My driver’s son episode 18 – 21


🧚episode eighteen 🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita🧜


I wonder how handsome Michael is that girls always fall for him.

As to me,he is not that good looking though to make girls go crazy for him.

Mia eyes could not move away from Micheal,am sure she us up to something.
“Micheal, give me your number after service”she finally spilled the bean.
“Will the two of you be quite, I want to listen to what the pastor is saying”I said.
“What’s wrong with you? Why not just mind your own business”the potato head said
Like seriously?
“As I was saying, I nee-d your number”she repeated.
I won’t let him give her his number.

“plea-se, can’t you just be quite? “I said again.
“Will you shut that your dirty, stinky mouth! ‘She yelled at me in a low tone.

I looked around and my fellow choir members we’re laughing silently. I can’t take this insult, I landed a resounding sl@p on her cheek and all the attention in the church was shifted to me.

I could see Michael looking at me in frustration. He used his hand to support his head. I could hear murmurs all over the church.
“Quite! Sorry for the inconvenience, whatever the problem is, we will sort it after service “the pastor said.


As instructed by the leader of the youth council, I and Mia were invited to a pri-vate room.
“Can someone explain to me what led to that silly action during service today? “He asked.
“Can you imagine, this silly girl was asking for Michaels number during service and they kept distracting me from hearing what the pastor was saying”I explained.

“Its a lie, she did not want Michael to give me his number, this is not the first time, she always gets jealous when any church member ask for Michaels number”Mila said.
“And why must I get jealous about that? “I asked.
“Are you asking me? Its obvious that you’ve got some feelings for Michael”Mia said and I scoffed.
“That’s in your dream, I hate ugly guys like him”I said.
“Then why did you get angry when I was asking for his number? “Mila fired.
“Your asking me why? Its because ugly girls like you are not welcomed in my family”I said.

“Enough girls. Tiny, you did wrong and you must apologize”he said.
“I am not apologizing”I said.
“Then your Three weeks suspended from the choir”he said.
Gosh, whatever who cares? As long as Mia don’t get Micheal’s number,am fine with this.


I entered the car in silent, dad kept clearing his throat trou-gh out our journey. I am sure he have something to say to me.

In no time,The car was parked In front of our mansion and everyone walked inside, I was the last to go inside.

“Tiny, what sort of embarras-sment was that? “Dad yelled at me.

“Dad, plea-se I am not in the mood to talk about that”i said tying to go upstairs.

“Tiny, you just embarras-sed me in church, your not going to your room till you give an explanation of what you just did”dad yelled.

“Dad! Leave me alone”i yelled back.

“Did I raise you this stupidly? Have i been over pampering you? I am really shamed of your actions today”dad said.

“Cool then, if your ashamed of me that much, just disown me. Over pampering me? Yes, you’ve been over pampering me to the point of neglecting my own feeling and choosing someone i never love coz of your damn friendsh!pwith your friend “i yelled in tears.

“What does this have to do with your relationsh!pwith James”dad asked.

“Of course it has, I cannot ba-re to see someone taking away the person i dearly cherish from me”I said.

“I don’t even care who that person is, for now, you have to go and apologize to Mia”dad said.

“I am not apologizing, i don’t regret my action a bit, as long as someone tries to repeat the nons-en-se Mia did, I am re-ady to be banished from that damn church for the rest of my life”I said and run to my room.


What is she thinking ? How could she say that to her father. Is she out of her mind?

“Micheal, what was she talking about? “Dad asked me.

“Its nothing dad, don’t mind her, just that Mia insulted me, and as a sister she got so angry and stood up fo me”I lied to avoid more questions.

“Really? Then why didn’t she explain it to me earlier, if I had known that she did that coz someone insulted you, I would never had yelled at her. “Dad said looking upstairs.

I can’t let dad find out what really is the relationsh!pbetween me and his daughter or we will both be in trouble, we might never meet again for the rest of our lives.

Yes, I and Tiny we’re once in a relationsh!pand we dearly loved each other not until that James showed from nowhere and destroyed our relationsh!p. I dont either know whom to blame. Tiny become a dog and I become a cat, I don’t even know if we will ever make up. From lovers to enemies, then brother and sister, funny right?


🧚episode twenty 🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita 🧜


“By chance are you afraid that my plan might work and I will have tiny to myself? “He asked.

“Its not about who win or who lose. James, cancel this trip plea-se, not only for Tiny but other students, Tiny is really lacking behind and it would have been good if she use this chance to study and not pl@ygames”I said.

“Did you just say plea-se? Wow I guess the plan I have chose this time around is very powerful and I can alre-ady see you bowing to my feet. Everyone wants to go to the p@rty so sorry that I can never cancel the p@rty”he said.

“James!! “I yelled his name drawing the attention of everyone in the cafeteria.

“Ooh, there comes Tiny”James said as Courtney entered the cafeteria with her two best friends.

“Courtney, would you like to join us? “James said.

Tiny looked at me.
“I think I will lose my appetite if I sit on that table”she said.

“Have you heard about the trip? Are you going?”Ethan asked her.

“No, I am not “she said and my heart felt at ease with her response.

“Michael, are you going? “Nathaniel asked me.

“I am not going as well”I said.

“Guys, can you imagine our so called s£nior prefect is against the trip, how many of us are going? “James said.

No one raised his or her hand for like a minute.

“Wow, is that how loyal you all are to your s£nior prefect, fine, then I will call my dad and tell him to cancel the free trip to jeju”James said while taking out his phone.

“Not so fast, I am going, I am going to go to jeju island “That was Tiny.

“Tiny, what are you doing? What about studies?your not serious right? “I asked her.

“That’s non of your business, you not going to the trip and thats the greatest thing ever, I thought you we’re going early that’s why I said I am not going, but since your not going, then I am going”she said.

“Tiny, don’t be like this, you know if you fail again this time, you won’t make it to the next clas-s”I said.

“Ooh, so you’ve got the guts to tell everyone in here that I failed the test? “She said.

“That’s not what I mean, I am just concerned about you”I said.

“What right do you have to worry about me? “She fired.

“Of course I have the right, I am your brother after all”I said and she laughed.

“Brother? Whose brother? Your not my brother and you will never be my brother, your nothing but a beggar to me, so mind your own business”she said and walked out of the cafeteria.

I watched her walk out of the cafeteria after vomiting all that nons-en-se.

“Michael, are you not her brother? “Asked my friend Ethan.

“Ethan, plea-se let’s not talk about that”I said.

“I was also wondering, she is Courtney Andrea and he is Michael Roch, so are you not her brother? If your not her brother,why do you come in the same car?
“Asked my clas-smate.

“If you want to go to the trip, go I am not st©pping anyone from going to the trip, I was just concerned about your academics that all, but its your future, excuse me”I said and walked out of the cafeteria.
Like seriously? What’s wrong with everyone? I am trying to help but… Fine, thank God its their future.
I don’t feel like going in clas-s anymore, so instead I went into the libr@ry.


🧚Episode twenty one🧚

🧜By Authoress Anita🧜



Michael really does piss me off, what does he think he is? Is being good looking something to boast about?

“Tiny, is miche really not your brother? “Isabel asked.

“Why do you ask? “I said.

“Nothing, well then if he is not your brother would you mind sharing me his number? “She said.

“Your out of your mind,why don’t you ask for his number from him? Gosh, why is everything so boring? “I packed my bag and walked out of the clas-s. I don’t feel like learning anymore. I guess the trip will help me freshen up.


I entered the house first then Michael followed.
“Tiny, we have to talk”he said.

“Talk about what? “I fired.

“How could you speak like that in front of the other students, don’t you have manners? “He fired.

“Manners?”I scoffed. “May I ask you, don’t you have manners as well? Why do you smile and give your number to any girl that ask for it? Why do you always mind other peoples business? “I yelled.

“Tiny tell me where I go wrong? Can’t we go back to the way we used to act in the past? “He said and that hurts my heart.

“Don’t bring the past in our conversation, do you know how it hurts me when I remember about our past? Its better the way things are now. You messed up, you lost the chance, its all your fault that we are nothing but enemies today, its all your fault! “I said.

“Fine, go to the trip but don’t take any bu-m short”he said.

“Like seriously? You arleady know that I like bu-mshorts, excuse me, I have no time for you”I Went upstairs.

I watched her walk up the stairs, gosh what is my problem if she take bu-mshorts or not? I have had enough of this.

I walked to my be-droom, pu-ll-ed off my uniform and wore my t©p with a white trou-ser.

“Who cares, who cares if she pack bu-mshorts or not? “I said moving up and down my room. Gosh, this is driving me crazy. No, she must not take bu-mshorts, I nee-d to check her cloths.

I walked out of my room to the Courtneys room, i didn’t bother to knock but walked inside.

“What are you doing here? “She asked.

“Where are the cloths you’ve packed? “I asked.

“Non of your business”she looked away while Zi-pping her bag. I took the bag away from her.

“Give me back my bag”she yelled.

I unZi-pped the bag, as expected, only bu-mshorts and cropt©ps we’re packed.

Gosh, his girl will never kill me.
I unpacked her cloths.

And walked to her locker.

“What do you think your doing? What’s wrong with you? “I didnt respond.

I took two go-wns and a skin jean trou-ser with a tank t©p and parked them into the bag.

She took the bag and unpacked.

“Leave my room”she yelled.

I picked the cloths and packed them into the bag again.

She took the bag away from me, I took it back.

“Give me my bag! ‘She yelled trying ha-rd to take the bag but i went on the be-d and raised my the hand carying the bag up. She also went on the be-d and start jumping up with her hands raised in order to reached the bag, just then she stra-pped into her legs and was about to fell, I dropped the bag and hold her, we both landed on the be-d.


THis feeling, I really missed this feeling. We we’re just looking at each other in silence, not until someone barged into the room.

“What are the two of you doing? “It was dad, we quic-kly dis£ngaged.

“Its nothing”I said as i stod on my feet.

“Micheal, what are you doing here? “Dad asked.

“Am, i.. You see”

“You see dad, i asked him to help me pack up for the trip”I said.

“Michael you can go now”I said with a smile.

“Excuse me sir”he said and walked out of the room.

“Tiny, be careful, he might be your brother but he is also a man, avoid situations like this and remember, he is not your real brother. But you know what, though he is not your brother, i cannever tolerate it if he ever mess with your b©dy”dad said.

“Don’t worry dad”I said and he left the room

Its all your fault dad, thank God that at least you accept that he is not my brother.