My driver’s son episode 16 & 17


🧚episode sixteen🧚

🧜by Authoress Anita🧜


She on my be-d
“What if I was n-ked? Why don’t you knock? “I asked.

“And what if you were n-ked? How many times have you badged into my room and found me n-ked? What will make a difference if I see you n-ked? “She fired back and I was terrified by her answer.

“It makes a different,I am a man and your just a girl”I said and she walked towards me.

“What makes a difference here? Your che-st? “She t©uçhed my che-st. “Your weak muscles? “She t©uçhed my arm. “Your ugly face? Or your bu-tts? “She t©uçhed bu-tts and I g@sped.

Girls, like seriously?. “Tiny, get out of my room now”I said in anger.

“Come on bro, is it wrong for a sister to t©uçh her brother’s bu-tts”she said pouting herl-ips. “By the way, I am not done, I want to find what makes you and I different, or is it this.. “He tried to t©uçh the real me but I was fast enough to hold her hand.

“Enough of this madness girl, get out of this room before I report you to you father”I yelled.

“Try it and I will turn the story against you, I will tell my father that you tried to r@p£ me and that’s why I t©uçhed it”she said sarcastically.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you that dad is waiting for us in the car so hurry up brother”she said sarcastically before walking out of the room, shaking her h!ps left and right, like seriously, this girl just pissed me off.

I will kill this girl one day, r@p£? Me r@p£ such an ugly thing? Even if we are on a deserted desert and she is the only girl there, i its better to r@p£ wild animals than her. If she continue with with this, I will surely kill her.

“My dad parked the car outside the shopping mall and we all walked out.

“Micheal! “I heard a familiar voice and it turned out to be Missy.

“Hey Tiny”James said and Courtney jumped into his arms, is she kidding me?

“Dad, this is Missy, Brother Michael’s girlfriend “she said giving me a deadly look, what? Did she invite her on purpose? Why suddenly becoming all lovey dove with James? What I this devil up to this time?

“Dad meet Missy, Michaels girlfriend “introduced Courtney.
“Wow, she I so beautiful “dad exclaimed.

“Not as beautiful as your daughter right? “She said with a smile.

“Of course my daughter is an angel”dad said and she blu-shed, yuk.

“Well, I can see that this has turned into a d@t£ for young people. I must not interfere anymore, enjoy your day kids”dad said and walked away.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go shopping”Tiny said as she hold James hand and dragged him inside the shopping mall.

Why is she acting all lovey dove with James out of the blue?

“Michael, are we not going inside? “Missy asked while holding my hand.

“Let’s go”i said and we both walked into the shopping mall.

🌻Inside the shop🌻
“Wow, James, can I have that bear? “Tiny said pointing at a doll.

“Anything for you darling”James said and Tiny immediately picked the doll.

“Michael,I also nee-d one”Missy said.

Gosh, so childish.

“Whatever “i said.

We all walked to the cloth section. Tiny picked up a bu-msh0t.

“James, what do you think? Won’t it be nice on me? “She asked.

“Cute, superb it will look S-xy on you”James said and i scoffed.

S-xy? Like seriously? If she will look S-xy in it then I won’t let her buy that coz i will be the one to suffer at the end.

“I don’t think that will suit you, you’ve got skinny legs, flat as-s, and that bu-mshort nee-ds someone with wi-de h!ps and a model figure. Here, you can have this, it will suit you perfect “I said throwing a big go-wn at her.

“Like seriously? Do you think I am that old fashion? By the way, what right do you have to chose cloths for me? What concern you about my b©dy? “She fired at me.

“Everything do concern me. Do you like showing those your toothpick legs that much? “I tea-sed.

“Really? Are they not the same toothpick legs that you fall in love with? “She said sarcastically.

“Like seriously? Have I ever fallen for you before? Gosh, what is good about a silly girl like you? Is it wrong to advise you like a brother? Fine, take everything you want, but make sure not to wear that your bu-mshort in front of me”I said.

“Yes, yes Mr, take this your glumpy go-wn and give it to your girlfriend, I am not a maid to wear such a thing”she fired back.

I picked almost 20 bu-mshorts and throw them at her
“Here, I hope these will be enough for you”I said.


🧚episode seventeen🧚

🧜by Authoress Anita🧜



Like seriously? What do they take me for? Am I invisible now?

“Nice, I will wear them gladly! And you will get to see my toothpick legs each and everyday”Tiny said as she took all the bu-mshorts to the counter.

“Michael, can I take thIs dress? “Missy said.

“Of course, as beautiful as you are, that dress will look so beautiful on you, unlike someone I know, all she does is overdose everything she does. Just look at her, one can easily tell that she has overdosed and not overdo her make up”Michael said.

“Talk as much as you want the truth will never change, I am still beautiful with make up or not”said Tiny while taking her Card from her purse.

“I will pay for everything”I said trying to st©p her.

“Its fine, since these cloths are something that someone doesn’t like, I will pay myself”She said.

“Will you plea-se st©p your nons-en-se? I am your b©yfri£ndand I have the money and the right to pay for your bills, what nons-en-se are the two of you doing now? Seriously, your ruining my day”I yelled.

“James is right, I guess Shopping is now boring, lets go and gr-ab a snack”Missy said as she holding Michaels hand and they walked out of the mall.

“Look at her, all clingy to my brother, I wish she str!pe and fall, iiish”Tiny said with a frown.

Like seriously, I am not enjoying this d@t£ ., Did she call me to join her for this nons-en-se?

“James, let’s also go and eat, I am hungry”she said.

“What about the cloths? “I asked.

“Carry them for me”she said as she walked out of the shop.

This girl is getting in my nerves.


I walked into the best restaurant in town with micheal, now that we are alone, I feel at ease.

“Michael, when will you ask me out? “I asked as soon as we sat down.

“Are we not out arleady? “Micheal said.

“Really? Its your dumb sister that called me out today and not you. When will you officially ask me out?”I said.

“Dumb sister? Like seriously? All thanks to that dumb sister you’ve got to go shopping with me”he said.

“Fine, let’s not urgue, let’s Just order something “I said as I took the menu book.

“plea-se give me this”I said.

“I will have plain ch!ps and chickenlionise”Michael said.

In no time the food was set on the table. And Michael start eating forgetting about my pres£nce. Is he doing all this to piss me off?

“Michael, why not feed me? “I said with a smile.

“Sure, say aaah”he said and was about to feed me some ch!ps when someone come between us and ate the ch!ps.

“Wow, so yummy”it was Tiny Gosh,this girl again?can’t she just let me have a nice time with Michael?


I walked into the restaurant and saw Michael about to feed that grumpy girl, over my deadb©dy,no other girl will be fed from Micheal’s hands except me.

“Mmmh, yummy”I said as I li-ck myl-ips after taking the ch!ps.

“What do you think your doing? ” Missy asked in anger.

“Take a chill pill girl, Michael, are you that heartless? How could you leave me in that shop and come here to enjoy with your your girlfriend, leaving your sister to starve to death? “I said pretending to cry.

“Snap out of it alre-ady! Don’t you have a b©yfri£nd? Why must I mind about you while you’ve got a b©yfri£nd?why not ask your b©yfri£ndto take care of you? “He said as he chew some ch!ps in his mouth. I sm-irked.

“Are you trying to say that I am not a responsible b©yfri£nd? Waitress, plea-se give us some shrimp and potato salad”said James as he sat beside me. Wait? Shrimp? Being my b©yfri£nd, does he not know that I am allergic to shrimp? Should I tell him? No, this will be my revenge on Micheal, he knows very well that I am allergic to shrimp but he is saying nothing to James.


Shrimp? Is this girl crazy? How could she agree to eat shrimp while she knows that she gets sick whenever she eats it? Who cares? That non of my business.

I focused on what I was eating.

There order arrived and Tiny gladly welcome the shrimp and was about to take some into her mouth when I hold her hand.

“What do you think your doing? “I asked in anger.

“And what do you think your doing?”James said holding my hand.
“I must be asking you that question”I said”for how long have you been d@t!ngmy sister? Don’t you know that she is allergic to shrimp? Are you trying to kill her? “I fired at him.

“What? She is allergic to shrimp? Tiny, is that true? “James asked but Tiny said nothing.

“Like seriously, how could you be this careless? You know that you don’t eat shrimp but yet didn’t st©p me from ordering such food”James fired at her.

“Is it my fault? Its your fault for being irresponsible! You call yourself my b©yfri£ndbut yet you have no interest in knowing what I like or not, what I can eat or not so your here putting the blame on me”fired back Courtney.

“I ordered for shrimp coz its an expensive dish here, I didnt know that your allergic”

“Of course all you thinks about is money expensive things and all about money, James what I nee-d is someone who can un-derstand me and not someone to spoil me with money, I just lost my appetite “she said before walking away.
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I watched Tiny walk out of the restaurant. Like seriously what’s wrong with this girl? She is the one who wanted to eat shrimp while knowing that she is allergic to shrimp but yet she out the blame on someone else.

“I will also take my leave then “I said but James hold my hand.

“Where do you think your going after ruining my d@t£? “He yelled at me.

“Pardon? “I said.

“You heard me right, so you think you can take Tiny away from me? St©p dreaming my friend”he said.

“And what nons-en-se are you talking about now? We agreed to do the challenge, but your alre-ady losing in everything, is it my fault? “I fired.

“Yes, its your fault, why don’t you just get lost from Tiny’s side”tell me, how much money do you nee-d?
“He asked me.

“Like seriously? Do I look like a beggar to you? I have no time to waste excuse me”I picked Tiny’s shopping bags and walked out, my dad was arleady waiting outside for us.


God, this is giving me headache, I can see it that those two at not over each other yet.

“What should we do now? “James asked.

“I either don’t know, wait, I think I know, why don’t we go camping, the four of us, that could also help, “I suggested.

“But you see, exams are round the corner, our parents cannot easily allow us to go camping”he said.

“Then make is a school trip, we can use the school for us to go camping, I have a plan”I said.

“Okey fine, I leave the rest to you”


Courtbey entered her room, she re-moved her shoes and blouse.

“j£rk! j£rk! Idiot! Why is he always acting like a coward? Why can’t he just admit that he still love me? What? Toothpick legs?

She took a mirror and checked her legs out.

“He better be kidding me, flat as-s? Gosh, what does he take me for?
Just then someone knocked on the door.

“Who is the devil out there? “She yelled.

Mixheal entered the room.

“You left them at the restaurant”he said dropping the bags

“I thought you said that you don’t like me showing my toothpick legs, why did you bring in the bu-mshorts then? “Asked tiny.

“Coz you wasted some money on them”Michael said and was about to leave the room.

“Michael, do you really love Missy that much? “Tiny said but got no response from micheal.

“I just asked a question”she repeated.

“Why is that your concern? For you, do you love James that much? “,fired back micheal.

“Yes, I love him that much, I love rich guys”Tiny said.

“Go ahead and continue ma-king a fool of yourself. Then we are even, I also love Missy that much. So you mind your business and i mind my own”I said and slammed the door behind me.

I scoffed, what a s¢v-mbag, is that something to boast about?



I woke up in the morning, took a h0t shower and prepared for church. I am a choir boy, in fact, I am a choir master.

“Michael, hurry up!! “My dad called.

“I will be there soon”I said as I comb my hair.

I checked myself on the mirror for the tenth time, just as expected, i look perfect.

I picked phone then rushed out of the room.

“I am done”i almost laughed wirh what I saw.

Miss bu-mshort was wearing a long black sleeveless dress with dark blue heals, her make up was so overdone

“Dad, dont you think its high time we hire a make up artist for my sister? “I said as i bust into uncontrollable laughter followed by some house maids.

“Michael is right, your looking like a gorilla,not only a gorilla why not wipe off some make up, before you make fun of yourself in at the church? “Her father said

“Whatever, “she said with a frown as she rushed upstairs and she come down without makeup. To be honest, she looks more beautiful without makeup.

“And you, what are you doing at the back seat? “She fired at me

“Any problem? “I askes.

“Don’t ask me silly questions and just move from my seat”she commanded.
I wonder what I have done wrong to her this time around.

I silently shifted from th back seat to the front seat to avoid more trouble


I sat at the front seat together with some choir members.

“Now, before we start our service, let’s ask the choir members to give us one song”an evangelist said.

I stood up at the front and the other choir members did the same.

I gave them a sign and they un-derstood the song to be sung.

🎵Amazing grace🎵
🎵how sweet thee sound🎵
🎵that saved a wench like me🎵
🎵i was once

We sung the sonhg and I finally retreated to my seat.

” micheal, plea-se give me your number after service”a girl whispered in my ears.

“plea-se, your ma-king noise, i want to listen to what the pastor is saying”Tiny said.

“So, am i ma-king it impossible for you to hear what the pastor is saying? Mind your business okey! Michael, what do you think about it? “The girl asked.

“Your ma-king noise” Tiny repeated.

“Will you shut that your stinky mouth”the girl yelled and the next thing we all heard was a resounding sl@p that made everyone change there attention from the pastor to us.
God,Tiny just sl@pped Mia in church?