightened my tie and quickly arranged my table which was rough.I always made sure I was looking my best in the presence of chicks.
After about 1 more minute,the door opened and three ladies entered into my office.One was my secretary,one was unknown to me while the last one was the girl I had spilled coffee on although she has already had a change of clothes.I stood there waiting for them to talk or do something but instead they too were looking at me like statues.After about 2 minutes,the coffee girl finally broke the silence,she faced the two remaining ladies with her and she asked them “Where is he?”.The question sounded weird to me but I dismissed the thought of asking her what she meant and I faced my secretary with a look meaning “what is going on ?”
She got my message on time as she immediately proceeded with a little bit of introduction
Sarah:Sir this Miss Collins and ……..
Rita: What? Don’t tell me this guy here is the other director.
“He is the one” Her secretary replied her and then followed up with another question “Do you know each other?”
Rita:This is the id……….the guy who spilled coffee on me.
I wanted to talk but it was as if staying mute for too long has affected my mouth because I tried talking but no sound came out.
She walked out the office and then Sarah and the other lady whom I think should be her secretary kept on looking at me before Sarah broke the silence.
Sarah: Sir I think you should go after her because that is the lady you were supposed to work with and if you guys are not on a good terms, it will do more harm than good to the company.
The lady nods her head approvingly and I decided to try my luck to see if I could calm her down.
But sincerely speaking I don’t know why just that little mistake would make somebody get so mad like that.Anyway let me try my luck.


Episode 3 ❤


“Hello Miss Collins Hello” I called out as I ran after her but she kept on walking without bothering to look back. I was 100% sure she heard but she had intentionally decided to ignore me.I increased my pace and very soon, I caught up with her.
Me:Miss Collins please can you spare me a few minutes?
Rita:Mister whatever your name is we simply don’t have anything to talk about so I don’t see the reason why I should be seen standing here with you.
She finished talking and then started walking away but then I followed her but this time around I made sure I was in front of her.
Me:Miss Collins I know you are still angry about me spilling coffee on you but I already apologized and to be sincere,I don’t know why someone would get angry because of a little stuff like that
Rita:So you think what you did is a little stuff,right? I had somewhere to attend but because of you I was unable to attend it and you think it is a small issue. Why am I even telling telling you all this?
Me:Miss Collins pls am…………
“Stop Miss Collinsing me” She said and started walking away.It seemed like she already calmed down so I decided to play a little bit.
Me: So Miss where are you off to because based on my knowledge,your office is the other way and not this way.
Rita: What does that have to do with you?
Me:Just curious.But by the way,don’t you think since we will be working together we ought to have each other’s number?
She stopped walking and faced me looking straight faced, I wanted to tell her not to scream but her reply stopped me.
I thought she was joking not until she gave me her number and I called it to confirm and it was really her number.She turned to start leaving but I wasn’t going to let her go so easily.
Me:So Miss what name do I save your name with?
Rita: Your choice
Me: Since it is my choice to make, what if I save it with something like ‘babe’?
She smiled and said “You are not serious, just save it with Rita”
OMG!!! Her smile was totally mesmerizing, I felt as if I was dreaming.She told me goodbye and started walking away, i kept on looking at her as she was going;she was just so perfect.

It was soon lunch time and everybody left what they were doing either to eat or to chat.I was still in office although doing nothing in particular when I received a message, i opened the message and saw that it was from the boss lady as i normally call me.
“Am outside your office block,come out and let us go and have lunch.If you don’t come out within 5 minutes I will be coming in to drag you out”.
I read the message and smiled to myself,my fiance had her way of always making me smile. I packed the files I was working on together and I went outside to meet her.I saw her standing near her car wearing a simple top, jean trousers and a pair of sneakers and she was looking extraordinarily beautiful. To be sincere,I don’t know who is more beautiful between Rita and Clara but that isn’t my business,all I am looking for is a way to date Rita.
Immediately she saw me coming,she came to me,gave me a hug before pecking me and took me to the car.I looked around to ensure Rita was no where near before finally entering the car.
On our way,as Clara was driving the car she started asking questions about what happened at work today because she want to know every single detail;typical of her.Of course,I told her everything expect the part the where I had gone after Rita after she left the office.
Clara:So you mean you and this lady who you are supposed to work with are not on good terms?
Clara:I think maybe you should try talking to her so that the both of you can settle whatever it is that you have because it is for the benefit of the company.
Me:Okay I will try.
Few minutes later,we got to Clara house. she stopped the car at the gate.
Me:You didn’t tell me we were coming to your house
Clara: Yes.I knew if I told you,you might not want to come and I really feel like spending time with you.
I smiled and we drove into the compound. After parking the car,we went inside and on getting inside,I saw that she had prepared one of my favourite delicacy.
After eating , we sat in the sitting room talking ,I looked at the time and I saw that lunch time was way past.Just then,I received a call and it was from Rita.
Clara:Rita.Is that not the name of the other director?
I would have rejected the call immediately if the phone was with me but the phone was with Clara and before I could even talk,she picked the call,placed it in loudspeaker and the sentence that came from the next end was
“Hello Mr babe, we are waiting for you in the office”.

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Episode 4


“Hello Mr babe we are waiting for you at the office” And the call ended.
I knew I was in for trouble because even the look on my fiance’s face said it all .
Clara:Vincent i need an explanation because if I could remember clearly,you told me you guys are not on good terms,so what about this call ?Where did she get your number from?
Me: Actually I don’t know but she could have gotten it from my secretary or anybody she feels like asking from.
Clara:Okay,so why did she suddenly call you when you guys are clearly not on good terms?
Me:She possibly had something important to tell me
Clara:Like what?
Me:Something pertaining to work.At least you heard her asking me to come back to the office immediately.
Clara:So what lie do you also have about the babe she called you?
It was as if I was being interrogated about a murder case because she just kept on throwing the questions to me one after the other.But what will I tell her now? I just had to say something.
Me:Maybe that the way she normally teases guys
Clara:Then why would she decide to tease you when you are not good term?
WTF???This girl is some something else,she just keeps on replying one answer with another question. But to be sincere,this her last question was complicated,I did not know what to say but I decided to play another trick.
Me:Clara you know I will never betray you,you know I really……….
Clara:Vince i have had enough of your lies,so if you would please leave my house right now or else I will be forced to call my security guards to throw you out of this house.
Me:Clara I can……….
Clara:Vince get out.
I could see that she was really furious but I knew she would soon calm down.I got out of the house, boarded a taxi and on getting to the company,i met my dad,uncle Joe and Rita talking in the meeting hall.Rita was the first to see me and immediately she saw me,she started smiling which made me start thinking ‘could this girl be crushing on me’.I moved towards them greeted the men before sitting down on the nearest seat.We started the impromptu meeting and during the meeting I caught Rita staring at me several times but anytime i caught her,she quickly looked elsewhere but I knew she was looking at me before that.
The meeting ended and the two men left possibly to one of their boring clubs leaving me and Rita alone .
Me:Wow you didn’t tell me uncle Joe was your dad
Rita:That is because we haven’t gotten the chance to talk very well .
Me:Really? Then this is a chance.
We talked and then got to know each other although I didn’t mention that I was engaged. During the whole time we were talking,I kept on looking at her lips;they were supple and looking juicy,I wished I could just chew those lips right there but I knew I dare not make any flirtatious move which may jeopardize my chance of dating her so i just decided to take my eyes off those lips but I found it impossible.
“Rita can you join me and let us go to a club tonight”I asked her and i even started wondering if I was the one who had just said that.
Rita:I think I should be able to go.
I was extra happy she agreed to follow me but I did not want her to notice so I just tried to continue the talking.
Me:I will be coming to pick you at your place
Rita:I don’t think there is any need for that.
Me:Am coming and that is final.
We talked a little bit before we finally went to our different office.After closing, I got home, took a shower then went to my wardrobe to pick the clothes I was going to wear but then on getting there I was unable to pick out what I should wear then my mind went back to Clara.I picked my phone and dialled her number but she refused to pick my call,after trying it multiple times and still with the same results, I prepared for where I was going and within few minutes I was fully dressed. I picked my car keys and headed for Rita house. I got to her gate and pressed my horn and shortly afterwards,she appeared and was all smiles.
She was putting on a long flowing pink gown and i must confess she looked like an angel in it although there is no female angel in heaven.
We got to the club and people thought we were a couple. We sat down for a bit and drank the wine we ordered while watching what was going on. Very soon it was time to dance with your partner but instead of dancing,we sat down looking at everybody grabbing their partner and running off to the dance floor but sincerely,I felt like grabbing Rita and taking her to the dance floor to dance but I didn’t want to seem too forward.
But it was as if she had read my mind because what I heard her say next was “Hey Vincent let’s go and dance”.I sat still on my seat as if I did not hear what she said because I didn’t want to look too anxious. Before i could say anything, she had dragged me to the dance floor and was standing in front of me waiting for me to start dancing, i had no problem with dancing with her because I felt it was my chance to kiss her because it is something I have been fantasizing since I set my eyes on her.We started dancing and very soon we were enjoying the dance although it was just the holding waist and hands dance.Very soon,our heads started edging close to each other, I dont know if she noticed it or not but it was not really my business.I pulled her closer and our heads were just few inches apart,i looked into her eyes and I bent forward to kiss her.Just then ,someone who i supposed happened to be drunk hits me from the back and that made me loose my balance. Angrily I turned back to abuse the idiot who hit me but behold I couldn’t open my mouth when I saw the person at my back;it was no one other than my fiance ‘Clara’.

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