My driver’s son episode 22 & 24


🧚episode twenty two🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita🧜




I could not sleep the whole night, I kept debating whether to go or not.

“Tiny, Michael hurry up! “I heard daddy’s voice, I have not yet told him that I am not going to the trip.

“I am packing”I heard Tiny’s voice.
Packing? Again?.

I quic-kly stood on my feet and run to her room, there she was, with a bu-msh0t and a tank t©p.

God, this girl never listen.

“What do you want again? “She asked.

“I am here for the finale check up, let me see your bag”I said.

She looked at me and scoffed.

By the way, don’t you have something good to wear? That does not suit you.
I rushed to her locker and picked a long blue go-wn.

“pu-ll off that bu-mshort now “I commanded.

“Your dreaming”she said putting on her blue sneakers.

“Tiny, I do not want to repeat myself”I said and she laughed.

“Just repeat yourself dear, I am going to p@rty and not a church nor funeral service”she said.

“I will count to three, one.. Two.. Three”she thought I was joking, I will do everything I can for her to wear this go-wn.

I walked towards her and gr@bb£d the bu-mshort she was wearing.

“pu-ll, it off”I said.

“Let go off me “she said.

“pu-ll it off”I repeated.

“What are you doing, I will scream! “She threatened.

“pu-ll it off or I will pu-ll it myself”I warned.

“Michael, leave me alone, Michael go away “she started struggling to set herself free but I will not let go off her bu-mshort till I pu-ll it off.

“Michael, st©p this”she said.

“I will use f0rç£, just pu-ll it off”I repeated.


“Are the kids not yet down? “I asked one of my maids.

“Yes sir”she said.

“I will go and check them out”micheal’s father said.

“Fine, I have to check something in Tiny’s room, let’s go upstairs”I said and we both matched up stairs.

“Michael, plea-se leave me, don’t do this”that was Tiny’s voice.

“No, I alre-ady warn you that I will use f0rç£, just pu-ll your bu-mshort before use f0rç£ on you”Micheal said and we looked at each other wondering what the two were doing.

“Michael plea-se don’t t©uçh that p@rt , your hurting me, plea-se st©p it, “tiny sounded as if she was crying.

It better not be what I am thinking.

“Who cares if I am hurting you? Let me concentrate or I will hurt you more”Michael said.

I can’t listen to it anymore, I barged into the room and there they are, in the duvet. My eyes almost popped out with what I saw.


🧚episode twenty three🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita🧜

Courtney POV

We both fall on the be-d,Micheal didn’t let go off my bu-mshort.

Why is he so stubborn all of a sudden? Gosh this boy will never kill me.

I took the duvet and covered myself , but he never gave up,he also entered Into the duvet.

“Micheal,don’t t©uçh that p@rt,your hurting me! “I screamed hoping that he will let go off me.

“Just stay still,let me do what I want or you will get hurt”he said.

Should I scream or shout that he is ra-ping, will I put him in trouble? But, this boy is pissing me off.

I took the duvet off my head and Alack! My father and Michaels father stood there, there mouth agap looking at us.

“Dad?! “I exclaimed.

“I won’t buy your lie, “Michael said from the duvet,only if he had known that this is not a trick. just then his father cleared his throat and he quic-kly took off the duvet from his head.He almost coll@psed, 😂 I really wish you guys could see Michaels funny expression.

Micheal,your in trouble for messing with courtney Andrea.

“What is going on here? “Dad asked.

“Its nothing, sir”Michael said standing on the floor.

“Dad, he is lying, he tried to r@p£ me”I said in tears and he looked at me confused.

“That silly joke is not funny at all, tiny”he said.

“Dad, I told you many times that Michael tried to r@p£ me but you never listened, now see, he nearly R@p£d me now”I said in more tears.

“Michael, what is she talking about? “Mr roche asked.

“you know this girl is somehow crazy don’t buy her lie”Michael said and I cried the more.

Michael looking so frustrated.

“Michael, what was with the “I WILL USE f0rç£,JUST LET ME pu-ll IT OF?”Dad mimicked what Michael was saying early.

“Am about that, its not what your thinking, you see I was trying to make her wear a dress instead of that revea-ling bu-mshort”he said.

“So you we’re trying to pu-ll off the bu-mshort by yourself? Why didnt you ask her to pu-ll it off by herself? “Dad fired.

“Dad, you know Tiny is a stubborn type, she never listen to me”he said.

“Then if you pu-ll of the bu-mshort, what if you see her n-ked?”

“What’s the big deal about that? I have alre-ady seen her n-ked many times but her b©dy is nothing attrac-tive, to turn me on”Michael finally dropped the bomb.

“What? “Both our father said at once

“its not what you think, am what I mean is that,”Michael was out of words

I got you Micheal, I said with a wi-de grin.



🧚episode twenty three🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita🧜

This girl is getting on my nerves.

“Dad plea-se believe me, don’t listen to her you know this is not even the first time she accuse me of trying to r@p£ her”I said.
“But this time its different my Michael , I have caught you red handed and now this time you just confessed that you’ve seen my daughter n-ked many times”Tiny’s father said.

“Don’t you trust me anymore? Tiny plea-se explain to your father”I pleaded with Tiny to make her father un-derstand the situation.

“Dad, its all a lie, he.. He nearly did it this time”she broke in more tears.

I could see anger written all over Mr Andrea’s face.

“Dad, you better s£nd him out of this house before he does something worse to your daughter”she added


Whom should I believe? Yes Tiny don’t like micheal even a bit and can do everything to get him chased out of this house. Michael is a smart young boy and I do trust him, but can I trust him now that he was trying to pu-ll down my daughter’s bu-mshort?

“Wait, on what occasions did you see my daughter n-ked? “I asked.

“Am, sometimes I will just barge into her room and it happens to be a coincident that I found her n-ked, its not that I am the one who str!pe her”Michael explain

“And she has also seen me almost n-ked in many occasions, dad,Tiny is like a sister to me and I cannot do that to her, you even know it”Micheal said.

Mmmh, I don’t know whom to trust at all.

“I am sorry for what my son tried to do, if your suspecting my son for commiting such a crime, we will leave this house “Micheals father said.

“Tiny, I know you very well, am sure this is one of your pranks as you always do. Micheal, though you two ate like brothers and sisters you ate a boy and he is a girl, plea-se respect each others privacy, case closed Michael you can go back to your room”I said and I could see the annoyed look on Tiny’s face.
“Dad, like seriously? He just tried to r@p£ your daughter, is that all you can say? “Tiny cried.

“Enough Tiny, excuse me”I said and walked out of the room.


Our fathers left the room leaving me and Michael alone.

“You think you’ve won right? No my dear, this is just the beginning”i said picking my bag.
“Tiny, what’s wrong with you? Why do you badly want me out of this house? “He asked.

“Are you asking me that question? I will make you regret the decision you decision back then. “I hissed then walked out of the room.



🧚episode twenty four🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita🧜



I watched Tiny walk out of the room

Michael, I think its time you st©p all this your nons-en-se, what is wrong with you? You alre-ady ended everything with Tiny so why bother yourself with her business? Gosh,I don’t even know what’s wrong with me

I walked back to my room, I can’t ba-re the embarras-sment she just cause few minutes ago.

I cannot imagine how hurt and ashamed my father is.
I l@ydown on my be-d facing the ceilinga, its over, its all over Michael. It arleady ended long ago.


Issabel’s pov

“Are you sure Tiny will come? “Asked Tisabel my twin sister.

“Of course, if Michael is really not going, then Tiny is going”I said.

“But What’s the problem between the two of them? Have they not yet moved on with their lives? “Tisabel asked.

“Non of the two is to be blamed, its all James fault, he cause this “I said.

“Talking behind someone’s back? “I heard Tiny’s voice and I quic-kly jumped down.

“Tiny, you’re here, is Michael really not going? “I asked.

“Girls, don’t ever mention that name again, its bad luck”she said.

Just then the school bus arrived

“Let’s go and have fun girls “Tiny said and we all board bus.

❤️ TINY’S POV ❤️

Like seriously? I have come on this trip for one reason, if Michael don’t fall for this trick, I swear, I will move on with my life.

I entered the bus and saw Missy seating beside James, I walked pas-s them.

“Miss, don’t you think your sitting on someone’s position?”I asked folding me arms.

“Tiny plea-se don’t start, is this the only sit in this bus? “Asked Missy and I laughed.

“Nop, wait have you alre-ady given up on Michael and your trying to take away James as well? “I asked.

“What are you talking about? “She asked.

“James, tell this stinky thing to move “I said.

“plea-se Missy, remember she is my fiancee”James said, Missy looked at me for a while before shifting the seat. I sat beside James.

“James, why not take a picture before the bus start off? “I said.

“Yes love, am in for a selfie”he said, I picked my phone and turned on the c@m£ra.

“plea-se put your arms around my shoulder and don’t forget to pe-ck me”I said and he put hisl-ips on my cheeks

I took the ph0to and post it on the school group.

“On a school trip to jeju island but it feels as if am on a d@t£ k!ss💋”I wrote.

And in no time I received a lot of comments and likes, hope Michael will see this.