My Driver’s son episode 28 & 29


🧚episode twenty eight🧚

🧜By Authoress anita🧜


Before I could blink,James pressed hisl-ips on mine. My heart st©pped beating for a while and once I regained my s-en-ses,I pushed him away.

“What was that?what come of you?What have you just done? “I said as tears start to stream down my eyes.

“Come on Tiny, don’t act like a small girl, this is not your first k!ssas well why are you acting like this? *he said and that hurt me the more.

“I hate you! I hate you James, don’t you ever speak to me again, God what have I done? *I said as walked away from him.

I stepped off the yacht and run into my room.
I throw myself on the be-d as tears keep on streaming down my eyes.

I couldn’t help but think about micheal.
yes its over between me and Michael but I feel as if I just cheated on him. What on earth have I just done?
I stood up on my feet and run to the bathroom. I brou-ght out my toothbrush and cleaned myl-ips and teeth with h0t water.

Calm down Tiny, Michele is not here, Michael will not know what just happened. pu-ll yourself together. I said as I kept on brushing my tooth.
Just then there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Tiny, are you in there? “It was James voice.

“Go away, I don’t wanna talk to you”I yelled.

“Tiny st©p acting like a br@t! “He said.

“Your the br@t, your the biggest br@t I have never seen in my life before, just leave me alone”I said as I str!pe myself n-ked and prepare for a h0t shower. I just feel as if I am dirty.

In no time I was done and I walked out of the room.By then, James was gone.

“Tiny”I heard Tisabels voice.

“Come in”I said and she walked into the room

“Wow, good for you that got such a rich guy is your b©yfri£nd, we are in a tent and you’ve got your own room”she said as she jumped on the be-d.

“What is good about that,my father is also rich,I can afford a room without his help” said as I picked a white bu-mshort from my bag.

“Right, have you meet Michael? “She asked.

“Michael is at home, “i said.

“Home? That means you’ve not yet met him right? Micheal is here and he was looking for you. I told him that you left with James.”she said and my heart jumped with joy.

“Michael was looking for me? Where is he now? “I asked.

“He went to the lake for fresh air”she said.

I quic-kly replaced the bu-mshort with a dress he picked out earlier,. Finally, Micheal has swallowed his pride for me and showed up here,there is no reason for me to keep my pride up my pride anymore. I will swallow my pride as well and will go meet him in this dress.

I run out to the lake shore with joy, I saw Michael from afar and just then Missy approached him.

Missy was saying something to Micheal ,before I could take another step forward, Missy and Micheal’sl-ips locked. That moments,that very moment,I almost fainted.


🧚Episode twenty nine🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita🧜


I stood along the make shore, the lake breeze seem to be refreshing my mind. I regret ever coming to this trip.

. If I had known,I would not have suc¢v-mbe-d to my feelings and land at this place.

“Hi Michael”Missy said as she approached me.

“How did you know that I am here? “I asked her.

“Well, I used my own ways. By the way, you look frustrated what is the problem? “She asked me.

“Nothing, everything is fine”I said facing the sea.

“I know you Michael, and I know that something is troubling you”she said.

“Mmh, maybe”I said.

“Do you want me to make you feel better? “She said and I look at her.

“How can you make me feel better? “I asked and she smiled

“In this way”she come closer to me and locked myl-ips with hers.

I pushed her away and sl@pped her.

“What nons-en-se is this? “I yelled at her.

“Nons-en-se? Don’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy the k!ss”she said sarcastically.

Gosh, there is alre-ady a lot in my mind, how dare she add more?

“Missy or whatever they call you listen and listen to me very careful, let this be the first and last time you try this nons-en-se. The next time you try this , I will kill you”I said and walked away.

I feel as if I am going crazy, I just wish that Tiny didn’t see that.

I walked back to the camp and found my friends gathered around the fire eating dinner.

“Micheal, would you like some? “Nathaniel, my friend asked.

“Sure”I said and he handed me a plate of rice.

“Where are James and Tiny? “Asked Nathaniel.

“Don’t mind about them, I think they are here for a d@t£ rather than a school trip”said one of my clas-s mates.

In no time we were done eating and others begun to doze off.

“Guys, why don’t we pl@ya game”suggested ñ@v£l my fellow prefect.

“Your right, but what kind of game? “Asked Isabel.

“Truth or dare”Said Tiny as catwalked towards us.

“Yes, that will be fun”exclaimed Ethan and in no time James joined us as well.

We took a bottle and spinned it, it pointed at Isabel. And she chose truth.

“I will ask first”Tiny said.

“Do you have a crush in our school? “Tiny asked and Isabel blu-shed looking at me.

Gosh, it better not be what am thinking.

“Yes”she said covering her face with her palm.

“And who is that? Let us know him! “Other students exclaimed.

“Ethan”she said and everyone was silent.

“What? Are you joking right now? “Ethan said and everyone laughed.


I guess this game will be much fun.

I can’t wait for Micheal’s turn to come

I am really enjoying this game, I just got Isabel to confess her feelings for Ethan and if you see how these two are looking at each other now, 😂 😂 you won’t st©p laughing.
The bottle was spinned again and this time it was Missy. She also chose truth.

“I will ask”James said.

“Did you get a k!ssfrom anyone today? “James asked and Missy blu-shed,so annoying.

I looked at Michael and our eyes met.
Does he know that I saw them k!ss!ngearlier?

“Well, yes I guess”she did blu-shing the more, gosh so annoying.

The bottle was spinned again and it was Missy again.

“I dare you to tell us the name of the guy you just k!$$£d”I said.

“Yes, let’s know who that person is”Nathaniel added.

“Well, the person I k!$$£d is”she picked the glas-s of jui-ce and gulped it all down her throat, gosh was it that ha-rd mentioning the name of the person she k!$$£d?

The bottle was spinned again and this time it pointed at me.
“Truth”I said.

“I will ask”Isabel said.

“Are you and James d@t!ngfor real? “She asked and that question made me smile.

“Of course we are”I said holding James hand.

“Early in the room, you planned to wear a bu-mshort and a t©p, why did you suddenly changed into a go-wn when you heard that Michael was looking for you? “Tisabel asked and everyone looked at me. I think I m stuck up here, I regret suggesting this game.

“No reason, its cold outside and I thought wearing a dress would be more warm”I lied.

“Spin the bottle again”finias said but Michelle hold the bottle.

“Did you enjoy the k!ss? “He said and my heart skipped, don’t tell me that he saw me And James k!ss!ngearly.

“k!ss? Tiny, did you k!sssomeone today? Perhaps James? “Tisabel asked in shock.

“What nons-en-se are you talking about now? k!ss? Whom did I k!ss? I don’t know what your talking about”I said while looking away

“Fine”he said and let go off the bottle finius spinner the bottle and it was Michael ‘s turn.

My heart is jumping with overflowing joy,the moment I have been waiting for, is finally here.

“s£nior Michael, have you ever d@t£d before? “Asked Triza, whom I as-sume has feelings for Michael.

Michael looked at me and without wasting time he opened his mouth.

“No”he said and my eyes popped out like seriously? If he never d@t£d, then whom was I to him?

“Are you saying that you’ve not yet have your first k!ss? “Asked Tisabel.

“I have not d@t£d but I does not mean I didn’t have my first k!ss”he said.

“Really, then which lucky girl was your first k!ssbuddy? “Ethan asked.

“She was just a random mad girl”he said without giving it a second thought and I could feel my heart burning with anger. I can’t take this anymore.

This boy is driving me crazy.

“Ooh my God, so a random mad girl took away your first k!ss?Too bad”someone said.

“Though that person might have been a mad person, I as-sume that you had feeling for her right? “James intervened.

“Well, I guess so”he said.

“Is that person here with us today? “Missy added and Michael smiled.

“I don’t think so, I guess only her ghost available here”he said.

“Ghost? What do you mean? “Someone asked while trembling.

“Micheal can you see ghosts? Where is the ghost? “Another one asked while shivering with fear.

“I am looking at that ghost now”he said while looking at me.

“Tiny, the ghost might be seating near you”Isabel said while hvgging tisabel so ti-ght, I as-sume she is also afraid.

“I guess you truly love that ghost to the extent of coming here to meet it”I said and he sm-irked.

“And I regret ever wasting my time coming to this trip”he responded and finally my anger exploded.

“Hey! You idiot, whom do you think you are? How dare you call your first love a ghost, how dare you call someone who is still alive a ghost? “I yelled at him and they all looked at me.

“His first love is alive? Then why did he say that she is dead? “Triza asked.

“I didn’t say that she is dead, by the way, do you know whom my first love is? You seem to know a lot about me sister”he said sarcastically.

“Of course I do know whom your first love is, she is standing right before you now! “I yelled and everyone was astonished.

“Who? ”

“Missy”Michael said and I felt a sharp pain in my heart, like seriously, will he continue like this? Will he continue to hide the relationsh!pbetween us?

“Excuse me, I feel sleepy”I said and walked away.


Micheal’s dad picked us up and we finally arrived home.

I picked my bag and walked inside the mansion.

I will never talk to him again, what does he think he is?
“There comes my princess, dear how was your trip? “Dad asked as soon as I entered the house.

“Very boring, all thanks to someone”I said and tried to go upstairs .

“Micheal, you also back, how was the trip? “Dad asked Mike.

“The trip was so nice, I got to see the sun rise from the sea and I got to see some ghosts”he said happily.

“Ghosts? “Dad asked.

“Ofcourse, it was the ugliest ghost I have never seen in my entire life”he said.

“Hey!! “I yelled, I re-moved my shoe and throw it to Mike but my dad got hit instead

God, what have I done? I quic-kly run into my room and locked myself up