My disguised crush Episode 1 & 2

💖💖 Disguised 💖💖
💖💙💙💙💙💙 Crush
Episode 1
Hey man! Why is my heart always beating when ever I see you, what the hell did you do to me?
My head is always spinning anytime I set my eyes on you but you are not telling me what I wanna know, have you heard about me?
Have anyone told you that I can be messy whenever I choose to? Every one knows about Claire Salazar and they talk about her don’t they? Claire yelled at the cute innocent guy looking at her all throu-gh her ranting and mouth battling
Am so sorry miss but I am ignorant of what you are accusing me of, I mean we just met I don’t know you and you don’t know me either am just confused of all the accusations Ricky voiced out for the first time
So you can talk, I thought you were deaf and dump but now you are not only talking but you talk back at me and challenge me.
Who the fv¢k are you to talk when I am talking you dumb as-s ?
Believe me when I say I will beat you up, I will beat you up trust me I don’t throw an empty threat even with all your well built muscles, biceps mirage, triceps and abbs you are still no much for me.
You are cute though but I will still beat and change your pretty face because you don’t deserve that face, you know why?
Because you are too cute to have such face
Claire said chuckling
I can see your problem, you are jealous because I am pretty than you are and its seems like your father’s money has gotten into your head but let me tell you
I know and un-derstand what you are trying to do but I am so sorry because I am not your spec, try finding yours. Ricky said disgustingly and tried walking away but Claire pounced on him immediately and pushed him down with his back on the floor and she jumped on his b©dy sitting on his tummy and beating him like drums, she made sure that his pretty face was worst than a zombie, after the beatings she stood up and gave him a ha-rd kick on his groins and he screamed out in pain raising a protective hand to prevent it from getting kicked again.
“Serves you right you as-s-hole, no b©dy messes with me “Claire said and walked past him leaving him to his fate
“I can’t believe that she just finish beating me, she is still strong and beautiful as always
I nee-d to call an ambulance, the pains is too much “Ricky said and made a few calls
Minutes later, he was rushed down to the hospital and all throu-gh the scenario Claire was watching his every move, I immediately he was taken by the ambulance Claire’s car trailed behind.
An hour later, she went into the hospital to ask about Ricky but she was denied as-sess into entry his ward but she didn’t give up hope she tried giving patience a chance although she was alre-ady losing it because Ricky’s ward was been guided by some securities but she didn’t wait for so long because two of the men left leaving only one behind and unfortunately for him Claire knocked him out and entered inside.
Ricky’s face was all covered with bruises of different sizes and types
“I am so sorry “Claire said to the lifeless b©dy on the be-d feeling so guilty for beating him up to the point of death
“I didn’t mean to go this extent but you pushed me, I don’t know who you are or what you do to me all what I know is that I don’t like what I feel when ever I am close to you, I am sorry and get well soon, but you should always pray never to fall into my bad side because if you do I will still beat you up ”
Claire said and stood up walking up to the door she glanced back at the b©dy on the be-d and went out.
Episode 2
^Claire ^
I really nee-d some workers in this mansion, my dad can’t tell me to work and clean this whole place by myself, I mean does he wanna kill me?
I will organize a interview, I really nee-d as-sistance.
Few days after
Oh my gosh where could that guy be, I went to the hospital to check how he is faring but I was told that he was discharged and worst of all I don’t know his name not to talk of knowing where he stays.
I am so frustrated, I just nee-d to on a vacation maybe that will calm my nerves a bit but that will happen after employing workers.
My as-sistant just told me that that rude lady was some workers in her estate and she also wants an as-sistant.
No problem I will s£nd someone to her, it will be a special gift.
At tThe Interview
So many people c@m£ both educated ones and un educated ones, some got lucky and some were unlucky.
I don’t have so much interest in their academic, all what I want are workers serious workers.
I was done with employing the workers, I am now looking for an as-sistant and it is mandatary to have educated, cute and able person as my as-sistant.
I don’t want those useless fools.
The interview was still on when a cute guy walked in to the line and his appearance got my eyes
“The interview is over, you all can dispersed “I said to them
“But miss, you haven’t gotten any one yet “my driver whisper to my hearing
“I have “I replied
“Who”he asked back
“The last guy, call him over for his interview “I said and he was called up, I looked at him from head to toe he is ok, he is cute, well built and he looks rich and educated to me but why is he here? “I asked my self
“What’s your name? “I asked him
“Am Richa-rd by name “he answered and smiled, his smile isn’t the problem but something is not right about this guy
“Why do you apply for this job because you seem rich to me? “I asked him
“I want to work on my own, I don’t want to depend on anyone”he said
“Alright then, you are hired, I hope you know your duties alre-ady “I said to him
“Yes I do”he answered
“Alright then, I am traveling to Canada, I nee-d to cool off my self so arrange for it “I told him walking away.
“Who is this strange guy, why am I feeling this way
I am so drawn to him like he is the guy I once beat up but it is not possible, it be their faces are different but something is not right either.
^Richa-rd ^
I am so happy because I am hired, my joy knew no bound who would have thought that the rude Claire could be this nice.
I was still thinking and enjoying my self when a call entered my phone, I quic-kly answered it
“Hello boss “c@m£ the voice
“What is it john, can’t you handle the business again? “I asked angrily
“Boss, its not the business o”he answered
“Then what it is, I told you to handle everything without complain and there should be no mistake “I said
“Boss, your father just called insisting on speaking to you throu-gh the company’s telephone “John said sharply
“What? “I yelled
‘Boss I tried convincing him that you are busy with something but he did not give me a listening ears “john replied
“Ok no problem then, you know what to do right? “I asked him
“Yes boss “he answered
And put a call throu-gh to my dad throu-gh the company’s telephone and I talked to him but was interrupted
“Who are you talking to? “Someone’s voice c@m£ throu-gh
“I…. Was…. Talking to my friend “I stammered
“Your friend? “Claire asked back
“Yes my friend, he has some issue and he nee-ded my help but not to worry he will be fine “I said trying to sound convincing
“Ok so what about the trip, are you done with the arrangements? “She asked
“Yes I am “I replied
“Alright then “she said and walked away.
To be continued