My driver’s son episode 25 – 27


🧚episode twenty four🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita🧜



I watched Tiny walk out of the room

Michael, I think its time you st©p all this your nons-en-se, what is wrong with you? You alre-ady ended everything with Tiny so why bother yourself with her business? Gosh,I don’t even know what’s wrong with me

I walked back to my room, I can’t ba-re the embarras-sment she just cause few minutes ago.

I cannot imagine how hurt and ashamed my father is.
I l@ydown on my be-d facing the ceilinga, its over, its all over Michael. It arleady ended long ago.


Issabel’s pov

“Are you sure Tiny will come? “Asked Tisabel my twin sister.

“Of course, if Michael is really not going, then Tiny is going”I said.

“But What’s the problem between the two of them? Have they not yet moved on with their lives? “Tisabel asked.

“Non of the two is to be blamed, its all James fault, he cause this “I said.

“Talking behind someone’s back? “I heard Tiny’s voice and I quic-kly jumped down.

“Tiny, you’re here, is Michael really not going? “I asked.

“Girls, don’t ever mention that name again, its bad luck”she said.

Just then the school bus arrived

“Let’s go and have fun girls “Tiny said and we all board bus.

❤️ TINY’S POV ❤️

Like seriously? I have come on this trip for one reason, if Michael don’t fall for this trick, I swear, I will move on with my life.

I entered the bus and saw Missy seating beside James, I walked pas-s them.

“Miss, don’t you think your sitting on someone’s position?”I asked folding me arms.

“Tiny plea-se don’t start, is this the only sit in this bus? “Asked Missy and I laughed.

“Nop, wait have you alre-ady given up on Michael and your trying to take away James as well? “I asked.

“What are you talking about? “She asked.

“James, tell this stinky thing to move “I said.

“plea-se Missy, remember she is my fiancee”James said, Missy looked at me for a while before shifting the seat. I sat beside James.

“James, why not take a picture before the bus start off? “I said.

“Yes love, am in for a selfie”he said, I picked my phone and turned on the c@m£ra.

“plea-se put your arms around my shoulder and don’t forget to pe-ck me”I said and he put hisl-ips on my cheeks

I took the ph0to and post it on the school group.

“On a school trip to jeju island but it feels as if am on a d@t£ k!ss💋”I wrote.

And in no time I received a lot of comments and likes, hope Michael will see this.




🧚episode twenty six🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita🧜


I was busy studying on my l@pt©p,i hate fli-pping books,that’s why my books an in PDF form.

Just then I receive a message from our school group. I wanted to ignore it but I found myself viewing the message, it was a ph0to of Courtney and James. James’ arms where around Tiny’s shoulder and he pe-cked her, so irritating.

Gosh, its been less than 5 minutes but the whole school has arleady commented?

💬 they look good together.
💬 Tiny is so lucky to have James.
💬 Gosh, I wish I was James, I wonder how it feels to t©uçh Tiny’s b©dy.

I am alre-ady tired with re-ading these nons-en-se coments, I was about to take a nap, when I saw a message talking about Tiny’s dressing.

💬 wow, Tiny looks so h0t today.
💬 the bu-msort reveals all he curves, she is super cute,.
💬 I never knew that Tiny is this extra h0t till I saw her in that bu-mshort today. Her beautiful sp©tless legs, her wi-de h!ps, gosh I just wish I can have a chance to t©uçh them a little.
💬 me too
💬 by any means, I have to t©uçh that b©dy today

“What? t©uçh Tiny’s b©dy? Well I as-sume if Tiny sees this comments, she will deal with this boy”I said.

“Micheal, food is really”a Maid said.

I was to out down my phone when I saw a comment from Tiny.
💬 tou-ching me is free of charge, your all welcome.

Is this all Tiny can say? Is she giving them permission? I can’t let them t©uçh Tiny anyhow. James is enough, I can’t let another guy in as well. I stepped down the be-d and packed few of my cloths.

St©p it micheal, what are you doing? Don’t get yourself involved with that girl again.

I said and put the bag down.

Gosh Tiny’s message is driving me crazy.
“Gosh! Gosh! Gosh! Gosh! “I said while hitting my head.
“Are you trying to kill yourself? “I heard my daddy’s voice.

“dad”I said while sitting on the be-d. He sat beside me.

“Micheal, what’s wrong with you? I thought the maid told you that food is re-ady”dad asked and just then my phone beeped, I took the phone and it was another message.

“Dad, where is my pas-sport? “I said.

“Why? “He asked.

“I can’t say now, I feel as if I will go crazy re-ading messages from here, I am going to the trip, I will go to the trip”I said as I picked my bag from the be-d and walked out to get my pas-sport.



🧚episode twenty seven🧚

🧜By Authoress anita🧜



Wow, this place is so beautiful how i wish Michael was here with me. I somehow feel empty.

“Dummy you! Why are you thinking about that idiot”I hit myself.

“Courtney, its so nice to have a rich b©yfri£nd, I envy you”said Tisabel.

“Have you seen Ethan? “Isabel asked and we all looked at her.

“So, you were hiding behind my back right? Do you like Ethan? “I asked folding my arms.

“Says who? God, i will be helping the other girls putting up the tent, excuse me”she said and walked away.

Its a three days and two nights trip. Its alre-ady past 4pm and the day is about to give way to the night.

“Tiny, here”James handed me a cu-p of coffee.

“Thanks”i said taking a sip.

“Do you love this place? “He asked me.

“I more than love this place, its so adorable”I said taking another sip as I looked around the place.

“Its a relief that you like it, I thought my efforts were in vains”he said with a smile.

James is kind and loving, but the only thing that me about him is that he thinks he can control me with money.
He thinks of me as an investment and nothing else.

“Would you like to go on a cruise with me? “He asked.

“Sure, that will be so nice”i said happily.

“Okay, I will go and shower first, meet me in an hour”he said and walked away.

I also nee-d to take a shower and wear something nice, these cloths smells sweat.


I think everything is going as planned.
The cruise, it might be my chance to k!ssher.

I took the toothbrush and cleaned my teeth, then I took some mint not after spraying some mouth refresher. I have been waiting for this day and with that k!ss, i believe its over between her and Michael.

How I wish micheal was here to witness the k!ss.

I picked my phone and walked out of the room. Well, I am not using the tents like other students.

In no time Courtney approached me, she wore a t©p and a black bu-mshort, wow this girl got a nice figure.

“Are you re-ady? “I asked.

“Yes I am”she said.

“Weve got 15 minits,lets hurry”i hold her hand and run to the cruise station. Its a school trip but its a d@t£ to me.


Gosh, I can’t believe i finally board the plane to jeju island and here I am, facing the beautiful lake.

“Michael? “I heard a familiar voice, it was ethan.

“Ethan? ”

“Buddy, I thought you said you won’t come, why are you here? “He asked.

“It was a free school trip, so did you expect me to be left out? Have you seen Tiny? “I asked him.

“Well, she was with James a while ago”

By the mention of James being together with Tiny this late hours, my heart skipped.

“Where did they go?”I asked.

“How am I supposed to know?Are you here for Tiny or the trip? “Ethan asked.

“Tiny?Do you think I will waste my money paying for the plane ticket only to come here coz of tiny? “I scoffed.

“Then let’s go to the boys camp”he said.


“Fish! Can you hear me! Something is pas-sing on t©p of your waters! It’s a big shark?! “I screamed as I look down into the water.

“I have never seen you this free before”James said as he approached me with some snacks.

“Well, just that its been long since I went on a trip, I am always locked in that house. I rarely go on trips”i said.

“I suppose this is the first time to be on a cruise”he said and I laughed.

“No, I first went in a yacht ⛴ on a d@t£ with Michael”I said without realizing what I said,I looked at James and he seemed to be let down.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring Michael in this” I said facing him.

“Its fine, well, would you like to see fireworks with me? “He asked.

“Why not,I really love them”I said and he hold my hand.

“Come with me”he said and we went to the other side of the yacht.

I love fireworks just like I love the rainbow. It reminds me of my first memories with Michael.

Couples we’re busy taking selfies and others k!ssing. I don’t fancy that.

Thank God our journey on the yacht is coming to an end, soon I will step on the ground.

“People do confess their love during fireworks festivals and when there is a rainbow, do you know why? “James asked.

“Because the rainbow is a sign of love”I said.

“Can I be just like the rainbow? “He said in a sweetlow voice and I looked at him.

“What do you mean? How? “I asked.

“Like this”he pu-ll-ed me in his arms then pressed hisl-ips on mine. I almost froze.


I put my bag in the tent and walked out of the room to look for Tiny.

“Isabel, have you seen Tiny? “I asked.

“She was talking about being on a yacht with James”she said.

“Yacht? “I looked at my watch and if they are on the yacht, it might arrive soon. I better wait for her at the yacht station.


I waited for like 10 minutes and just then I saw the yacht, I saw Tiny talking to James and then the next thing I saw, I don’t think I can explain, coz now, I am so heartbroken. My heart is burning that I cannot take it anymore.

Ithink this time, I should really let her go.

Will Micheal be able to let tiny go?