My disguised crush Episode 7 & 8

💖💖My 💖
💖💖Disguised 💚💙💚💛❣️💛💙
💖💖crush 💖💖
Episode 7
🍃 Claire 🍃
I am press but standing up is the problem, I can’t tell Richa-rd , he might feel as if I am giving him trouble or stressing him and that’s what I hate most, being a liability to someone.
I stood up trying with all the strength in me, I walked one step at a time till I reach the bathroom, I tried flushing the toilet but no water, gosh! Not again, where will I get water to flush the toilet and I want to take my bath.
🍃Richa-rd 🍃
I went to the kitchen to prepare something, once she wakes up she will see what to eat but there is no water what a stupid plan, I didn’t pump the water now I nee-d to go fetch it somewhere.
I went out with a gallon, I walked some miles before I could see where I could fetch water, I hurriedly fetch the water and hurried back home.
“Claire might wake by now and she can’t stand or walk with that leg she will nee-d my help “I thought walking fas-ter.
On reaching the house, Claire was limping down the stairs, it really hurt me to see her that way, is my fault for not helping her with the mas-sage.
I dropped the gallon and walked towards her, I bend and carried her carefully to the kitchen, I redraw a stool and she sat on it all throu-gh it Claire’s focus was on me
“Why is she staring at me that way, is not as if I have something on my face or do I? “I asked my self cleaning my face with my hands
Still she didn’t take her eyes off me, is she ok?
🍃 Claire 🍃
I know I went off limit with my actions, I couldn’t just control my self, I think Richa-rd could be my crush because when I am with him my mind is always relax but who is that guy I once beat up?
From this moment I don’t want to care about my crush or anyone
I just want to try developing my feelings, I want to see if I can have a thing with Richa-rd
Why am I thinking about Richa-rd ? Is not as if he feels the same way? I might end up hurting my self again and that is what I don’t want.
Episode 8
🍃Richa-rd 🍃
I was so tired and weak after cleaning the whole house, cooking and fetching water.
I took my bath and serve Claire the food to eat but she was staring at me once again
Not now plea-se because I am not re-ady for her questions
I hurriedly dish into my food and some minutes later I was done with mine I stood up to pack the plate but Claire’s food was still unt©uçhed, I dropped down my plate and settled back on the chair
“Claire what is the problem, why is your food still unt©uçhed, don’t you like it or should I prepare you something else or place an order? “I asked worriedly
“No Richa-rd , I love the food because it is my favorite dish “she answered staring into my eyes
“Really? “I asked smiling, I know very well that she loves the food because that is always her favorite but I pretended.
“Richa-rd “she called me and that instant my phone rang and it happens to be my dad himself
I didn’t want to answer it but at the same time I don’t want to give Claire a reason of suspicious
“Hello dad “I said calmly
“Richy where in god’s name are you and why are you abandoning the company? “My dad asked yelling throu-gh the phone
“I am so sorry dad, I will fix everything once I am back plea-se just give me another month “I said hoping he ends the call but it gets worse because my dad brou-ght up another t©pic, I didn’t have a choice but to hanged up
🍃Claire 🍃
Something isn’t right about this, first Richa-rd acted like my crush, he dresses like him, he talks like him and now he even cooks my favorite dish meat ba-lls with mash potatoes or am I hallucinating?
And what will he take care of once he gets back, I must find out the answers to my questions all by my self.
I waited for him patiently to finish answering the call
“Claire I am exhausted, I nee-d to take a nap “Richa-rd said and made to walk away but I decide asking him my troubling questions
“Richa-rd who told you what my favorite dish is? “I asked my eyes piercing into his
“Hmm, no one I also like the food “he answered forcing a smile
“Really? “I asked
“Yea, see you later “he said and walked away
I ate my food silently and cleared the table, I nee-d a rest also, I walked to my room pas-sing throu-gh Richa-rd ‘s pas-sage but his door was left a little open, I peeped throu-gh it, his phone was ringing but he was alre-ady asleep, I ti-ptoed inside to check who the caller is but before getting close to the phone the call as ended alre-ady
I dropped the phone turning back but a message popped in immediately
I st©pped breathing only my eyes made a move, there were blinking non st©p, God is this a dream?
“Why did richy lied to me, he pretended to be a random guy searching for a job, and that’s my crush’s name but his face is different.
I couldn’t held the tears that kept falling drop after drop until it bec@m£ like a flood, I returned back to my room crying my self to sleep.