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My dear Caleb batch 6

[] Stephnie pov continues []
Few minutes later we were in the hospital thanks to Michael and his fast call we could get a taxi and took mom here to this strange hospital I haven’t been before it was named “TREATED LASS”
Me and michael sat patiently waiting for the doctor to come outside, I bit my lips impatiently
*whats wrong with my mom
I thought, Michael noticed the ‘scared look on my face and held my hands
“don’t worry were in this together ”
I nod my head positively and forced out a smile
“she’s all I have” I whispered closely to Michael
“it’s okay steph”he said sweetly…
Just then the doctor came out with an unknown expression on his face..
Me and found our way to him immediately
“doc.. How is she” Me and Michael asked the same time
“are you Stephanie” he said talking to me with his huge thick voice..
“yes I am” I quickly replied
“your mother is fine, it was out of shock, burdens and fright that made her faint so little lass there’s nothing to worry about your mom is fine” he said making me fine and smiling..
“can I see her” I asked
“Ohh she insisted on seeing you first.. ” the doctor said and I smiled..
As I wanted to walk to my mother’s ward, I stopped and looked at Michael it was then I realized that we’ve been holding hands for so long
“Michael ” I called
“yes” he replied
“my hand” I said wiggling it
“oh” he exclaimed and let go of it and smiled
“sorry” he blunt
“thanks for everything Michael you’re the best” I said and hugged him..
As we got to the ward mom was In,, mom laid on the bed looking pale, her face and her lips were dry…. So dry
“mom” I said as I got close to her
“steph” she gasped trying to seat up
“ma…please don’t stress your self for me” I said and lay her down slowly..
I sat beside her on the bed while Michael stood by the edge of the bed
“mom are feeling better now ” I said clutching her hands
“guess so” she said sounding better
“but mom really you got me scared I almost died ” I said and she laughed
I felt a flare in my body and say “Mom excuse me I’d like to use the bathroom” I said and left..
Walking around in this big hospital made me confused I didn’t know where the toilet or bathroom was and my bladder was boiling…
Just then I saw a woman. And decided to ask her she was seated in a stood beside a closed ward , she held a chapel in her hands,,, I softly tapped her on her shoulder, as she turned I was surprised to see Mrs Genevieve
“stephanie” she called surprisingly
“Mrs Genevieve good day ” I said
“what are you doing here ” she asked
“MA.. Pleas can you show me where the restroom is first cause I really have to go ” I scoffed
She laughed historicaly and said
“darling it’s over there after the left hall” she pointed the direction
“thanks ma” I said and hurried there..
After I peed I was on my way back to my moms ward but wanted to thank .mrs Genevieve firsr
but when i got there she wasn’t there anymore, I noticed the ward she sat opposite to has been unlocked and I had the urge to peek Inside..
As I peeped I saw someone lying on the bed with oxygen on its face..
I moved closer and noticed it was a girl..
I Know I’d get in trouble if I was caught but it seems like the girl kept calling me…
I moved closer to her and nearer to her face lo and behold I saw a teenage girl with short hair who looks just like me
“o my goodness ViCKY” I said and covered my mouth
Suddenly I started feeling weak it was like something was leaving my body. It felt like being drawn immediately by electricity
All of a sudden Vicky coughed and the hospital went chaos
Alarm started ringing and two nurses rushed in immediately with a doctor “this is a miracle” he exclaimed as he examined her..
“who are you..and how did you.. ” the doctor said and that was all I remembered after becoming more and more weaker before I passed out…
So how do you see this part..
[] Stephanie’s pov continues []
I felt weaker but I managed to get a hold of my self..
“Stephanie how are you now you passed out” Mrs Genevieve said
“am f…ine ma” I replied
Vicky mouth dropped open as she saw me she was surprised maybe because of the resemblance between us..
“mom,who is she” vicky said
“mom”I thought
“she’s Stephanie, you don’t know her honey she’s a friend” Mrs Genevieve said patting her hair
“but why does she look like me and why do I feel like I know her” Vicky said..
I thought about what she said and I do feel like I know Vicky if must be strange though but it’s like we’re connected…
“honey look just rest while you can okay, it’s a miracle you woke up after four weeks,one month honey so don’t think about it okay” Mrs Genevieve said to Vicky
Vicky sighed out loudly and said “no way this is strange mom”
“honey please just rest okay you must be feeling weak” Mrs Genevieve persuaded her
“you know what mom am not feeling weak at all its strange though but I feel strong and better” Vicky said
I managed to sit down on a wall stool and sighed holding my head
“you okay” Vicky asked me
“just feeling a little weak and dizzy” I replied…
Just then my mom walked in
“mom ” I said and smiled
“where did you run off to Michael told me you were here” my Mom said and averted her gaze from me to Vicky and Mrs Genevieve..
“hello Catherine” Mrs Genevieve said referring to my mom
“Genevieve” my mum said with a shiver..
“okay okay wait this is stupidly crazy how can we just have different mom and look so much alike ” Vicky said almost screaming
“look honey is not good to yell in your condition”
“mom.. ” i called my mom softly..
“yes” my mom said i looked in her eyes she was scared…
“is there anything you’we not telling me” I continued
immediately I said that my mom eyes circled with tears
“mom is everything okay ” I asked
“Catherine let’s just tell them okay it’s not like they are not going to find out anyway” Mrs Genevieve said
“but Genny you promised,, you promised ” my mom said drying her tears dropped and it made me scared…
“mom you’re hiding something from me so spit it out ” Vicky said rudely..
Mrs Genevieve sighed and looked at my mom “am sorry Catherine,,, Vicky you’re Stephanie are twins of the same blood”…
“what… Anyway that’s not surprising but how” Vicky asked.. Sounding like me…
“it’s a long story ” Mrs Genevieve said…
“am all ears” me and Vicky said the same time..
Mrs Genevieve looked at my teary mom and smirked and she started the story
[] FLash Back []
Genevieve and Catherine were Best of friends they are fond of each other and loved each other so much.. They did everything together…
Just one day when love found Catherine [Stephanie’s mom] Catherine was so inlove with Hank a tall guy with muscly arms who looked like “sin” Catherine and Hank loved each other so much..
They got engaged so quickly and got married..
Even though Catherine was happy, Genevieve was more happier than both Catherine and Hank…
After a successful marriage Catherine couldn’t give birth because if her destroyed ovaries destroyed by an infection when she was still a child…
Catherine was weak, lost and ashamed of herself, she cried out her life, Hank too was devastated..
Life wasn’t fun and perfect for the both of them until Genevieve as a good friend decided to help Catherine, she told Catherine about adoption but Catherine said no because one day the parent might come…
so Genevieve decided to take a risk by getting pregnant…just for the sake of Catherine.. She got inseminated with hank’s sperm donor.. And was willing to hand over the baby to Catherine..
Catherine was shocked but Genevieve told her not to…
Catherine was happy to have a best friend like Genevieve..
After they all signed a contract Genevieve was inseminated with Hanks sperm donor..
After 9 good months Genevieve was put to bed and Catherine was shocked to hear they were twins.. [girls] … According to the contract they thought the baby would be one but it was two…
Hank was very thankful and grateful as Genevieve decided to surrender the two girls to Catherine…
Genevieve breast feeds while Catherine took care of them.. Catherine decided that Genevieve name them and Genevieve named them Vicky and Nicky [Victoria and Nichole] ..
Catherine accepted and so as Hank..
Genevieve finally stopped breast feeding and left her angels for Catherine and Hank to take care of….
After three years Genevieve decided to take back her twins she was missing them she felt like they were her life and she needed them even though she was doing the wrong thing…
When Catherine heard of Genevieve’s plan she was confused she begged Genevieve but Genevieve told her she too was missing them.. Genevieve begged to take one, she decided to take nicky [stepahnie] but Catherine disapproved..
One sunny day Michael, Jane and Vicky were playing with Nicky… As nicky head take a nap
Genevieve came she watched as Vicky played and talk she loved her that moment..
She approached them and gave them sweets..
Then walked Vicky away from them and from there she took Vicky… She later called catherine and told her .. Catherine was furious she was sad and angry.. She hated Genevieve so much..
After that day Hank asked for a divorce he said he couldn’t live with a barren woman.. Catherine was heart broken and was thrilled to find out that Hank decided to live with Genevieve
After that incident Catherine changed Nicky’s name to Stephanie and treasured her..
Genevieve and Catherine promised never to see each other or make the girls are each other again…
After hearing all this I was surprised… “so you’re not my real mom” I said I was already in tears…
[] Caleb’s pov[]
I was at home missing Stephanie.. I decided to call her but she was not picking up so I called Michael and he told me she was in the hospital..
I went to the hospital and found Michael in the receptionist office he directed me to the ward Steph was …
As I got there I heard familiar voice and was surprised to hear Steph’s voice but she was crying
“what’s wrong” I thought
As I walked in I almost wished I just died that moment

I saw Vicky on the bed with her mom beside her, an d then steph and a woman..
Immediately they all looked at me
“caleb” Vicky and Stephanie sAI d at the same time..
T. B. C
[] Caleb’s pov continues []
i was shocked “why is Vicky alive why is Stephanie in tears and why is she here also” I thought..
As I walked in I could feel my heart beating so fast..
Vicky looked at me In disgust and tuned to her mother and said
“mom am confused but let’s talk about this later”
“okay hun” her mom said and smiled forcefully
“look mom Vicky’s right let’s talk about this later okay” Stephanie said and cleaned her tears..
“okay.. But am so sorry for not telling you sooner” Stephanie mom replied..
“look mom let’s talk about it okay” Stephanie said and cleaned her tears and her mom nod her head and walked out with Mrs Genevieve…
Remaining me, Vicky and Stephanie my girlfriend and my ex girlfriend who looks so much alike..
Stephanie called me one more time and came to hug me and she cried on my shoulder “s…tep..hanie are…y..y..ou.
..oka..yy” i asked nervously because Vicky was looking at us..
“no am not but am glad u here ” Stephanie said, released her hug from me and cleaned her tears..
I didn’t know what just happened in here but.. I wasn’t ready to find out anyway..
“what happened here” I calmly asked Stephanie
“I can’t say but I will later am feeling a little fuzzy ” she said..
“well whatever it is everything will be okay, OK” i said to her and she nodded her head without smiling , which I expected her to..
I slowly turned my head to Vicky’s direction and she was looking at me deadly.. “hi” I said nervously looking at her like she was going to scold me..
Stephanie just kept quiet and stared at us.. I moved closer to Vicky’s bed, and said “it’s so good to see you again”
She didn’t give me a reply she just kept staring at me and tears circled in her eyes.. I suddenly became scared
I moved a little closer to her bed and she said angrily “dont you dare take another step forward”..
And I could say I really miss her crying and angry voice ..
“look Vicky am sorry” I said referring to the push I pushed her the other day..
“you’re sorry” she said laughing but still tears dropped from her eyes..
“y.. ess”,I am” I said lowly
“o my god” she muttered under her breath and she came down from her bed and walked towards me..
“you should be ashamed of showing your face to me, you beast you animal you MONSTER!, because of you, because of your basterd temper I have been lying in this goddamned bed for a month now,a month! ” she said crying and Stephanie looked confused
“Vicky what are you talking about” she asked confusingly
Vicky violently turned to stephanie
“because of him, because of him, I have been lying in this goddamned bed for a month now” Vicky said
“how” Stephanie asked..
And Vicky cleaned her tears and say “we broke up let me say about a while ago before this incident happened,because he saw me kissing someone else when we already broke up,don’t you see how selfish Caleb is.. ”
“and then what happened ” Stephanie said eagerly..
Vicky took her time and explained how I pushed her from the hill and Stephanie was shocked..
“Caleb how could you ” Stephanie said looking at me with an unexplainable impression..
“look Steph don’t get me wrong I wasn’t my intention ” I tried to say but Vicky slapped me
“it wasn’t your intention.. You liar I could have died” Vicky said almost screaming
I held my cheeks and drew back
“am sorry” I said again
Vicky stomped her feet on the floor, her eyes were red and full of tears “you re sorry, you dont get it do you and you will never get it” she said and hugged Stephanie..
“it’s okay vicky” Stephanie said
“no it’s not sis” Vicky replied taking me aback by her words
“sis” as in “sister”
I thought….
[] Stephanie’s pov []
When Vicky called me Sis my heart flutters with joy, yes have always wanted a sister and it’s seems like my dream has come to past but my one problem is that can I ever trust Caleb again, with all this crazy stuff just told me.. About my boyfriend all this is just too much to take
*i have a twin sister
*my mom is not my mother
*my boyfriend is a murderer
*who tried to kill my sister
As I taught about all this my head started spinning, I started thinking about my mother, all those years we’ve been together, all those years she stood by my side as a mother, I just can’t accept this fact..
Slowly my eyes went shut all this is too much for me *am just seventeen*
As my body weaken I passed out…
I woke up later feeling a slight pain on my forehead.. I opened my eyes and found Michael beside me..
“Michael ” I said as I slowly sat down
“oh thank goodness you’re awake I was worried sick about you ” Mike said
“where’s mom, Vicky, Caleb where are they” I asked weakly
“mom’S outside,Vicky’s resting, she’s been crying for you and maybe another thing and Caleb I Donna know ” Mike answerd playfully..
I bit my lips as tears dropped down my eyes “oh why the tears again steph”
Michael said holding my hands, clutching our palms together..
“it’s all just too much Mike it’s too much, how can mom not be my mom how can Caleb hurt somebody how c.. ” I said crying
“well am still glad I have you ” I said while he smiled
he cleaned my tears and said “don’t worry everything will be okay don’t worry and I’ll always be here for you ”
Michael words were like magic anytime he says everything is okay.. It just calms me down, I feel comfortable when am with him.. He’s just the perfect guy to calm someone down.. I stared at him and whispered “thank you ” I held his hands more tightly, my trust and love for him grew more that moment.. He’s always there when I need him, I bit my lips as my tears fell freely from my eyes, he cleaned them again and smiled “donna worry it’s okay Steph am here for you ”
That word sweetened my heart and I leaned closer and kissed him..
T. B. C
EPISODE 21 continues….
[] Michael’S pov[]
I immediately drew back as Stephanie kissed me, bet me I was surprised by her actions
“why did you do that if I may ask” I said blinking uncontrollably
She sighed, gave me a sad look bit her lips and said “are you mad at me for doing that” ..
“ mad at all I mean.. Why? ” I asked because I was confused..
“look Mike just forget about it cause I have no explanation for that okay ” she said calmly and blinked..
“no problem.. I mean you of all people ki…” I paused and smiled, I did liked the kiss but didn’t want to get on her nerves.. I just smiled,then laughed
“it’s good to see you smile like that ” she said looking at me strangely, with her sweetest girly voice
“how do you mean ” I asked
” no your life is perfect,mine is not.. You have a mom and a dad, your brother you have friends.. I mean what else do you need, let me just say a girlfriend.. But apart from that your life is perfect ” she said sadly..
“no Steph don’t say that” I said massaging her held palms with my index finger
“don’t tell me not to say that Mike, I mean you know right.. My mom is so not my mom and I just found out my new boyfriend ex girlfriend is my twin sister and hash tag do you know Caleb tried to kill Vicky, he’s the cause of all this ” Stephanie said looking at me directly in the eye..
“l kinda know about a day or so that Caleb tried to murder Vicky ” I said
“you knew” Stephanie said removing her hands from mine
“yeah Caleb told me” I confessed
“Oh my.. And you couldn’t even tell me” she said sounding harsh..
“am sorry I wanted to.. But you’ve not been yourself lately” I said demonstrating with my hands..
“gosh you’re the worst Michael ” she said and pushed me playfully and laid on the..
“am sorry okay” I said trying to sound nice..
She sat up and frowned, then turn to me and said..
“is it right to leave my mom and stay with my real mom Mrs Genevieve “.
“to be sincere steph I don’t think so.. Because your mom took care of you right from the start even though Mrs Genevieve carried you for nine months.. It’s just not right to leave your mom ” as I said all this Stephanie’s lips curved with a smile.. “you’re the best michael” she said and held my hands
“stop with the whining you just said that am the worst ” I said playfully..
“I was just kidding ” she said smiling
“what and ever” I said smiling to
We were both quiet for a while until she said “thanks”
“thanks.. For what” K asked being confused
“for making me smile even when am down. ” she continued
“it’s one of my job you know’ making people smile,but am not buying any of your thanks until you give me a kiss” I said jokingly
“Michael! ” she called almost smiling
“I was just kidding” I said laughing hard..
she stopped her movements and said “I can do it, you know” ..
“but I was just.. ”
“I know but I can kiss you again” she said with a serious
Okay… ” I said, not knowing if I was with the real Stephanie or not , I mean she doesn’t like me, why would she say that.. As she said that I wanted her to do it, I wanted to taste her.. I wanted to know how it feels to kiss her again. With her not pushing me away
“okay if you say so ..I dare you ”
I said while she smiled..
She removed her stare from mine and face the other side.
“see i told you, you cant” I said feeling somewhat disappointed
Before I could say another words she grabbed my head and kiss my lips.
I reciprocated enjoying the kiss.. Until we heard Caleb’s voice..
“what is going on here “….


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